Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Village of Kol [Treasure Box/Chests Location]

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Village of Kol [Treasure Box/Chests Location]

Village of Kol

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Village of Kol is the second city in Lanzelt. The village is huge and you will have plenty of treasures to find and quests to do here. Check below to see what goodies you can get here!

Treasure Locations | Quests and Shops

Treasure Chest and Key Box Locations

Village of Kol Treasure Map

Location Item
1  Earth Drum
2  Tent
3  Phoenix Down
4  Long Sword
5  Earth Key 16 (Recipe for Thundara)
6 Unicorn Horn
7 Buckler
8 Gold Needle
9 Smelling Salts
10 Metal Knuckles
11 Ether
12 Earth Ring
13 Hi-Potion
14 Star Quartz

Silver Chest [Blue Number]

Location Silver Chest


Recipe for Shell


Recipe for Deshell

FFBE T1 Village of Kol

Location 1 – Head into the entrance directly north of the entrance to get a Earth Drum.

FFBE T2 Village of Kol FFBE T2- Village of Kol

Location 2 – From location 1, check the wall on the right and go there to find a secret path. Go up the ladder to the next room. Head left and down. Exit the cave to the outside to find a tent.

FFBE T3 Village of Kol FFBE T3- Village of Kol

Location 3 – Now backtrack to the entrance of the village. Head up the stairs on the left and look for a secret entrance to a cave. Head left all the way through the cave and find a Phoenix Down after exiting it.

FFBE T4 Village of Kol

Location 4 – Head back to the village entrance and go up the stairs to the Chocobo shop. You will find a Long Sword.

FFBE T5 Village of Kol FFBE T6 Village of Kol

Location 5 – Go to the weapon shop. Right before heading outside the entrance following the left screen for a secret path, check the right side and head in for an Earth Key 16.

FFBE T5- Village of Kol

Location 6 – Head outside to find a Unicorn Horn.

FFBE T7 Village of Kol

Location 7 – Head to the armor shop and go left up the stairs and check the wooden boxes on the right to find a buckler(DEF+16).

FFBE T8 Village of Kol FFBE T8- Village of Kol

Location 8 – Head to the left side of the map. Find the hidden path and enter the second house. Check the bookshelf on the right for a Golden Needle.

FFBE T9 Village of Kol

Location 9 – Now backtrack and head to the first house. Go upstairs and climb the ladder. Head north to find a Smelling Salts.

FFBE T10 Village of Kol FFBE T10- Village of Kol

Location 10 – Check the path on the right from Location 9 and head left to find a secret path to an open area in town for a pair of Metal Knuckles(ATK+20).

FFBE T11 Village of Kol

Location 11 – Head to the item shop located in the center. Head all the way top and right to find an ether.

FFBE T12 Village of Kol FFBE T12- Village of Kol

Location 12 – Backtrack a bit to the narrow corridor and find the red arrow. Head down and right to find an Earth Ring hidden behind the wooden boxes.

FFBE T13 Village of Kol

Location 13 – Head to the Inn and check the middle left side for a secret passage to a Hi-Potion.

FFBE T14 Village of Kol

Location 14 – Head to the top right side of the map and look for the secret path for a Star Quartz.

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