8 Movies Like Blue is the Warmest Color [Recommendations]

8 Movies Like Blue is the Warmest Color [Recommendations]

blue is the warmest colour

These are my favorite picks for movies like Blue is the Warmest Color. Keep in mind that the list is in no particular order. Enjoy the recommendations.

Wetlands (2013)

After an unfortunate shaving accident lands her in the hospital, a rebellious teen (Carla Juri) bonds with a male nurse (Christoph Letkowski) and schemes to reunite her divorced parents.

The Broken Circle Breakdown

The film was selected as the Belgian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 86th Academy Awards, and was on the nominated shortlist. It was the winner of the 2013 LUX Prize. The film is set in Ghent, in the Flemish Region of Belgium, and explores the lives of Didier and Elise over seven years as they fall in love through their passion for bluegrass music. They have a daughter, Maybelle, who develops cancer after her sixth birthday, and succumbs to it within a year. The death of Maybelle has a devastating effect on their relationship and their lives.

Frances Ha (2012)

Frances Ha
Frances Halladay (Greta Gerwig) is a 27-year-old dancer who lives with her best friend Sophie (Mickey Sumner) in Brooklyn. When Sophie decides she wants to relocate to her dream neighborhood, Tribeca, Frances is unable to afford it and is forced to find someplace else to live. From there the film follows Frances to Chinatown (where she shares an apartment with her friends Lev and Benji for a brief period), her hometown in the suburbs of Sacramento, California (where she sees her family for Christmas and reconnects with high school friends), Paris (for an uneventful two-day getaway that she pays for on a credit card), Poughkeepsie (to work at her alma mater Vassar as a waitress and summer RA), and finally back to Washington Heights in New York City. Along the way Frances laments her lack of money, her poor prospects as a professional dancer, and an increasingly strained relationship with Sophie. The film concludes with Frances reconciling with Sophie and enjoying a modest but satisfying existence as a fledgling choreographer, performing clerical work to pay her bills, exploring a potential relationship with Benji, and living alone in her own apartment. The complete movie is in black and white.

Ginger & Rosa

In 1962 London, the lifelong friendship between two teenagers (Elle Fanning, Alice Englert) dissolves after one seduces the other’s father

Mommy (2014)


A peculiar neighbor (Suzanne Clément) offers hope to a recent widow (Anne Dorval) who is struggling to raise a teenager (Antoine-Olivier Pilon) who is unpredictable and, sometimes, violent.

Laurence Anyways (2012)

Laurence Anyways

The story of an impossible love between a woman named Fred (Frédérique) and a transgender woman named Laurence (then living as a man) who reveals her inner desire to become her true self: a woman. Set during the late 1980s and early 1990s, the story spans a decade, chronicling the doomed love of Fred and Laurence, as well as the trials and tribulations that they face.

Where Dolan’s earlier film Heartbeats borrowed some of its style from the work of director Wong Kar-wai, the visual style of Laurence Anyways has been compared to late-career Stanley Kubrick in its contrast between a naturalistic, almost documentary-influenced way of shooting and Dolan’s more visually lyrical passages.

The Great Beauty (2013)

The Great Beauty
The Great Beauty is a 2013 Italian film co-written and directed by Paolo Sorrentino. Filming took place in Rome starting on 9 August 2012. It premiered at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival where it was screened in competition for the Palme d’Or.
I Killed My Mother
Hubert is a 16-year-old Québécois living in suburban Montreal with his single mother, Chantale, who divorced Hubert’s father, Richard, when Hubert was much younger. Hubert barely sees his father, and this adds to the animosity between mother and son. One morning, as his mother drives him to school, Hubert starts an argument with her about her applying makeup whilst driving. The argument ends when Chantale stops the car and tells him to walk to school. At school Hubert claims to his teacher, Ms Cloutier, that his mother is dead. After the teacher finds out that it is a lie, she expresses this lie as “you killed your mother.” This inspires Hubert to write an essay for school titled “I killed my mother.”

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