Mutants Genetic Gladiators Breeding Guide Updated

Mutants Genetic Gladiators Breeding Guide Updated

Mutants Genetic Gladiators Breeding

Here is the latest and updated version of MGG breeding guide. I will explain some symbols used in the chart.

  • N = Normal mutants that you can get from breeding or buying from the shop
  • R = Rare mutants that sometimes requires specific mutants to get it
  • S = Special mutants from events, reactor mutants or special holidays
  • U = Unique mutants that have AoE attacks on their second skill
  • L = Legendary mutants. They have 10% bonus stats compared to normal and rare mutants. Always get them whenever you can.

Also, there is platinum star now which gives 100% bonus stats from a gold mutant. However, not all mutants can be turned into platinum just yet. Bronze, Silver and Gold star remains the same at 10%, 30% and 75% bonus stats respectively.

WarriorN5Gene Saber TransElite: Warrior + Nordic Knightmare
CryonosS4Gene Saber TransNot breedable
Nordic KnightmareN4.76Gene Saber TransGene Saber TransWarrior + Warrior
Buck MauriceL3.33Gene Saber TransGene Saber TransElite: Buck Maurice + Nordic Knightmare
ZenaL11.11Gene Saber TransGene Saber TransElite: Zena + Warrior
LaraS9.09Gene Saber TransGene Saber TransNot Breedable
Shin HakuhoPvP3.7Gene Saber TransGene Saber TransElite: Shin Hakuho + Warrior
Blade BansheeR6.25Gene Saber TransGene Necro TransLeech Lord + Nordic Knightmare
BushiR4.17Gene Saber TransGene Necro TransElite: Leonidas + Blade Banshee
LeonidasL3.85Gene Saber TransGene Necro TransSpecific: Stealth Bot + Zomborg
General ChaosPvP5.26Gene Saber TransGene Necro TransElite: General Chaos + Blade Banshi
RagnarL4.76Gene Saber TransGene Necro TransElite: Ragnar + Nordic Nightmare
CupidS4.76Gene Saber TransGene Necro TransNot Breedable
EnforcerN4.17Gene Saber TransGene Cyber TransWarrior + Robot
ChallengeerL6.67Gene Saber TransGene Cyber TransElite: Challengeer + Android
InterceptrixR7.14Gene Saber TransGene Cyber TransSpecific: Terrordoll + Captain Bag 'o' Bones
Project X27L12.5Gene Saber TransGene Cyber TransElite: Project X27 + Enforcer
Honey BunnyN10Gene Saber TransGene Zoomorph TransWarrior + Beast
Battle ToadL11.11Gene Saber TransGene Zoomorph TransElite: Battle Toad + Honey Bunny
HaggisL3.7Gene Saber TransGene Zoomorph TransElite: Haggis + Nordic Warrior
Hog the RipperS3.23Gene Saber TransGene Zoomorph TransNot breedable
SagittariusZ4.55Gene Saber TransGene Zoomorph Trans1500 Gold(Until Next Zodiac)
Martian MauraderR8.33Gene Saber TransGene Galactic TransNordic Knightmare + Alien
Galactic GuardianL3.45Gene Saber TransGene Galactic TransElite: Galactic Guardian + Nordic Knightmare
ApexL5.56Gene Saber TransGene Galactic TransElite: Apex + Martian Marauder
GeminiumZ4.35Gene Saber TransGene Galactic TransNot breedable
ValkyrieN5Gene Saber TransGene Mythic TransWarrior + Demon
Tinker BladeL9.09Gene Saber TransGene Mythic TransElite: Tinker Blade + Valkyrie
