[MapleStory M] Power-Leveling Experience Guide!

[MapleStory M] Power-Leveling Experience Guide!

By MasKScarin


This guide is based on MasKScarin’s video. It talks about the best and fastest ways to level up in Maplestory M.

MapleStory M Power-Leveling Experience Guide!


The first thing to note is that the early levels of the game, levels 1 through 85, you can basically just grind quests the entire time. Quests will get you all the way to level 85 from the beginning of the game.

Just focus on the quests given to you as you progress the story and it’s no problem at all. The only difference is if you auto-quest, it’s very slow and inefficient if you want to level quickly.

So it’s better to play manually for quests until you hit level 85. Once you reach level 85 you can start with your daily hunts.

When you finish quests, beginning with your daily hunts is the best way to start getting exp. You can do them every day and they give some pretty big EXP values.

Once you have your daily hunts complete make sure you do all of your daily dungeons. They give a lot of experience along with Mini-Dungeons and Elite Dungeons.

Use any tickets you got so you can gain as much experience all at once. Your tickets expire so stockpiling them isn’t entirely useful when you’re trying to level fast.

For the Mini-Dungeon in particular, it may not seem like it gives the best experience but it is the best to auto-battle in. It’s a very confined space and it’s hard for the A.I to screw up auto-battling.

Once you finish your daily hunts and dungeons you’re gonna be out of active things to do. So the best thing you can do is start farming mobs.

Now you could farm normal monster mobs and get around 500 EXP per kill and that’d work fine. But the best place to farm mobs is in the Star Force Field.

The big thing to note about farming in the Star Force Field is making sure you meet the requirements for the specific one you’re entering. If you don’t, you are going to get destroyed very quickly by the monsters.

The requirements are all about how many stars you have on your equipment combined. And at the start, you may not want to invest in putting any stars on your equipment because it may be your base equipment or not anything high ranked.

But for grinding your level that is absolutely fine. All you’re gonna be investing is Meso for the upgrade cost to get them more stars and Meso can be farmed as well.

So you want to have a lot of stars on your equipment so you can get into the higher level Star Force areas. Going into one that is 25 stars, you’ll have to have an accumulative¬†star amount across all of your equipment.

But the very best overall way to gain EXP in Maplestory M is by joining a party. Join a party and go into Star Force areas and you’ll see the quick EXP flow.

In most games when you join a party the EXP gained is split amongst the players. But in Maplestory M there is no split and everyone makes the same amount per kill.

So when you kill something you get EXP, When your party members kill something you get EXP. There are also little runes that spawn on that map that can give EXP boosts for a short time.

Grinding in a full party is by far the fastest and most efficient way to get EXP in the game. And grinding in Star Force Field with a party is at the top of the priority list for overall grinding.

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