Valkyrie Connect Guide [Tips & Tricks]

Valkyrie Connect Guide [Tips & Tricks]


Welcome everyone, to the Valkyrie Connect Tips & Tricks Guide! Valkyrie Connect is still relatively new so there are still tons of things to discover in the game. But we’re going to focus mostly on the Story Mode and Hero Quests to help those who may need it during their journey.


Story Mode


In Valkyrie Connect there are several different ways you can play the game. If you’re a collector you can collect characters, if you’re into crafting you can craft and forge weapons and armor.

But the main focus of the game revolves around its story mode. In the story you’re a human who finds a mythical dagger that gives you the power to summon the gods and heroes of Norse mythology to help you in your fights.

That’s exactly where we’re going to focus our time in the story mode. The characters you can summon are the entire point of the game.

You summon heroes then build a team and go fight monsters. Basic routine that everyone can get used to but in Valkyrie Connect you’re not really in charge of your characters.


The heroes on your team kind of work on an auto attack function. They will always do their basic attacks by themselves giving you little to no work.

Your main function is going to be using their skills and the Limit Burst and that’s where tactics come into play. You want to pay attention and learn each skill your characters have.

It’s never a good idea to start using all their skills at once in hopes to over flow the field with attacks and wipe out the other side. Learn each of your characters skills and build a team that helps them compliment each other.

It’s also wise to not use a skill as soon as you get it. You’re not always going to have a party of super strong characters and your lesser ones could be taken down easy.

So save your skills and use them when you’re really hurting. This goes for Limit Bursts too.

Limit Bursts are a limited form of attack that you have to build up to use. And you can only use one characters Limit Burst per charge.

So you really have to know your team and know which Limit Burst is good to use in the fight. You’re a tactician telling your troops how to fight. It’s on you to know how each one operates and how to utilize them effectively.


Hero Quest


Aside from story there is another mode in the game that will be taking up your time. The Hero Quest section is a fun little set of mini stories dedicated to each individual hero that you have.

The main function of Hero Quest is to get Soul Crystals so you can promote your heroes. To get Soul Crystals you have to go through that characters Hero Quest.


It’s very similar to story mode following a map based playing field where you go from node to node doing battles. But the battles in Hero Quest are typically more difficult than the story mode.

The best thing to do is to get a few chapters into Story Mode before even touching Hero Quests. That’ll make it so your first round of heroes are all decently leveled.

By that point you’ll be good to try one out but don’t go for just any, pay attention to that heroes star rank. You want to start with your 1 Star characters.

Each Hero Quest is unique but it’s length based on the star rank. 1 Stars have short stories with just a few levels where 3 Stars are much longer and can have up to 30 different levels within their quest.

So once you’ve leveled a bit and picked the Hero Quest you want to go on the last thing you need to do is make sure you have a decent team set up.

Using the ones you get for free during story mode is fine but if you want to be more effective then you’ll at least one to summon a few.


Summoning Heroes


To summon heroes in Valkyrie Connect you need Diamonds. And Diamonds are actually given out pretty sparingly through out the story and Hero Quest.

Every time you get 3 stars on a level you gain progression towards a treasure chest in that level. There are three different ones and each one holds a different amount of diamonds.

Not only that but you can get free diamonds just by watching the story segments in both story mode and Hero Quest. So getting up your wealth in Diamonds won’t be to difficult, deciding how to use them is a different story.

There are two kinds of summons you can do in Valkyrie Connect. A single summon which gets you 1 hero or gear and the multi summon which summons 10 heroes or gear.

Now there’s obviously a big difference there, 1 versus 10. Summoning the 1 only costs 300 diamonds where the 10 costs 3,000. But the appeal of the 10 is that you get a guaranteed 3 star hero or gear when you summon.

So for those of you looking to get the strongest heroes out there the multi summon is probably best for you. But if you’re just looking to build your ranks a little to help you through story or Hero Quest then a couple of single summons are gonna be best.


Another thing to watch for are free summons  There are a number of sections on the side of the screen where you can do different summons.

in the Diamond Summon and Mana Summon you have the option for a free summon in each. You get one summon free then a counter starts. Once the counter is gone you can get another free summon.

It’s a small thing to count for but it can count if you’re lucky. One free summon could get you something basic or a good piece of gear or hero.



So I hope this guide was helpful to some of you. Especially the new players that are just starting out. Hopefully story mode will be a breeze and you can start knocking down a few Hero Quests.

Until next time, enjoy!

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