[DETAILED] Path of Exile Sirus Guide for Beginners

[DETAILED] Path of Exile Sirus Guide for Beginners


Sirus can be accessed once you beat his 4 guardians via mapping – Veritania, Drox, Al-Hezmin and Baran. This can be anywhere from 25 to 50 maps. You are able to spawn him after you collect up to 16 stones for Awakener level 5, which is the easiest Sirus at ilvl 81. Each 4 additional stones collected will increase the level by 1, with Awakener level 9 being the highest since the 3.13 Ritual patch.

If you buy watchstones and socket them into empty slots, you can also raise the Awakener level, as long as you don’t use them up.

There are 4 Phases in the Sirus Fight.

  • Phase 1 Ends: Sirus at 75% Hp
  • Phase 2 Ends: Sirus at 50% Hp
  • Phase 3 Ends: Sirus at 25% Hp
  • Phase 4: Gains more dangerous attacks

At the start of each phase, he will say the following lines:

  • 1 – What’s this? A real challenge? You have finally caught my attention.
  • 2 – The others found strength in their projections. They become reliant on them. I am not so foolish.
  • 3 – Is life interesting enough to warrant all these pain?
  • 4 – On the edge of death, I am alive!

Sirus’s Moves and Attacks

Arena Chaos Storms

There these permanent black storm clouds that appear in every Sirus fight. There is two close to the entrance, 1 on each side of the top left, bottom and right corner. They deal heavy degen chaos damage, so if you are lacking in chaos resistance, it will quickly drain your eHP. They also slow your action speed by 25% when you are near it.

The positions of these chaos storms do not change until Sirus starts spawning extra storms after each phase.

Sirus always starts the battle in the center in the same position every time. He will hover around the arena randomly after phase 1, so keep that in mind.

Sirus Attack Sequences

Sirus’s uses various attacks depending on the phase he is in. We will go over the different moves in the section after this. Here are the various attacks used in the fight:

  • Phase 1 – Regular Attack, Hyper Beam, Meteor Maze
  • Phase 2 – Regular Attack, Hyper Beam, Meteor Maze, Corridor Attack
  • Phase 3 – Regular Attack, Hyper Beam, Meteor Maze, Corridor Attack
  • Phase 4 – Regular Attack, Hyper Beam (upgrade), Meteor Maze (3 exits), Corridor Attack, Multi Clone Beam

Sitting On The Throne

Rain of Stars

Damage Type: 40% Physical, 30% Fire, 30% Lightning

Shoots 4 small meteors close to him, and with a small 1-2 second delay, blasts on the ground that deals some damage. They are easy to dodge unless you trap yourself in a small space. He fires a barrage of them if you are far away from him.

Meteor Geyser

Damage Type: 40% Physical, 30% Fire, 30% Lightning

Creates many small degen patches on the ground after a 1 second delay. They deal damage over time and does minor damage. More are created if you are far away from him.

Converging Beams

Damage Type: 40% Physical, 30% Fire, 30% Lightning

Sirus creates 2 beams and converge together to create a blast that hits a medium area. It has a delay of roughly 3-4 seconds, so it is quite easy to dodge.

Chaos Storm Creation

Sirus will create this storm once you damaged him enough (75%/50%/25% hp after each phase). The safety circle zone that he creates also goes away. This chaos storm starts out small in the center and will grow over time to the same size as the ones spawned in the arena. Keep in mind that the one he created will push you back, plus it can move or chase you, so try to not stand too close to it.

Sirus in the Circle of Arena

To initiate the fight, you want to stand below Throne Sirus. He will mumble his voicelines and he descends the throne and casts the circle of arena, which will move any chaos storm out of this circle.

Keep in mind than the Robot Throne Sirus will still hover in the air, throwing out Converging Beams, Rain of Stars and Meteor Geysers every so often inside the circle of arena to make the fight annoying.

There is also the ground degen, leaving Desolution, which stays permanently on the ground. Touching it will shock you, prevent any sort of recovery and reduces max fire, lightning and chaos resist by 10%.