AzogL4Gene Saber TransGene Mythic TransElite: Azog + Valkyrie
ThorL3.45Gene Saber TransGene Mythic TransElite: Thor + Nordic Knightmare
Uncle SamS3.7Gene Saber TransGene Mythic TransNot breedable
Akuso MonkL3.45Gene Saber TransGene Mythic TransElite: Akuso Monk + Nordic Warrior
RobotN4Gene Cyber TransElite: Robot + Android
GarudaU8.33Gene Cyber TransNot breedable
AndroidN6.67Gene Cyber TransGene Cyber TransRobot + Robot
Tri-KlopsL8.33Gene Cyber TransGene Cyber TransElite: Tri-Klops + Robot
H.U.M.A.N.L5Gene Cyber TransGene Cyber TransElite: H.U.M.A.N. + Robot
GoliathU4Gene Cyber TransGene Cyber TransNo elite
Stealth BotR5Gene Cyber TransGene Saber TransAndroid + Warrior
Captain WrenchfuryR8.33Gene Cyber TransGene Saber TransSpecific: Bushi + Terrordoll
The PlumberS5.88Gene Cyber TransGene Saber TransNot breedable
Cyber PunkL7.69Gene Cyber TransGene Saber TransElite: Cyber Punk + Android
DeadbotN7.14Gene Cyber TransGene Necro TransRobot + Zombie
The DarkseerR4.17Gene Cyber TransGene Necro TransSpecific: Captain Wrenchfury + Bushi or Deus Machina + Grim Reapress
The ExperimentL5.56Gene Cyber TransGene Necro TransElite: The Experiment + Deadbot
Triple-BL3.57Gene Cyber TransGene Necro TransElite: Triple-B + Deadbot
Commander EnderL3.85Gene Cyber TransGene Necro TransElite: Commander Ender + Android
XenarachPvP5.26Gene Cyber TransGene Necro TransElite: Xenarach + Dead Bot
Beetle BotN3.45Gene Cyber TransGene Zoomorph TransRobot + Beast
TauriderZ10Gene Cyber TransGene Zoomorph TransNot breedable
Deathcon 1L7.14Gene Cyber TransGene Zoomorph TransElite: Deathcon + Beetle Bot
MonocerusL5.26Gene Cyber TransGene Zoomorph TransElite: Monocerus + Beetle Bot
ColossusN4.35Gene Cyber TransGene Galactic TransRobot + Alien
Supraman XS6.67Gene Cyber TransGene Galactic TransNot breedable
CyberSlugR5Gene Cyber TransGene Galactic TransSpecific: Colossus + C'thlig or Darkseer + Commodore Le Shark
LibraroZ9.09Gene Cyber TransGene Galactic TransNot Breedable
Deus MachinaR5.26Gene Cyber TransGene Mythic TransAndroid + Pit Lord
HalbeardL4.17Gene Cyber TransGene Mythic TransElite: Halbeard + Robot
VirgonZ10Gene Cyber TransGene Mythic TransNot Breedable
Abraham LincolnS3.33Gene Cyber TransGene Mythic TransNot Breedable
ZombieN6.25Gene Necro TransElite: Zombie + Leech Lord
Jack o LanternU7.14Gene Necro TransNo elite
Leech LordN4.17Gene Necro TransGene Necro TransZombie + Zombie
Cursed RiderL10Gene Necro TransGene Necro TransElite: Cursed Rider + Leech Lord
Soul EaterPvPN/AGene Necro TransGene Necro TransElite: Soul Eater + Zombie
Crypt WraithPvP7.14Gene Necro TransGene Necro TransElite: Crypt Wraith + Leech Lord
The Boogey GirlL9.09Gene Necro TransGene Necro TransElite: The Boogey Girl + Leech Lord
Dire DespotN3.7Gene Necro TransGene Saber TransZombie + Warrior
George WashingtonS3.33Gene Necro TransGene Saber TransNot breedable
Micky KruegerL7.69Gene Necro TransGene Saber TransElite: Micky Krueger + Leech Lord
