Top 10 Female Gundam Characters

Top 10 Female Gundam Characters

Top 10 Female Gundam Characters

For this list, we’re digging through the entire Gundam mythos to show you the girls who stand out as either pilot’s, mentors best friends, or bad guys of the series.

10. Roux Louka

Rue is the kind of girl who turns heads wherever she goes. Beautiful, sarcastic, and flirty Roux is pretty confident that her looks can get her anything she wants in life.

But that’s not all, she also boasts pretty exceptional piloting skills. Something that leads her to join the AEUG’s depleted roster of Pilots during the firstNeoo Zeon war.

She is a core member of the AEUG Gundam team and has the distinct honor of inheriting the Zeta Gundam from Previous Pilot Kamille Bidan. Roux is more than confident. She can fill theGundamm shoes and who are we to disagree?

9. Fumina Hoshino

She’s not only the sole female member of her high school Gunplay club, Fumina is also the captain of the Tri fighters and the driven spirit of the team. Trying to tell this girl something is impossible is well kind of impossible.

No matter your interests in Gunpla battle or whether or not you want to play it Fumina will chase you down and convince you to join. She also gets points for being able to school all challengers in Gunpla Battle with her super-deformed winning Gundam.

8. Elpeo Puru

Sometimes it’s the trainee ones who hold the most surprises in the Gundam universe. Peru is an artificially enhanced new type who first appears in Neo Zeon. She eventually comes over to the side of the AEUG as a result of her sibling-like bond with the series hero Judau Astha.

Elpeo is so happy-go-lucky that it’s hard to believe she exists in a world as serious as the universal century. But don’t let her play face fool you, she is a whiz in mobile suit combat. Piloting her Qubeley with deadly efficiency, oh, And she has a bunch of clones. No big deal, right?

7. Rain Mikamura

Rain is the one-woman Support system sent to a company Domon Kasshu during the 13th Gundam fight tournament on Earth. And when we say support, we mean that in every way possible.

Rains skills include being a skilled medic, a sharpshooter, and a gifted engineer. She’s also a very calming voice of reason for her eternally Hot-blooded partner showing him that there’s more to life than just screaming your intentions at everybody.

Rain gets additional credit for being able to pilot botShininghining Gundam and her own Rising Gundam when the need calls for her to enter battle.

6. Christina Mckenzie

Stationed on side 6 Cristina, or Chris to her friends is the test pilot for the Gundam Alex during the close of the one year war. When Zeon Forces attack the colony, Chris doesn’t hesitate to take the training wheels off and put the Gundam through his paces.

What’s more astounding is that she does so well in the Alex when it was originally intended for Amuro Ray. Chris’s tenure as Gundam pilot may have been criminally brief. However, her accomplishments with tAlexlex combined with a kind heart and good looks easily sold us on how awesome she was.

5. Lacus Clyne

The Cosmic Era contains a lot of strong female characters, but it’s the pink haired Lacus Clyne who claims the position on our list. While she may look like a cute and naive pop-star, Lacus is one of the most powerful political figures of the cosmic era.

At one time the spokeswoman for Zaft, Lacus broke away to begin her own campaign for peace between the Earth Federation and her fellow Coordinators. Never one to shy away from being on the sidelines Lacus is often shown commanding her own battleship under the banner of peace.

Truth be told her songs are pretty catchy too filled with Powerful lyrics of equality and hope.

4. Aila Jyrkiainen

Originally from Finland, Aila is a Gunpla fighter with a special gift. She can accurately predict Gunpla movements planning out her strategy almost on the spot to defeat opponents. Though appearing quiet, cold, and distant once you get to know her, Aila is anything but. She’s a fun-loving snack devouring lady.

And even without her unique abilities Aila can still go head-to-head with the best of the best in the Gunpla tournament and show that this isn’t just a sport for boys.

3. Soma Peries

Having spent most of her life raised in the superhuman institute, Soma was raised for one purpose, Battle. With all of her enhancements, Soma is more than an effective pilot and a beast on the battlefield showing little mercy against any foe she comes across.

As good as she is behind a cockpit, it’s Soma’s personal tale that truly defines her character. Her relationship with her commander Andre Smirnoff and fellow soldier Alleluia bring about a softer side that she never knew she had.

2. Sayla Mass

One of the first female characters ever involved in Gundam, Sayla set a new standard for many to follow. While not always seeing combat in a mobile Suit, Sayla is usually guiding her comrades as their trusted communications officer.

Even on the sidelines, Sayla always makes her opinions known and wasn’t afraid to strike anyone who shows even a bit of cowardice. Sayla also is one of the most important character Arcs of the original series. Dealing with the fact that her brother is Amuro Ray’s arch Nemesis Char Aznable.

Still, this doesn’t stop Sayla from standing by her friends and because of this she’s still considered one of Gundams most memorable leading ladies.

1. Haman Karn

Haman Karn has a role that few female characters in the Gundam multiverse have ever had, that of the lead villain. While she’s introduced in Zeta Gundam Haman becomes the leader of the first Neo Zeon movement in Gundam Double Zeta.

A woman of patience, she waited until both the AEUG and the Earth Federation were exhausted from their own conflict to begin her own revolution. Not just a powerful voice of inspiration, Haman is also an exceptional mobile suit pilot making her a fierce rival for Judo and his double Zeta Gundam.

Other female villains have graced Gundam, But few have had the beauty, commitment, and fearsome gravitas as Haman.

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