Ground Sirus will have a set of new moves that you want to pay attention to.

Regular Beam Attack

Damage Type: 40% Physical, 30% Fire, 30% Lightning

This is his default laser attack. It is a ranged beam that does minor damage. Having some form of regen, life of energy shield leech will make this attack quite harmless. He likes to do 3 regular attacks most of the time. You can also easily dodge this by running around him.

Corridor Attack

Damage Type: 25% Physical, 25% Fire, 25% Lightning, 25% Chaos

He creates a narrow rectangular path and blasts shots, alternating between left and right side of the corridors. I did a terrible job at dodging on the example above, but they are quite easy to dodge and all you need to do is to sidestep them every 2 seconds. The other option is to run towards him and get out of the corridor. He starts using this in Phase 2.

Meteor Maze

Sirus creates a maze with either anywhere from 1 to 3 exits based on the phase. The exits have an indicator with multiple orange lines signalling to you that the exit is there.

Phase 1 he will create a 1 exit maze that summons a meteor after a 2 second delay. If you do not get out in time, the meteor will land and deal heavy damage. It will outright kill most characters.

In phase 2, the meteor maze will have 2 exits. Follow the orange sparks highlighted in the image above and run out. I find this one easier than the 1st phase, as sometimes I get careless and end up dying to the phase 1 version. :/

Phase 3 has 3 exits. Here is where it gets tricky. Sometimes, the exit on phase 3 is on the other end, which won’t give you enough time if there was ground degen when the move starts and your movement speed isn’t fast enough. So, you will always want to pay attention the moment Sirus starts the move. Always use movement flasks to ensure you run fast enough.

Multi-Clone Beam

Damage: 25% Physical, 75% Lightning, 100% Shock

Sirus creates 12 clones of himself and after a short delay, he will shoot a beam from his real location. Prior to the attack, you can find out where his actual position is by looking at the direction he is facing before he teleports.

There is also a really faint flame dash track (need focused eyes to see) that is visible to give you a hint of his location. However, it is not very reliable due to the amount of things going on in the screen such as ground degens. Huizui does a great job capturing this:

When casting this attack, he will have 3 trigger sentences that you want to pay attention to:

  • Feel the thrill of THE VOID!
  • You will long for NON- EXISTENCE!
  • Meaning is … an Illusion!

When you hear the voiceline of the bolded words, he will be firing the beam. So you will want to start moving when you hear it.

Hyper Beam Attack

Damage Type (random):

  • 100% Physical, 5 corrupting blood stacks
  • 25% Physical, 75% Fire, 100% Ignite
  • 25% Physical, 75% Cold, 100% Chill and Freeze
  • 25% Physical, 75% Lightning, 100% Shock

This attack hits 3 times and can deal all 3 elemental damage. The attack can freeze, chill, shock and ignite. It is helpful if you can at least negate 2 of the 3 elemental ailments from your gear or flasks to help prevent you from taking too much damage. This attack does medium damage from phases 1 to 3.

When it comes to the last phase, the Hyper Beam Attack becomes really deadly. This skill gets a major upgrade after Sirus casts Everlasting Fire Beam in the final phase. That brings us to the next attack…

Everlasting Fire Beam

Sirus splits into 4 clones and casts 4 beams that focuses in the center. 1 of the clones is actually him and you can tell by him being a white clone. The channeling takes about 3 to 4 seconds. The 4 beams in the center starts spinning counter clockwise.

This beam can be deadly and it debuffs you heavily via Corruption of the Awakener, deals damage over time, slowing you down and increases the damage you take. The debuff can stack up to 8 times. Level 8 Sirus has a thick fire beam but the lower level Sirus has a much thinner beam, which is more forgiving.

