Magic Rush: Heroes Skill Guide

Magic Rush: Heroes Skill Guide

Magic Rush: Heroes Skill Guide

Thanks to the Reddit community, they have compiled a wonderful skill list for Magic Rush: Heroes. You should check out the document here for all kinds of info. You can also check out the tier list here.

 Symbol Legend
Team Buff
Team Debuff
HP Health
AD Attack Damage
AP Attack Power
AR Armor
MR Magic Resist
CC Crowd Control
AS Attack Speed
LS Life Steal
KU Knock Up
KB Knock Back
IMP Imprison
INV Invinsible
INT Interrupt
PD Single Physical Dmg
MD Single Magical Dmg
DOTs Damage Over Time
DPS Damage Per Second
EK Energy Per Kill
– Energy Reduce Energy
$ Silence Immune
S1 Self + 1 Ally
AOE Area of Effect
ER Energy Regen
CS Crit Strike
x Crit Strike Multiplier
c Crit Strike Chance
HPR Health Regen
RES Resurrection
SUM Summon
AC Attack Chance
(#) No of Affected / Summon
PEN Penetration
MGNT Magnet / Clumps Heroes
MS Movement Speed
PA Physical Attack
HeroesStarPositionTypeClass / BA2nd RoleUltimate1st Cast2nd CastPassivePVP/PVEFarm?LegendaryWhere
Alma★★★Mid100% MAGMageDamageSUM (3)AOESUMMR ▼BothDiamond Wish
AuraiBack100% MAGSupportBuff▲ Heal ASAOE / KUAD ShieldASPVEStarter
Baggins★★Mid75 % MAGMageDamageAOEAOE BlindPoison AS ▼MR ▼BothDiamond Wish
BedivereFront100% PHYTankDamagePDPD SilenceAOEARPVEGold Wish
Bibo★★★Mid50/50 HYBMarksmanDamageAOE PathPDAOEASBothCrusade
Blaine★★Mid100% MAGMageControlSilenceLSAOE KU (3)MR ▼BothCrusade
Charon★★★Front100% PHYTankControlKU DodgeKBPD KUAR MRBothSoulstone Wish
Chavez★★★Front66% MAGTankSupportShield StunMD HealMD ConfCScPVPDiamond Wish
Coco★★Mid100% PHYMarksmanDamage$ ▲ AD AP ASAOEAOEAR ▼BothDiamond Wish
Crabbie★★Back100% MAGMageDamageAOE DOTsMDMD StunERegenPVEDiamond Wish
Emily★★Mid100% MAGMageDamageSUMMDAOEStun 4ACPVEDiamond Wish
Gearz★★Back100% PHYMarksmanDamageInv AD ASAOE KBAOEADPVEDiamond Wish
Gerber★★★Front75 % MAGTankDamageDOTs SumAOEAOEARPVPAbyss
GorganaMid100% MAGMageDamageSUMSUMAOE POIAP per ACPVE--December Sign In
Grunk★★★Mid100% PHYCannonDamageKU AOEAOEAOE SlowAR ADBothDiamond Wish
Jacob★★★Front66% MAGTankDamageDOTS StunHP AbsorbASMRBothArena
JolieMid75% PHYMarksmanDamageAOE AR▼AOE SlowPDADPVEGold Wish
Kaiser★★Front66% PHYTankControlAOE SlowAOE Taunt▲ ASHR ▼PVEDiamond Wish
Karas★★★Mid100% MAGMageDamageDOTS LSMDMD IMPEnergyPVEDiamond Wish
Karna★★Back100% MAGMageDamageAOE PathMD IMPAOE Slow▲ HP LimitBothDiamond Wish
Little RedMid100% PHYCannonDamageAOEAOE Front- EnergyAR ▼BothGold Wish
LufiaMid100% PHYMarksmanDamageAOE StunDOTSPD SlowCS BAPVEStarter
Luke★★★Mid100% PHYCannonDamageAOEAOEAOEADPVEDiamond Wish
MedeaMid100% MAGMageControlMD BindAOE SilenceMD DOTs SUMAPBothGold Wish
MerlynnMid100% MAGSupportBuffAPMDMorph▲ APBothGold Wish
Mira★★Back100% PHYMarksmanDamagePDPEN$ CScxCSxBothCrusade
Monk Sun★★★Front100% PHYTankControlAOE KUAOE AR▼PD (3)AR MRBothSoulstone Wish
Murphy★★Back100% MAGSupportBuffAOE KUADMD Heal▲ AD APBothDiamond Wish
Muse★★Mid100% MAGSupportBuffAOE Stun HealHeal (S1)MD (2)▲ APBothDiamond Wish
PandarusBack50/50 HYBMarksmanDamageAOE IMPPENPOI Slow -HPASBothGold Wish
Pulan★★Front100% MAGTankControlAOE StunMD StunMDARBothDiamond Wish
Robin★★★Mid100% PHYMarksmanDamageAoE KU AR MR HPPEN EStealTauntEnergy/BABoth
Ruby★★★Back100% PHYMarksmanControlPD KBDOTSPD KBASPVPDiamond Wish
Russel★★★Mid100% MAGCannonControlAOE KBMD KBAPHP LimitBothDiamond Wish
Saizo★★★Front100% PHYT/MarkDamageAOE AD AS EKAOEHP E AR MRADBothWheel
SalmanMid100% MAGMageDamageAOE LSMDMD IMPCast SpeedPVEStarter
Sebastian★★★Back100% MAGSupportBuffRES▲ MS ASMD AOE▲ ERBothDiamond Wish
SeeleyFront75 % MAGTankControlAOE StunMD StunMD IMPBlind HRPVEStarter
Smoke★★★Front100% PHYT/MarkControlPD INVPD INTPOI ARHP 3ACBothSoulstone Wish
Spartacus★★★Front100% PHYTankDamageAOE KBPD CritAOE CritAR 4ACBothArena
Sue★★Mid100% PHYMarksmanDamage-EnergyPD BPDAS---
Thanos★★★Mid100% MAGMageDamageAOEAOEMDDPSPVESoulstone Wish
Theresa★★★Back100% MAGMageControlAOE KUDOTS AOEMD SilenceAPPVESoulstone Wish
Torin★★Mid100% PHYMarksmanDamageDOTSPENPDADPVE--Abyss
UtherFront100% PHYTankBuffAbsorbHP Regen (S1)AOE Stun▲ ArmorPVEGold Wish
WatsonBack100% MAGCannonDamageAOEMD KUAOE SlowAPPVEStarter
West★★Mid100% PHYMarksmanDamagePDAOEPDBAPVEDiamond Wish
York★★Mid100% PHYMarksmanDamageAOEAOEAOE Slow▲ PAPVEAbyss
Yuan★★★Front100% PHYTankControlPD KBPD KBAbsorbASBothDiamond Wish
Zoe★★Back100% PHYMarksmanDamageMGNT AOEMD KBAOEBAPVEWheel
GridlockMid100% PHYMarksmanDamage$ Silence AS LSPD StunAoEBASign-in Hero

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