One Piece Treasure Cruise Guide: Tips and Strategy

One Piece Treasure Cruise Guide: Tips and Strategy

OPTC is an excellent game very similar to Brave Frontier, except that you get more action and fun. There is no auto battle option and requires way more skill, which is something for a change. Here is a general guide for One Piece Treasure Cruise.

Character Types and Relationships

Character Types

Source: OPTC Guide

Each type comes with its on strength and weaknesses.

  1. STR – Strong against DEX (2x Attack Power) and weak against QCK (0.5x Attack Power)
  2. DEX – Strong against QCK (2x Attack Power) and weak against STR (0.5x Attack Power)
  3. QCK – Strong against STR (2x Attack Power) and weak against DEX (0.5x Attack Power)
  4. PSY – Strong against INT (2x Attack Power)
  5. INT – Strong against PSY (2x Attack Power)

If you ever forget these relationships, check the top left corner of your game when in battle. Each character type can further be classified into a subclass of Fighter, Shooter, Slasher or Striker.

Keep Your Starting Characters

Monkey D Luffy

Sometimes, you will be tempted to sell off characters that you think are not that strong. Keep in mind you will get the following characters – Luffy, Coby, Zoro, Usopp, Sanji, Nami and Chopper from story mode.

We recommend upgrading Usopp to Golden Pound Usopp by swiping right. He is one of the best characters in the game. Golden Pound Usopp’s special takes 15(10 max special lvl) turns to charge and that could be the deciding factor in winning a battle later on.

Leveling Your Characters and Crew Cost

Always be sure to power up your characters by feeding characters you won’t be using to the ones that are in your main team. Just make sure you don’t feed those we mentioned earlier. 🙂

Crew cost can only be increased as your pirate level increases. The pirate level is basically your experience bar. You gain them by fighting regular campaign maps. Every time your pirate level goes up, your crew cost will increase.

Special Attacks and Captain Abilities

Special Attacks OPTC

Each character will have a special attack. For example Usopp is great character with a good special attack but weak normal attacks. His special attack will delay the enemy for 3 turns, which is very helpful against bosses. Special attacks can be leveled by feeding the same character with the same skill.

Captain Abilities(CA) are leader skills which gives the entire party a specific bonus. For example, Zoro’s CA boosts Dex by x1.5 and is very good in an all DEX team. Use the most suitable CA that will benefit the entire team.

Tandem Attacks

Tandem attacks are special moves only usable when you have specific characters in your team. They are very powerful and deal tonnes of damage. Here are a few tandem attack combos:

Tornado Tabasco Pound Phoenix – Deals 3x character’s ATK in damage to all enemies in back. Requires Nami Tornado TempoUsopp Tabasco Star and Roronoa Zoro Pound Phoenix.

Weak Trio/Guts Attack – Deals 2x character’s ATK in damage to all enemies in front. Requires NamiUsopp and Tony Tony Chopper.

Golden Mirage Shot – Deals 2x character’s ATK in damage to all enemies. Requires Usopp Usopp Golden PoundNami Mirage tempo and Chef Sanji Hot Rock Stew.

For more tandem attack info, check this out.

Need More Beli and Gems?

Beli is what you need to level or evolve your characters. The best place to get Beli is on weekends at the Golden Cavern Island. Depending on which level you farm, you should be expecting ~30k to 70k Beli. Regular maps also drop Beli but not as much as Golden Cavern Island.

Gems is the “Pay to Win” currency which you can get some even if you are free to play. Here are a few ways to get free gems:

  • Login daily to get a free gem
  • Login streaks will provide more gems
  • Completing story mode provides gems upon completing it for the first time
  • Completing new islands on Extra Isle will give you 1 gem.
  • Raid bosses provides 1 gem for completing all difficulties(one time only)
  • Special events Bandai gives will give gems

Guest Captains and Friend Points

Always add friends and use any Guest Captain relative to your level to make battles easier. It is important to add friends initially when you are weaker. Once your characters get stronger, you can opt to be more picky with who you add as a friend.

Friend points can be used to get new characters. The odds of getting a good character is slim, but you can save all friend points until you get a special event where they give higher odds of getting things like pigs. It will be more worthwhile.



Source: OPTC

Merry Go is the only ship worth using cola on. It provides 1.5x boost to crews attack and 300Hp, which is pretty nice. Cola is used to upgrade the ships.

Cola can be gotten from regular maps and treasure chests. Spend some stamina farming story mode with plenty of stages such as Twin Cape 10 or Little Garden 10.

Good Characters to Farm

You can get some decent characters from story mode. The drop rates are quite low however. We do recommend you farming these characters suggested by

  • Alvida (Ch 3 – Alvida’s Hideout & 2 Ch 2,6 Loguetown)
  • Morgan (Ch 9 – Shells Town)
  • Buggy (Ch 5,13 – Orange Town & Ch 8 – Lougetown )
  • Kuro (Ch 5,13 – Syrup Village )
  • Zeff (Ch 3 – Baratie)
  • Don Krieg (Ch 5,15 – Baratie)
  • Arlong (Ch 14,15 – Arlong Park)
  • Tashigi (Ch 10 – Loguetown)
  • Smoker (Ch 12 Loguetown)
  • Vivi (Ch 5,6,8 Twin Cape & Ch 4 Whiskey Peak)
  • Laboon (Ch 9,10 Twin Cape)
  • Miss Monday (Ch 3,7 Whiskey Peak)
  • Mr.5 (Ch 9,13,14 Whiskey Peak)
  • Mr.3 (Ch 11,15 Little Garden)
  • Broggy (Ch 6 Little Garden)
  • Dorry (Ch 7 Little Garden)

There you have it guys! Now go kick some butt!

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