After that, he will turn and face towards the direction he is teleporting to. Here is where it gets tricky, after teleporting, he has various attack sequences that will change every time you fight him. Here are a few of his more common sequences:

1 – Regular Attack or Hyper Beam -> Teleport -> Regular Attacks -> Hyper Beam

2 – Hyper Beam -> Multi Clone Beam -> Teleport -> Regular Attacks -> Hyper Beam

Each time he fires the Hyper Beam, he will say “Die”, which is your signal to dodge. As you can see, I did not do a very good job here trying to dodge the ground degens. These are the 2 deadly encounters that I always see and sometimes die to it on a less tanky character. It requires precise timing of your dodges and also have good reflexes in running around the ground degens.

45 degree no scope Hyper Beam is hard to dodge if you are far away from him, as the beam can cover a large area. However, if you stay very close to him, it is very hard for him to hit you. In the final phase, the Hyper Beam Attack does roughly 4000-5000 damage each hit (3 hits total) with 75% elemental resistance and no damage mitigation. So if you really want to tank it without any kind of damage mitigation, 18k ehp is required.

But if you do get hit by the beam while you have the Corruption of the Awakener on 8 stacks, it is a guaranteed death.

The best way to avoid getting hit in this phase is to always track where he is teleporting to. Easier said than done though, since the teleporting distance can vary, so it is not always 100% reliable to be able to track him at all times. If you get tagged by the rotating beams, you get slowed and there is a high chance he will still hit you with Hyper Beam.

When he casts Everlasting Fire, the safest way to not die in this attack is to run away from the range of the attack, wait until the rotating beams wear off and then come back into the fight. This will prevent you from getting off screened. If you come back before the beam is still rotating, he can still off screen you.

The other option is to stay in 1 quadrant of the rotating beam after you see where he faces after casting everlasting beam. Then you wait for the voiceline and dodge or dash perpendicular to the location he teleported to. This prevents you from dashing towards his beam. The issue with this method is that Sirus will have more coverage since his Hyper Beam can track you, especially if he is on the opposite side of you. Hence, it is not reliable.

When You Die

When you die, it is best to wait a bit (5 seconds) until he finishes his skill rotations. This is especially important in the last phase. For example, if you die to his Hyper Beam and go to hideout/checkpoint immediately, then there is a good chance that by the time you get back to the arena, he can off screen you with Hyper Beam, making you lose another portal.

Preparing for Sirus

To prepare your combat against Sirus is very important if you want to kill him every time he spawns. Sirus fight requires the following from your gear if you are not too familiar with the fight:

Good Life/ES Regen

Ideally try and get at least 2% or more. The more you have the less reaction time you need when dealing with chaos storms and ground degen.

Bleed Immunity and Mitigation

So Sirus can inflict corrupted blood, which means you will need a bleed immunity flask. The hard part is that you only have limited uses and there are no mobs to help you recover charges.

Also, having the corrupted mod “corrupted blood cannot be inflicted on you” jewel will really make it more convenient for you to not have to pay attention to using your bleed immunity flask.

High Chaos Resistance

Having at least 0% is the bare minimum. Even at that rate, you can die very fast by just staying close to the chaos storm. At around 50% is where it is quite manageable, depending on your build. Chaos Inoculation keystone really makes the fight much easier to handle.

Decent Movement Speed

If you can, try and get at least +30% move speed alongside having movement speed flasks or Quicksilver flask. Being slow means it will take you much longer to get out of his meteor maze and losing a portal.

DPS Check

This is also a damage check as if you lack in this department, he will cycle through his skills over and over, causing you to eventually make a mistake. A good ball park to know you are ready to take on Awakener level 5 is when you can kill T16 Guardian bosses in roughly 30 seconds.


Most of the time Sirus will not drop anything too valuable, but occasionally he will drop awakened gems and that is where the jackpot is. Since he can drop all types, you can get lucky and get one that is worth many exalts.

The most common drops are:

Depending on whether you are playing in trade league, you can call your friends/guildies to help you if you cannot do it, or sell the Sirus portal for some currency on Discord or global chat.

Useful Sirus Guide Videos

Below are some good videos explaining to you how the fight goes:




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