Psycho ChainsawerL4.55Gene Necro TransGene Saber TransElite: Psycho Chainsawer + Dire Despot
Captain Bag 'o' BonesR5.88Gene Necro TransGene Saber TransSpecific: Nordic Knightmare + Undead Dragon or Captain Wrenchfury + Darkseer
ZomborgR4.55Gene Necro TransGene Cyber TransLeech Lord + Android
TerrordollR7.14Gene Necro TransGene Cyber TransSpecific: Stealth Bot + Bushi or Reptoid + Undead Dragon
Undead DragonR3.57Gene Necro TransGene Zoomorph TransLeech Lord + Kaiju Kitty
Scare BearL6.25Gene Necro TransGene Zoomorph TransElite: Scare Bear + Zombie
Lady HarpyL8.33Gene Necro TransGene Zoomorph TransElite: Lady Harpy + Zombie
TenguL4.35Gene Necro TransGene Zoomorph TransElite: Tengu + Zombie
BulldozerL4.17Gene Necro TransGene Zoomorph TransElite: Bulldozer + Zomborg
CancerniaZ4.76Gene Necro TransGene Zoomorph TransNot breedable
GhostmanautN3.85Gene Necro TransZombie + Alien
CaprikaZ6.25Gene Necro TransNot breedable
NyrlatothL5.26Gene Necro TransElite: Nyrlatoth + Alien
Commodore Le SharkR3.45Gene Necro TransSpecific: Captain Bag "o" Bones + The Devourer or Blade Banshee + Martian Marauder
HumongousPvP4.76Gene Necro TransElite: Humongous + Alien
Baron LundiN5Gene Necro TransGene Galactic TransZombie + Demon
Galactic EmperorReactor6.25Gene Necro TransGene Galactic TransNot breedable
LichlockPvP9.09Gene Necro TransGene Mythic TransElite: Lichlock + Leech Lord
RammerheadZ3.85Gene Necro TransGene Mythic TransNot breedable
BritanyL3.33Gene Necro TransGene Mythic TransElite: Britany + Terrordoll
BeastN5Gene Zoomorph TransElite: Beast + Kaiju Kitty
Easter GunnyS4.17Gene Zoomorph TransNot breedable
Kaiju KittyN5.88Gene Zoomorph TransGene Zoomorph TransBeast + Beast
Master SplitterPvP3.85Gene Zoomorph TransGene Zoomorph TransElite: Master Splitter + Kaiju Kitty
DilophoraptorPvP8.33Gene Zoomorph TransGene Zoomorph TransElite: Dilophoraptor + Kaiju Kitty
CernunnosL4.76Gene Zoomorph TransGene Zoomorph TransElite: Cernunnos + Beast
PsychoboarL8.33Gene Zoomorph TransGene Zoomorph TransElite: Psychoboar + Kaiju Kitty
RakshasaR7.14Gene Zoomorph TransGene Saber TransNordic Knightmare + Kaiju Kitty
Monkey KingL6.25Gene Zoomorph TransGene Saber TransElite: Monkey King + Beast
GargantusReactor4.76Gene Zoomorph TransGene Saber TransNot breedable
CézanneL3.45Gene Zoomorph TransGene Saber TransElite: Cézanne + Beast
LeohartZ4.17Gene Zoomorph TransGene Saber TransNo elite
CerberusN5.88Gene Zoomorph TransGene Necro TransBeast + Zombie
Louis XVIS4.35Gene Zoomorph TransGene Necro TransNot breedable
BrawlerS3.45Gene Zoomorph TransGene Necro TransNot breedable
CobrakaiL3.85Gene Zoomorph TransGene Necro TransElite: Cobrakai + Leech Lord
ZombatPvP11.11Gene Zoomorph TransGene Necro TransElite: Zombat + Cerberus
ReptoidR6.67Gene Zoomorph TransGene Cyber TransKaiju Kitty + Android
ArachnoPvP3.7Gene Zoomorph TransGene Cyber TransElite: Arachno + Android
Rhino SquadronL4Gene Zoomorph TransGene Cyber TransElite: Rhino Squadron + Beast
