Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Princess Leia Review

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Princess Leia Review

SWGOH Princess Leia Review S

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Princess Leia is an attacker with the ability to fire multiple shots. Let’s look at this brief guide and see what she has to offer.

Type: Rebel, Attacker

Side: Light

Synergy: Critical, Self Heal, Offense, Multi-Attack

How to Get[Shards]: Data Cards, Arena Shipment

Pros Cons
Leia can fire as much as 3 times a turn and deal tonnes of damage[Very OP]  Low resistance
Has a self heal and is very fast  No AoE damage
Can stealth + get offense buff and increase critical hit damage
AoE critical rate up buff
Does well in either rebel teams or a lone fighter

Skills and Abilities

Note: All skill descriptions are based at max level. The bracket denotes the level required to upgrade that skill.

Basic Ability: Hair Trigger – Deal Physical damage to target enemy with a 55% chance to attack a second time and a 40% chance to attack a third time.

  • LvL 2: +5% Damage(16)
  • LvL 3: +15% Multi-Attack Chance(26)
  • LvL 4: +5% Damage(36)
  • LvL 5: +15% Multi-Attack Chance(46)
  • LvL 6: +5% Damage(56)
  • LvL 7: +5% Damage(66)
  • LvL 8: Add 50% chance to gain 10% Turn Meter(76)

Special Ability: Rebel Tactics – Gains Stealth and 25% Critical Hit Damage for 3 Turns. In addition, 55% chance to gain Offense Up for 3 Turns. (5 Turn CD)

  • LvL 2: Bonus Effect Duration +1(18)
  • LvL 3: Add 25% chance to gain Offense Up for 2 Turns(28)
  • LvL 4: Cooldown -1(38)
  • LvL 5: +15% Bonus Effect Chance(48)
  • LvL 6: Bonus Effect Duration +1(58)
  • LvL 7: +15% Bonus Effect Chance(68)
  • LvL 8: Cooldown -1(78)

Unique Ability: Against All Odds – Whenever Princess Leia attacks, she has a 55% chance to grant all allies Critical Chance Up for 2 turns, and a 55% chance to recover 5% of her Maximum Health.

  • LvL 2: +15% Chance to Critical Chance Up(22)
  • LvL 3: +15% Chance to Heal(32)
  • LvL 4: +15% Chance to Critical Chance Up(42)
  • LvL 5: +15% Chance to Heal(52)
  • LvL 6: +15% Chance to Critical Chance Up(62)
  • LvL 7: +15% Chance to Heal(72)
  • LvL 8: +10% Heal(82)

Leader Skill: Heart of the Rebellion – Rebel allies gain 18% Critical Chance.

  • LvL 2: +1% Critical Chance(20)
  • LvL 3: +2% Critical Chance(30)
  • LvL 4: +1% Critical Chance(40)
  • LvL 5: +2% Critical Chance(50)
  • LvL 6: +1% Critical Chance(60)
  • LvL 7: +1% Critical Chance(70)
  • LvL 8: +2% Critical Chance(80)

Stat Growth/Increase Per Level Table

Star Grade 1★ 2★ 3★ 4★ 5★ 6★ 7★
Strength N/A 2.1 2.8 3.6 4.3 5  5.7
Agility  N/A 3.2 4.3 5.4 6.5 7.5  8.6
Intelligence  N/A 1.8 2.4 3 3.6 4.2 4.8

Base and Max Stats

Stat Base Max
STR 18  542
AGI 25  955
INT 17  462
Health 485  10417
Speed 100  152
Physical Damage 48  1848
Physical Critical 10  580
Armor 4 149
Armor Penetration 0  51
Dodge 0 0
Special Damage 40  1109
Special Critical Rate 0  0
Resist 1  51
Resist Penetration 0  0
Deflect Rating 0 0
Critical Damage 150% 150%
Potency 0 40%
Tenacity 15% 41%
Hp Steal 0 0


Princess Leia didn’t strike me as a good character initially, until I met one in the arena that shot my Luke Skywalker 3 times in a turn and killed him on the first round. Granted that it doesn’t always happen, but it DID happen.

With a long cooldown of 5 turns on her second skill, she is often “forced” to use her first skill. The fact that she gets offense up and stealth doesn’t help you take her down quickly unless you got good AoE damage.

With a high critical rate, good single target damage and stealth, she is the perfect assassin. I reckon her to be much better than Luke for having same gear and star level.

Unfortunately, unless you are consistently topping the top 100 arena and getting enough gems weekly to try your “luck” at data cards, it is very hard to max her out. Because of that, she is going to be a 2 star for quite a long time. But even at 2 stars, once geared out she still hits pretty hard.

Note: She is now farmable and available in arena shipment!!


[usrlist “Campaign Map:4.5” “Arena: 5” “Galactic War:4”]

Verdict: Gear her up to max level for some good damage. Now farmable!!!

References: SWGOH

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