Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia Gem Farming Guide

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia Gem Farming Guide


The main currency in DFFOO are Gems and they are used for some pretty important things. Most noteworthy is doing weapon pulls for your characters.

In this guide, I’m gonna go over different ways you can obtain gems and which are most effective. You can buy gems with money but we’re going to exclude that option in this guide.

Story Mode

This is the main way you’re going to obtain Gems in Opera Omnia. You will rack up a decent amount of gems just by playing through the chapters in story mode then going through them again on Hard mode.

By clearing story chapter 1 you get 10,000 Gems for free. And by completing chapters on Hard mode get you 1000 gems.

So that alone is a great start to getting yourself a hefty amount. But there is a reason for doing story mode as your main gem income.

Every single mission in a story chapter has three special conditions on them that grant you extra rewards. Usually, those extra rewards are gems.

So if you go through every single chapter on Normal and Hard mode, and you do every condition and get their reward that is going to add up to a very high amount of gems. This is the best way to grind for gems when you start the game.

Once you clear story mode on Normal and Hard your gem reserves there are gonna be tapped out. So once you reach that point you’ll have to wait until the next chapter is added and you can clear that one.


The next thing to do after Story mode is to start clearing any and all Events available to you. Events give you gems just like story mode and even have the condition rewards.

Special events, like the ones that give you characters, typically give out gems the first time you complete them. And you’ll also get gems at the end of the match for defeating the target boss.

There are always new events coming in so you can keep coming back to them in order to get more gems. This is definitely one of the more long-term ways of getting gems though it’s not going to yield amazing amounts each time a new event is up.

Along with Events is the World of Illusions. These are set up just like chapters are so you can get gems in the same way.

The difference with World of Illusion is they only happen every so often and require stamina to do. So you can’t do them all at once.

You have to do as many as you can with how much stamina you have then wait for it to recharge before you can go back in. And your stamina is equal to your current rank so leveling up is important.

Leveling your Characters

Speaking of rank leveling this is also another way that you can obtain gems. You get a rank up everytime you gain ten levels across every one of your characters.

The best way to level up is by using Books of Training to boost EXP gain. Then go do the daily events do power level your weaker characters by using your strongest ones to carry them.

You can only do daily missions 10 times per day, however, so this is something you’ll have to do every day when you get the chance. But leveling up to rank up is a great way of getting some extra gems.

Do all Missions

Another great way to get gems is to do the Missions, specifically the Player ones. It is time-consuming and will act more of a long-term gem method but it’s a great way.

Almost all of the Player missions give gems as their reward. And when you complete one mission typically a new one takes its place.

So missions are an essential form of gaining gems and are overall just good to do in general. The gem reward is just an added incentive to get you to complete them.

Co-Op Quests

The last basic method of obtaining gems in Opera Omnia is by doing Co-Op quests with other players. Each time you do a Co-Op quest with other players you get gems though there is a limited amount.

You get 200 gems for Co-Op quests and you can get them up to 20 times. So through Co-Op alone you can add up to 4000 gems.

It’s a nice chunk of gems you can get even though the amount is fixed and you won’t get any more after the cap. But that’s still 4000 gems added to your stockpile.

Overall, the best way to obtain gems in Opera Omnia is just by playing the game. The story is your best method by far with Events coming in as a close second.

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