Elsword Evolution Guide for Beginners: Tips to Win [Mobile]

Elsword Evolution Guide for Beginners: Tips to Win [Mobile]

Elsword: Evolution is the latest mobile game out for KOG games. Unlike the MMORPG PC version, the mobile one has some differences. Before we get on with the beginners guide, let’s talk about the main differences between both games.

  • You cannot transfer your Elsword characters to Elsword:Evolution(EE) as the game mechanics are quite different.
  • The UI looks different and so far there are only 3 characters in EE that you can play.
  • EE’s animation is not as colorful and flashy as the original, so some might not like it.
  • You can autoplay in EE, but not in the original.
  • PvP mode in EE is automated, so you can’t choose skills unfortunately. That means hardcore PvP players won’t like this game.
  • EE is pretty much free to play but pay to win.

General Gameplay

Elsword Evolution Guide

In the PC version, you get to explore your town and then battle in different areas. In the mobile version, you pretty much have a static screen in town with a bunch of options. When you head to the battle area, there are various areas where you click on a specific area and start battling monsters.

The actual battle is quite similar to the original, except that you have less skills to use and the battles are not as smooth. However, I don’t think its a bad thing since you can’t expect PC level graphics on a mobile phone, at least not for now.

There is also the auto battle feature. It comes in 3 options. You can:

  • Auto-Battle – This is full auto mode. Your character will use skills and attack all enemies. Do keep in mind that this feature will stop your character from attacking any chests(which can contain rare items) that are on higher ground platforms. This is the price you pay for auto-ing. Your character also automatically drinks a potion once they drop below 25% health.
  • Semi-Battle – This mode will only make your character use their regular attacks. You can choose to use your skills if you want to. This works great if you are watching TV.
  • Manual – Some bosses are hard and if you try to auto, you won’t be able to get 3 star rating for certain maps. This is also best used if you are playing a harder map(elite ones).

Elsword Evolution Battle Area

If you can complete an area with all 3 star ratings on each dungeon, you can open chests that rewards you with gold or diamonds.

Elsword Evolution Battle

During battle, you can also get chests sometimes in certain stages. If you choose to auto them, your character will not go after those chests, especially if they are on the higher platform. Keep that in mind! Each specific stage will also drop certain pieces of gear that you can use to upgrade yours.

Upgrading and Refining Gear

Elsword Evolution Refine Equipment

This is something that I find quite enjoyable to do. You can refine your gear by feeding other equipment to it and gain an attribute of the equipment. The fed equipment also disappears. The item quality goes like this:

  • Normal – Just sell these!
  • Excellent – Better than normal and has slightly better stats.
  • Superior – Has decent stats and can be used to refine epic gear.
  • Epic – This is the gear you want to wear at first. Keep using epic gear to refine the substats you can get.
  • Legendary – These are rare and I haven’t gotten any.

Keep in mind that you can only feed armor to armor, gloves to gloves, helmet to helmet etc. The lowest gear you can feed to epic is excellent. However, I only recommend feeding superior or epic gear. Their stats are much better. Feeding the gear gives you a random stat, so you will need to be lucky to get the stat you want. Keep feeding to get your desired stats! I recommend a mix of highest possible +atk, +hp and +def on your gear!

Skill Upgrades

Be sure to use skill points to upgrade skills you enjoy using. I like the archer’s Whirlwind Kick, Hurricane Dash and Arrow Volley. I upgrade them to the highest possible level every chance I get.


Beasts are your pets that you can summon once per battle to your aid. It will deal quite a bit of damage and it works very well against bosses. As you progress later on, the bosses will hit much harder and if you need burst damage, summon your beast! To upgrade your pet’s stats, you need to fight in elite maps and obtain the items required to upgrade it. Click on the + sign to find out where to farm the item. There are currently 2 beasts that you can use, but I haven’t unlocked the second one yet.

Eventually, you will be able to mount your beasts. I haven’t gotten to the part where I can do that yet, but I can’t wait!

Tree of Earl

This provides fruits every hour or so if I recall correctly. You can use them to complete raids in regular dungeons to obtain equipment. This is your fast track ticket to gain exp, gold and items without having to enter the actual battle. This works great for people that are busy and don’t have much time to play. Use some fruits and you will instantly get rewards. You will level very quickly if you use this to raid regular dungeons.

Fashion(Costumes and Accessories)

Elsword Evolution Fashion

Ah, the cosmetics of the game. The cool thing about the cosmetics here is that wearing any costume parts will grant you extra stats! If you wear set pieces of costumes, you will also gain their set bonuses. Right now, they are giving away set costumes if you login daily to receive your rewards. You can use the Ice Machine to get new cosmetics and Magic Closet to gain more items. The Fashion Mall let’s you try costumes on your character to give you a feel of what you would like. You do need things like ED coins and other items to purchase it though. You also don’t have to stick to 1 costume set if you don’t like it.

Magic Cards

Elsword Evolution Magic Cards

You can collect cards by challenging monsters. Winning battles against any boss will allow you to unlock bonus attributes if you obtain all the necessary cards, giving you more advantages in battle. You are limited to 6 tickets and each ticket recharges every 2 hours. Do this as often as you can. You will want to have as much bonus attributes as you can get.

Bonus Tips

Always check the Rewards and Carnival icon. You want to do as many of the tasks as possible. Daily tasks will refresh every day. Make sure to complete them to gain bonus experience and gold. Other tasks that don’t refresh daily are also in the reward’s icon. Check them out as well and complete them in conjunction with the daily tasks.

The Carnival is the harder tasks to complete. You literally have to play quite a bit to get the objectives done. If you can complete all objectives within the time limit, you get draw coupon, diamonds and gold. But this seems out of reach for free to play players to complete though. :X

The daily routine for the game looks something like this:

  • Complete your daily tasks for exp and gold
  • Use your Tree of Earl fruits for free items and exp
  • Challenge and defeat Magic Card bosses
  • Take on as many Carnival quests as you can
  • Battle in the arena
  • Keep refining your gear and beasts with the remaining energy that you have

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