Kakashi Hatake [Copier of 1k Techniques] Review – Ultimate Ninja Blazing

Kakashi Hatake [Copier of 1k Techniques] Review – Ultimate Ninja Blazing
 kakashi-hatake-copier-of-1k-techniques-5-star  kakashi-hatake-copier-of-1k-techniques-6-star
5 Star 6 Star Awakened

Rating: 9.5/10

Pros Cons
Has both single target and AoE ninjutsu Hard to skill up abilities
Excellent health and attack High chakra cost for his ninjutsu
One of the limit-breakable characters. It can level up to 150.
Well rounded stats for a mid range attacker



Hatake Kakashi “Copier of 1k Techniques” is one of the best characters you can pull. The best thing about him is that he has a long rectangle AoE ninjutsu (2.2x multiplier with 40% attack down chance) and a 7.2x multiplier lightning blade special attack at 6★.


With his mid range, he can support well and deal decent damage. As a bravery unit, he only takes bonus damage from wisdom units and he can be used in most ramen cup missions without any trouble.

His field skill reduces enemy counter attacks, so it is best against bosses that can counter, such as Rock Lee or Sasuke. His buddy skill works best when you are taking on other bravery enemies.

He can also learn substitution jutsu if you somehow pull enough additional copies to learn it. After limit break at level 150, his stats are 2085 health and 1776 attack. He has slightly better stats than Naruto “No 1 Maverick”.

Verdict: A great all round character to fit into any team. Use him!


Max Rarity Attribute Range
6★  Bravery  Mid
Rarity 5★ 6★
Cost  30  50
Level Lv 1 Lv 70 Lv 100 Lv 150 (Limit Break) 
HP  612  1224  1235  2085
ATK  574  1147  1151  1776
Luck 10 N/A N/A  N/A


Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu – 2.2x ATK in Bravery damage. 40% chance of lowering enemy(ies) ATK for 5 turns

Rarity 5★ 6★
Chakra Cost   6  5

Secret Ninjutsu (Only Available to 6★)

Lightning Blade – 7.2x ATK in Bravery damage to one enemy.

Rarity 6★
Chakra Cost   10


Field skills provide bonuses when you are near the range of the character in combat. Buddy skill is applied when he/she is paired with the main attacker.

Rarity Field Skill
5★  Reduces chance of enemy’s counter-attacks by 10% – 20%.
6★  Reduces chance of enemy’s counter-attacks by 11% – 22%.
Rarity Buddy Skill
5★  Reduces damage from Bravery attribute enemies by 25%.
6★  Reduces damage from Bravery attribute enemies by 30%.


1.  Combination Attack Boost Boost attacks during Combinations
2.  Attack Reduction Rate Boost Boost rate of attack reduction
3.  Substitution Jutsu  Has a chance to dodge an attack
4.  Critical Rate Boost  Boosts critical rate
5. Combination Attack Boost  Boost attacks during Combinations

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