Lineage 2 Revolution Soul Guide

Lineage 2 Revolution Soul Guide

Have you been playing Lineage 2 Revolution but haven’t been able to find those high quality soul crystals? Have you been oozing with frustration as you have hundreds of c soul crystals in your inventory, but cant get any better grades? Well fear not, there is a way to farm soul crystals of high grades, and there are several tips and tricks that can be done to get higher grade soul crystals. As a max lvl player in a top 5 clan in the windawood 1 server, I can give you the tips and the tricks to be able to find the soul crystals you need to become the best player on your server!

So let’s start off with this: what are soul crystals? Soul crystals are the souls of monsters that you are able to equip into equipment. Depending on the type of equipment, you will be able to equip a different color soul crystal. Soul crystals are divided up into 9 types, which are attack, defense, crit rate, crit resist, evasion, accuracy, resilience, penetration, and hp. Attack and crit rate go in gloves, hp and defense go in chest and helmet, accuracy and evasion go in boots and necklace, crit resist and resilience go in earrings, and penetration goes in rings.

Now that you know what they are, how do you use them? They get equipped into your gear and then apply a passive effect. However, they do cost gold to remove, so when you get a high grade soul crystal, its important to not put it into a gear that isn’t rare. (see my guide on rare equipment here) so what qualifies as high rarity? C and b you can equip in most anything with little downside. A and up start getting costly to remove, with a crystals being 25k gold, s being 50k, r being 125k, and sr being 250k. I personally would not recommend putting anything over an a into gear that isn’t going to be a part of your permanent build.

Now that you know what to do with these soul crystals, where in eden do you find the darn things? While soul crystals can just be drop in the field, they are exceedingly rare, so you need to farm a couple specific places listed below:

Monster Summoning Stones

This is by far the best place to find consistent soul crystal drops. You will get grade B-A soul crystals consistently, with every once in a while an S crystal dropping. However, you do need to be farming monsters within 4 levels of your level. This is incredibly important, or else you won’t get the drops. You will find that the stat the codex monster gives determines what type of crystal it drops. I don’t know the exact combinations, but oftentimes it works kind of in opposites. So a defensive stat will give something more attacking based, and vice versa.

Elite Dungeons

This is the second best place to get crystals. Once again, make sure you are farming crystals within the same level parameters described above, or you wont get drops. Specific mobs will give better drops than others, and you will have to experiment to find the right mob. But once you do, set yourself to afk, and enjoy the sweet sweet crystal drops.

Clan Dungeons

When you do clan dungeons with your clan, you will get loot boxes. These loot boxes can contain lots of materials, including herbs, enhance scrolls, elixirs, and soul crystals. The grade of the soul crystals is random, with it being a minimum of c for normal grade loot boxes and b for high grade loot boxes.  But every once in a while, someone will get an s or above, probably depending on your dps. Not as plentiful but still a good way to get some more.

Now you’re probably wondering: do all soul crystals drop about the same amount? And the answer is for the most part, yes. However, penetration and resilience soul crystals are exceedingly rare in comparison to the other seven types. Your penetration and resilience soul crystals will likely be very low in comparison to your other crystals. I don’t have an answer as to how to farm these personally. My only recommendation is that if you ever get a soul crystal selection box, that you should use it on penetration crystals, as resilience is slightly more common than penetration. Just slightly.

So there you go! Now you are an expert on all things soul crystal related. Go forth into Aden, adventurer, and continue to defeat the dark evils in all the land of aden and beyond! But most of all, remember to have fun. This is a game, and I would hope this is a game you enjoy. Good luck!

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