Fennec Plus UltraL5.88Gene Zoomorph TransGene Cyber TransElite: Fennec Plus Ultra + Beast
Tricera TankL3.23Gene Zoomorph TransGene Cyber TransElite: Tricera Tank + Beast
MantidroidR4.55Gene Zoomorph TransGene Cyber TransSpecific: Rakshasa + Stealth Bot or Interceptrix +Horus
Parasite QueenN7.69Gene Zoomorph TransGene Galactic TransBeast + Alien
GenshiryokuL3.57Gene Zoomorph TransGene Galactic TransElite: Genshiryoku + Alien
SlashogPvP10Gene Zoomorph TransGene Galactic TransElite: Slashog + Alien
Cosmo KongL4.35Gene Zoomorph TransGene Galactic TransElite: Cosmo Kong + Parasite Queen
Exo CookieL3.33Gene Zoomorph TransGene Galactic TransElite: Exo Cookie + Alien
Dracus NobilisR3.33Gene Zoomorph TransGene Mythic TransKaiju Kitty + Pit Lord
KontikiL3.7Gene Zoomorph TransGene Mythic TransElite: Kontiki + Demon
AbsolemL4.55Gene Zoomorph TransGene Mythic TransElite: Absolem + Pit Lord
GenimalS10Gene Zoomorph TransGene Mythic TransNot breedable
Dragons' MotherL7.69Gene Zoomorph TransGene Mythic TransElite: Dragon's Mother + Demon
Satyr ShamanPvP6.67Gene Zoomorph TransGene Mythic TransElite: Satyr Shaman + Kaiju Kitty
AlienN11.11Gene Galactic TransElite: Alien + Astro Surfer
CeresL12.66Gene Galactic TransElite: Ceres + Alien
Astro SurferN3.85Gene Galactic TransGene Galactic TransAlien + Alien
Super NovusPvP5.26Gene Galactic TransGene Galactic TransElite: Super Novus + Astro Surfer
Flying JordsonL4.55Gene Galactic TransGene Galactic TransElite: Flying Jordson + Astro Surfer
Master OidaL7.14Gene Galactic TransGene Galactic TransElite: Master Oida + Super Novus
Bounty BugN5.26Gene Galactic TransGene Saber TransAlien + Warrior
Star TrooperL11.11Gene Galactic TransGene Saber TransElite: Star Trooper + Warrior
SantactopusS5.88Gene Galactic TransGene Saber TransNot breedable
ZeusS11.11Gene Galactic TransGene Saber TransNot breedable
Space HunterL4.35Gene Galactic TransGene Saber TransElite: Space Hunter + Bounty Bug
BehemothN3.57Gene Galactic TransGene Saber TransElite: Behemoth + Bounty Bug
Tutti GooeyR4.35Gene Galactic TransGene Necro TransAstro Surfer + Leech Lord
Undead SoldierL3.7Gene Galactic TransGene Necro TransElite: Undead Soldier + Zombie
The DevourerR3.57Gene Galactic TransGene Necro TransSpecific: Planet Cleaner + Zomborg or Astro Magician + Terrordoll
SireniaPvP7.69Gene Galactic TransGene Necro TransElite: Sirenia + Leech Lord
Ghost KillerL6.67Gene Galactic TransGene Necro TransElite: Ghost Killer + Leech Lord
Planet CleanerR3.57Gene Galactic TransGene Cyber TransAstro Surfer + Android
Exo FishZ9.09Gene Galactic TransGene Cyber TransNot breedable
Brick McGoleL6.67Gene Galactic TransGene Cyber TransElite: Brick McGole + Alien
King StevenL5.56Gene Galactic TransGene Cyber TransElite: King Steven + Alien
SentryL6.25Gene Galactic TransGene Cyber TransElite: Sentry + Android
XenosR7.69Gene Galactic TransGene Zoomorph TransAstro Surfer + Beast
