Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Grandport [Treasure Box/Chests Location]

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Grandport [Treasure Box/Chests Location]


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Grandport is the 3rd city in Lanzelt. It is a huge city and you will be walking around trying to get all the treasure chests here. They aren’t too hard to find, but you may miss some of them.

Treasure Locations | QuestsShops

Treasure Chest and Key Box Locations

FFBE Grandport Treasure Map

Location Item
1 Recipe for War Hammer
2 Scholar Robe
3 Star Quartz
4 Sage's Surplice
5 Phoenix Down
6 Ether
7 Iron Mace
8 Chain Whip
9 Unicorn Horn
10 Recipe for Bacchus's Wine
11 Echo Herbs
12 Star Quartz
13 Hi-Potion
14 Iron Shield
15 Frag Grenade
16 Earth Key 7 (Recipe for Bio Blaster)

Silver Chest [Blue Number]

Location Silver Chest


Recipe for Brace


Recipe for Barwatera 

 FFBE T1 Grandport

Location 1 – Directly at the entrance of the city, move north to find the hidden chest behind the inn sign for a recipe for War Hammer.

FFBE T2 Grandport

Location 2 – Head into the tool shop and head bottom right for a Scholar Robe(Clothes) that gives MP+20, DEF+13, SPR+10.

FFBE T3 Grandport

Location 3 – Go to the armor shop and check the bottom right corner there to get a Star Quartz.

FFBE T4 Grandport

Location 4 – Check the left side of the ability shop for a Sage’s Surplice(Cloth) that gives DEF+18, SPR+12.

FFBE T5 Grandport

Location 5 – Go behind the item ship and check the tent where the red arrow is located for a Phoenix Down.

FFBE T6 Grandport

Location 6 – Go north of the item shop and up the stairs to find an ether.

FFBE T7 Grandport

Location 7 – Go up another set of stairs from location 6 to find an Iron Mace(ATK+19) beside the bushes.

FFBE T8A Grandport

Location 8 – Go left all the way to located this spot circled in red for a Chain Whip(ATK+21 and 5% Paralyze).

FFBE T9 Grandport

Location 9 – From location 8, head left and down the stairs to find a Unicorn Horn.

FFBE T10 Grandport

Location 10 – Head to the right side and enter the huge building where you will see the ocean. Head to the top right of the room to find a recipe for Bacchu’s Wine.

FFBE T11 Grandport

Location 11 – Now from the same room, head to the bottom left and go downstairs. Go north down another short stair where the boat is to get Echo Herbs.

FFBE T12 Grandport

Location 12 – Go outside of the huge room. Head south to find a cross path on the left. Go left and then down to a secret spot to get a Star Quartz.

FFBE T13 Grandport

Location 13 – From Location 12, head north of the small cross path and look for a secret spot for a Hi-Potion.

FFBE T14 Grandport

Location 14 – Head all the way to the bottom left corner of the city to find an Iron Shield(DEF+18).

FFBE T15 Grandport

Location 15 – Backtrack to the bottom side of the map and then head south to the left and find a treasure chest hidden behind a lamp post for a Frag Grenade(Deals 1500 damage and lowers DEF for all enemies. Throw ability required.)

FFBE T16 Grandport

Location 16 – From the entrance, head south below and enter the inn at the bottom of the map. Head to the center to find an Earth Key 7(Recipe for Bio Blaster). This is a great AoE poison skill that is very useful against bosses.

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