Kingdom Warriors Guide [Tips and Tricks]

Kingdom Warriors Guide [Tips and Tricks]

Will you unite all of China or Destroy it with this Kingdom Warriors Guide. Prepare yourself and your Generals with these tips and tricks for material, gears and generals to help you conquer the battlefield.

Free Material, Generals and Equipment draws.

Kingdom Warriors does a great job at making you come back each day for the free resources you can grab every other day you log on. This is one of the better if not best ways to build up your army without putting money into the game.

kingdom warriors free

This allows you to get higher tier resources without spending a dime, I recommend you set a timer on your device if you don’t regularly play the game. I also only recommend doing the 10-material draws with your silver currency. This will allow you to get some valuable gear pieces and materials for your main character to use and to enchant your gear.


There are 3 ways to play Warriors Kingdom. Manual, Semi-auto and Full auto. Manual means you have complete control over your characters movement and abilities. Semi-auto means the computer will control your movements and standard attack but you still control your abilities. Full auto, the computer will do everything for you, although it doesn’t mean it will be the most practical or efficient way of combat.

kingdom warriors auto play

You can get away with playing most of the game on full auto. Some of the bosses will be a different story. I personally recommend playing in full auto up until a boss fight and then taking control so you can micromanage the fight. This is more so important when you have other AI companions and you can get them to take aggro. This will allow you to go for the backside bonuses on the enemies and to dodge area of effect abilities.

Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade!

Don’t overlook your equipment. This is the key to successfully winning stages when your Might is low. There are several stages of upgrading. Not only do you need to find better gear, you have to strengthen each piece of gear and then work on forging, enchanting and putting together potential set bonuses.


Typically you can get away with auto adding components for upgrading, this will grab the most appropriate gear pieces to use to strengthen your item. You have to get a gear piece to level 10 so you can Forge your gear to add bonus stats to it. This and enchantments increase things like skill power, attack, damage reductions for your general. Try to only do this when you have purple pieces or really good blue gear pieces.

You need to do this for every piece of gear. So focus on getting each high tier piece to level 10 and grab its forge bonus as you can. Tap on each gear to see what the level requirement is to unlock its bonuses and to see what you should focus on.

Generals and General Affinity

Your General is as important as your main character, they also have gear pieces that you obtain through stages (or through the card pulls) to raise their attributes. You have to manually raise their level with your silver, and collect their shard to raise their star level.

Raising your General’s star level provides a major stat increase. Awakening them will consume all the gear they are wearing and the attributes from the items will become a permanent stat increase and start unlocking new skills. Check the damage after a battle to see who is dealing the most DPS and focus on them as a primary general until you get an idea of how you want to set your team composition.

kingdom warriors affinity

While you collect new Generals for your army, you can utilize the affinity system to your advantage. With in the affinity system certain generals when paired with another set grant massive bonuses to your general. Unless you have a favorite general and you’re playing purely for winning and having the best stats, make sure you look at your affinities and try to stack as many affinity bonuses as you can.


General Tips and Tricks

  • Login daily for your free reward of silver and gold currency.
  • Link your Facebook account and share your achievements as a mean to gather free gold and resources. Make a second Facebook account if you don’t want to spam your feed.
  • Grab your Daily Missions. You can collect a lot of rewards like xp and silver from this area.
  • Constantly check the Events board for rewards from completing in game task.
  • If you want to spend money on the game, go for Benefit Card or the Annual 365 Card for the best value investment
  • Check out “The Almighty”, “The All Powerful” and “The All Knowing” player statues to see the best gear stats, and to worship one for rewards.
  • Set your graphical settings in System under Effects if the game is lagging.
  • Your Skills and Generals can only go as high as your character is in Levels.
  • Try to 3 star clear stages so you can collect the completed campaign/chapter rewards.

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