Shell ShockPvP4.55Gene Galactic TransGene Zoomorph TransElite: Shell Shock + Astro Surfer
Rakk 'N' RuinS12.5Gene Galactic TransGene Zoomorph TransNot breedable
WamparaL4Gene Galactic TransGene Zoomorph TransElite: Wampara + Astro Surfer
CrawloraxL3.57Gene Galactic TransGene Zoomorph TransElite: Crawlorax + Beast
NebulonN5.88Gene Galactic TransGene Mythic TransAlien + Demon
MephistoL7.69Gene Galactic TransGene Mythic TransElite: Mephisto + Alien
KrakenL3.85Gene Galactic TransGene Mythic TransElite: Kraken + Demon
Mr. MarvelousU5.26Gene Galactic TransGene Mythic TransMutant Reactor
AquapunzelZ3.7Gene Galactic TransGene Mythic TransNot breedable
DemonN5Gene Mythic TransElite: Demon + Demon
SnowmageU6.25Gene Mythic TransNo elite
Pit LordN3.33Gene Mythic TransGene Mythic TransDemon + Demon
GlubberL7.14Gene Mythic TransGene Mythic TransElite: Glubber + Demon
RetributionPvP5.56Gene Mythic TransGene Mythic TransElite: Retribution + Pit Lord or Demon
MonolithL4.55Gene Mythic TransGene Mythic TransElite: Monolith + Pit Lord
Blood BerryL7.69Gene Mythic TransGene Mythic TransElite: Blood Berry + Demon
GandolphusR9.09Gene Mythic TransDemon + Warrior
MexihcatlS4.76Gene Mythic TransNot breedable
YeldaS5.88Gene Mythic TransNot breedable
Captain PeaceU4Gene Mythic TransGene Saber TransNo elite
OriaxU4Gene Mythic TransGene Saber TransNo elite(sign up via Facebook on mobile app)
Grim ReapressR3.45Gene Mythic TransGene Necro TransPit Lord + Leech Lord
AnubisL4.35Gene Mythic TransGene Necro TransElite: Anubis + Zombie
Wicked WitchL4.17Gene Mythic TransGene Necro TransElite: Wicked Witch + Leech Lord
Bones 'N' RosesL5Gene Mythic TransGene Necro TransElite: Bones 'N' Roses + Zombie
Prince ScorpionZ5.88Gene Mythic TransGene Necro TransNo elite
Techno TaoistN4Gene Mythic TransGene Cyber TransDemon + Android
BankerS5Gene Mythic TransGene Cyber TransNot brredable
BazzingerL5Gene Mythic TransGene Cyber TransElite: Bazzinger + Android
MekaliPvP6.67Gene Mythic TransGene Cyber TransElite: Mekali + Android
Shadow ShamanL5.26Gene Mythic TransGene Cyber TransElite: Shadow Shaman + Android
MedusaN4.55Gene Mythic TransGene Zoomorph TransDemon + Beast
BurankaL5Gene Mythic TransGene Zoomorph TransElite: Buranka + Demon
Ivory HanzoS3.7Gene Mythic TransGene Zoomorph TransNot breedable
Shinigami PainterL6.67Gene Mythic TransGene Zoomorph TransElite: Shinigami Painter + Beast
HorusR8.33Gene Mythic TransGene Zoomorph TransSpecific: Dracus Nobilis + Pit Lord
C'thligR3.7Gene Mythic TransGene Galactic TransPit Lord + Astro Surfer
AzuriaPvP5.88Gene Mythic TransGene Galactic TransElite: Azuria + Astro Surfer
NebulusZ5.56Gene Mythic TransGene Galactic TransNot breedable
Astro MagicianL4.35Gene Mythic TransGene Galactic TransElite: Astro Magician + Alien
EngineerL3.85Gene Mythic TransGene Galactic TransElite: Engineer + Demon
Space PrincessL7.14Gene Mythic TransGene Galactic TransElite: Space Princess + Alien

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