Final Fantasy Record Keeper Guide: Tips and Strategy

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Guide: Tips and Strategy

Welcome to the FFRK guide for beginners! I will be sharing with you tips and tricks to help you progress further into the game.

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper is a turn-based combat game that features all FF characters. You collect FF characters from various realms and use them in a team to fight the classic enemies you face in each region or realm.


You start off with Tyro and you will acquire new characters quickly. Cloud is a staple member in your party initially until you get your hands on your favorite FF characters in special events. You will notice 5 shards on the top of right of your game. Once you fill out those 5 shards, you will level up. Shards can be gotten from completing Classic and Elite dungeons from any realm.

Do not confuse that with character levels. Each character can go up to level 65 now. Characters also have special abilities called record materia, which gives the character bonus abilities.

Characters to Use


Tyro is very versatile and can fit any role from fighter, white/black mage, ranged attacker and more. The downside is that he has poor stats for any given role, which I think is a good trade off. Cloud, Wakka, Josef, Kain and Rydia will be available as you play through the campaign. Rydia will function well as your healer/summoner/black mage until you can find niche roles.  Wakka is a decent support and will be replaced if you can get Tidus.

I personally think Kain is pretty weak and should be replaced by better fighters once you get any from special events.



Do not worry too much about abilities and which ones to hone. I can tell you that the basic ones are:

  • Double Cut
  • Fire/Ice/Lightning
  • Cure

These will help you for most boss fights and as you progress later on, you will know what else to hone since you need those abilities to master a specific dungeon.

Realm, Character and Item Synergy

Relic Synergy

Any character that comes from the same realm as the dungeon will receive a +10 level advantage and 50% bonus experience. So if you take Cloud to an FF7 realm, he will receive those bonuses.

As for item synergy, you will get bonus stats on the item if they are the same realm as the dungeon. If you equip a Balamb Uniform(FF8) item on a character and fight in an FF8 dungeon, your item will get bonus defense stats on it. So, a 2 star weapon or armor can effectively become a 4 star item due to bonus stats. Use this to your advantage. You will want to have armor and weapon for each realm ideally.

Stamina and Refills

Always use your energy till its enough for the next story dungeon to level up since you will gain shards. When you level up, your stamina gets maxed out again. This will prevent you from “wasting” energy.  If you are on 4 shards and 50 stamina, it is not suggested for you to do that 37 stamina dungeon immediately.

Other useful Tips by pintbox:

  • Accept the quests before you do it. The stupid quest system requires you to accept the quests manually. If you created a fira without accepting the quest, too bad you have to create another one.
  • Finish the “Create” type quests first. They will unlock further quests. “Hone” type can be delayed without blocking anything.
  • Read the special conditions before you enter the dungeon, otherwise you may lose mastery and have to redo that dungeon again in the future. Create necessary abilities like silence, dark attack or wind slash. You may get mastery without finishing them, and you may find roaming warriors, but most of the time you can’t.
  • “Exploit the boss’s weakness to X” means dealing X-type damage, and is different from “Inflict the boss with X status”. “Exploit the boss’s weakness to poison” means bio or biora, while “inflict the boss with poison” means poison.
  • For your 11-pull, do it on a banner with a lot of Cloud weapon (dagger, sword or katana). Unless you already have the gift Zantetsuken from daily prizes, in which case mage weapon (anything with high MAG or MND) and defensive equipments are also useful.
  • If you want to spend money, you should spend it all in relic pulls. Don’t use cash for stamina refill, inventory and battle revive, use mythril instead.

Daily Dungeons

Saturday Dungeon

As you level higher and progress through the game, you will need to do daily dungeons to acquire certain orbs to craft your abilities. While you can get them from story mode, it is a lot easier to stock pile a bunch of orbs of your choice during daily dungeons. Here is the schedule for daily dungeons:

  • Monday – Ice, Wind, Non-Elemental, and Holy Orbs(FF10 Realm)
  • Tuesday – Weapon Upgrade Materials(FF6 Realm)
  • Wednesday – Black, White, and Power Orbs, and Gil(FF Core Realm)
  • Thursday – Fire, Dark, Earth, and Lightning Orbs(FF4 Realm)
  • Friday – Armor Upgrade Materials(FF7 Realm)
  • Saturday – Gil(FF Core Realm)
  • Sunday – Exp

Each daily dungeon has 4 difficulties ranging from easy, normal, hard and elite. The harder dungeons will drop the higher grade items/materials.

Orb Farming Locations

A big part of them game will require to farm orbs to craft the strongest abilities in the game. You can check out the orb location drops here on wikia.

Record Materia

Record Materia are a set of passive abilities for characters in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. While each character has a set of Record Materia that only they can acquire, they can be used by any character that has broken the first level cap of 50. The first Record Materia is always obtained by breaking the character’s first level cap, whereas the second is acquired by fulfilling specific requirements in battles. Record Materia is not even distributed among characters in the game, as some characters can obtain up to 3 Record Materia, whereas others are not able to break the level cap to obtain or use them at all.

Battle Guide

For strategy and tips on various bosses and maps, be sure to check out this in depth guide by pintboss. Happy fighting guys and gals!

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