Lineage 2 Revolution Premium Shop Efficiency Guide (What to Buy)

Lineage 2 Revolution Premium Shop Efficiency Guide (What to Buy)

Hello L2R players, we will go over the items from the shop. Some items are worth buying, while others are just not and we will recommend that you stay away from it.


The main shop is where you will be looking to buy your items. As a F2P player, you will most likely be spending your resources on consumables,

Summon Boxes

For the summon boxes, I would never recommend pulling with any of your red or blue diamonds. It is a waste of money. The only exception is your first multi-pull of 1200 red gems when you start the game. Be sure to pull the only one that says “1 time only! 10 High-grade Equipment (+1 Grade R)” version. This will give you at least a decent armor. It is best if you got a weapon since it will really speed up the leveling process with a good R weapon.

You won’t need pet summons, those are for high level players.


For consumables, I only get the 200 HP or MP potions for 21,600 adena. You will need to get them often if you find yourself struggling in regular quests. Try to fight lower level monsters that doesn’t require much HP potion consumption. Once you are 100+, I would also consider getting 50 scrolls of escape for 250,000 adena so you can teleport around faster for sub-quests or worldbosses. Never spend red gems on megaphones!

Soulshots are easy to come by just doing clan quests. You won’t need to buy it unless you do a lot of boss fights and use too much of it.


I don’t think the S scrolls are worth it with red gems. Here’s an example:

S-Scroll = 210 red gems, Reward – 180,000 exp/ 38,000 adena

A-Scroll = 32,000 adena, Reward – 100,000 exp / 23,000 adena

Since you can farm A scrolls from field monsters, most of the time you don’t have to buy them at all. That means you should spend 250 red gems to reset 3 times to gain a total of 2 million exp / 460,000 adena. That is red gems well spent! And its not mandatory to do 3 resets. Most F2p just do 1 reset and you get 230,000 adena from sub-quests. Still pretty good if you ask me!

A-scrolls are more than sufficient. It is much more efficient to spend your red gems on sub-quest resets to earn more adena and experience. If you really need A scrolls to get more experience, you should buy them!


The $100 dollar diamond package is the best deal as it gives 4k blue gems, which will translate into 8k red gems over time if you convert them via “Login Diamond”. This is the paying player’s domain and f2p won’t frequent this section often. You can get blue gems by selling tradable items in the trading post.


None of the adena packs are worth buying as you get to the higher levels. 1600 red gems for 384,000 adena is a total rip off. At level 120, you can earn that buy resetting sub quests. The 3200 for 800,000 adena is also not worth. The only time you will get them is if you need to upgrade your equipment NOW.

Friendship Points

I always get the auto-clear selection box all the time. It helps cut down the time you spent on doing your daily runs of Daily Dungeon, Adena Dungeon and Trials of Experience. The rest aren’t worth getting in my opinion.


Don’t bother, this is the realm for paying players. As a F2p player, you won’t be shopping here at all.

Loyalty Points

Also a paying player domain.


As a paying player, I recommend you get the Luxury Starter bundle ($30) that gives you 120 inventory spaces, 600 blue gems, 5k soulshots, 1k HP/MP potions each. This will give you a nice kickstart in leveling.

Collector Shop

If you have $30 to spare, I would recommend Strengthening Diamond I for low level players (>70).  You will get a total of 8500 Red Diamonds once you get to 70. You also get 2x A Grade Equipment Box, 3 x C Grade Soul Crystal Selection Box and 1x B Grade Soul Crystal Selection Box.

Strengthening Diamond II and III are for high level players. If you are at level 120, go for SD II and once you hit 180, go for SD III.

Daily Benefits

I recommend Daily Diamonds 1 if you have $10 to invest. You will get 6540 Red Diamonds over 28 days. A very worthy investment!


I would get monster or boss monster summoning stones for easy codex farming. Your clan mates will also benefit from it.


I always try to get the Upgrade Stone Selection Box x10 for 680 blue gems. For soul crystals, I would get some A grade crystals (Crit rate and P/M Attack) for 100 red gems.

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