Best Free League of Legends Replay Recorder [Spectate]

Best Free League of Legends Replay Recorder [Spectate]

Best LoL Replay Recorders

If you want to improve in League of Legends and climb the ranks in Ranked games, then you are going to need a reliable replay recorder. There are currently a few that are good and you can have access of it at any time.

LoL Recorder

Download? – Yes

If you are a hard core LoL player that wants to review your replays to see the mistakes you make in a game, then this recorder will work wonders. You download the client, let it run in the background while you are playing games. You do need to input your summoner name in order to get the replay downloaded to your computer. The good thing about this replay recorder is that you will always have access to the replays since it is stored in your hard drive. However, sometimes the recorder does not always update immediately after a patch, so sometimes the replays might not work.

Download? – No is a database site for replays of not only just your replays, but also any other summoner’s replay. The good thing about this site is that everything is stored in their database, so you do not need to download anything other than signing up for their site. The downside to the replays is that they are deleted after 7 days of inactivity and can only be stored up to a maximum of 30 days. That isn’t too bad if you do not intend to watch older replays of yours. With that in mind, you can also watch pro player replays if you choose to. You will also learn a lot just from watching their replays.

LoL King Replays

Download? – No

Big fan site now has a new feature where you can track any summoner’s replays. You can also download the replay to your computer. The replay is in .bat format, so keep that in mind. The cool thing about their replay function is that you can search for any specific champion, any ranked tier or region you prefer. This gives you quick access to champion replays you want to learn as well. This is a┬ávery handy site to get your replays from.

These are the top 3 that I always visit now if I need replays of my own or other players. Try them out yourself!

Other Spectate Sites

Here is a list of other good League of Legends sites which allows you to spectate matches and see your own stats:

  • -> Great site to check stats and spectate any summoner’s game
  • LoL Spectator -> Great and easy way to spectate matches
  • LoL Nexus -> Checks opponent ranks, stats and gives you a good idea of your matchups and skills(works after match is loading)

Hopefully this will help you find the desired replay recorder or spectator you need. Let me know of any good ones that you come across!

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