Ifrit – Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius [Esper]

Ifrit – Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius [Esper]

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Ifrit is the second esper you can get in Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius. You do have to talk to certain people to unlock access to the towns to acquire him. Upon leveling him to 1★ max level(30), you can fight him again in Inferno Hollow to evolve him to 2 stars. You will keep all stats and skills + get access to new skills. If you want to know how to get him, scroll down below to find out or click here.

Element Summon Magic Effects
Fire Hellfire Fire Damage to all enemies

Bonus Magicites(1.5x Exp): Red

Rarity Lv/Pattern % Stats Sum Skill Sp Gain
1★ 30 1 900 AoE Fire Elemental Damage 100
2★ 40 1 1900 AoE Fire Elemental Damage 273

Since your characters gain 1% of the esper’s stats, here is what your character will get by looking at the table below.

Grade(Min/Max) HP MP Attack Defense Int Mind
Ifrit 1★ 2000 / 3000 1500 / 1800 2500 / 3700 1600 / 2100 1200 / 1600 1200 / 1600
Unit 20 / 30 15 / 18 25 / 37 16 / 21 12 / 16 12 / 16
Ifrit 2★ 3500 / 4500 1900 / 2200 3900 / 5100 2300 / 2800 1700 / 2100 1700 / 2100
Unit 35 / 45 19 / 22 39 / 51 23 / 28 17 / 21 17 / 21

Strength and Weaknesses

Ifrit is neutral to all elements and status effects except for fire and ice.

Element/Status Icon Effect
Ice  Ice Icon – 50% resist
Fire  Fire Icon + 50% resist 

Ifrit Upgrades


Ifrit 1 Star

Icon Name Element Effect MP
 Fire Fire Fire 120% ST Magic Attack 3
Barfire Barfire Fire ST 3 Turn +30% Fire Resist 3
Deprotect Deprotect Dark ST 3 Turn -20% DEF Debuff 4
Protect Endure Self 3 Turn +20% DEF 6


Ifrit 2 Star

Icon Name Element Effect MP
 Plant Killer Plant Slayer +50% Damage to 植物系
Raging Fist Explosive Fist 120% ST Physical Attack + Ignore -25% DEF 3
Beast Killer Beast Slayer +50% Damage to 獣系
 Power Break Power Break 120% ST Physical Attack & ST 3 Turn -15% ATK Debuff 7
Protect Protect Light ST 3 Turn +20% DEF 4
 Fira Fira Fire 140% AoE Magic Attack 9
 Faith Faith Light ST 3 Turn +20% INT 8


An esper that was sealed away in Inferno Hollows. Unquenchable flames rage around its hulking body, ready to reduce anything in its path to smoldering ash. Possessed of unspeakable fighting spirit, it attacks intruders to its lair with the ferocity of a savage beast, showing them the true meaning of destruction.

Battle Animations

Here are their battle animations for 1 star and 2 star if you want to see it.

How to get Ifrit

If you have trouble getting this esper, we will share with you a brief guide on how to obtain Ifrit here. In order to unlock the quest to fight Ifrit, you will need to unlock Port City Lodin by doing the story mode. Once you can enter the city, you need to find the street seller guy.

Port City Lodin Town

Enter Port City Lodin

Go look for the street seller located on the left side item shop. Check out the location here:

Get Ifrit Step 1

Ifrit Step 2

The sailor will offer to take you to Port Ordol free of charge.

Ordol Port Location

Upon entering Ordol Port, go speak to the little boy in the center of the city that tells you about the fiery mountain.

Ifrit Step 4

Ifrit Step 3-

Inferno Hollow

This will unlock the volcano Inferno Hollow. Exit the town to fight Ifrit after going through the dungeons.

Stage Energy No. of Battles Gil Unit Exp Rank Exp
Inferno Hollow – Entrance 5 4 121 2225 100
Inferno Hollow – Flaming Road 5 4 115 2027 104
Inferno Hollow – Lava Cave 5 4 107 1822 108
Inferno Hollow – Magma Falls 5 4 115 1830 112
Inferno Hollow – Fire Beast’s Lair 7 1 61 500 116

Battle Strategy

  • Have your team level 25 and above for an easy fight against 1Ifrit
  • You can use Shiva against 2★ Ifrit, but the character you equip Shiva with will also take more fire damage.
  • Use poison for 10% hp taken off him every turn
  • Use Paralyze to reduce damage taken.

The 2★ Ifrit can be fought again in Inferno Hallow when you max out your 1Ifrit at level 30.

Energy No. of Battle GIL UNIT EXP RANK EXP
15 1 650 6000 500

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