Mobile Strike Research and Construction Speed Guide

Mobile Strike Research and Construction Speed Guide

Mobile Strike Speed Boost

Welcome to the Mobile Strike speed guide! In this game, it is all about efficiency. The faster you can get a building or research done, the better it is at helping you gain power in the long run.

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How Boosts Work

One of the key roles in winning Mobile Strike is your commander. Every time your commander levels up, you can spend skill points on various commander skills. These include troop speed boosts, resource boosts, construction boosts, attack boosts, and research boosts among others. Since these are passive boosts in the game, it is very important to always spend your skill points and make sure that you are allocating them to the best possible skills for what you need, whether that be protection, battle, or production.

The exact time modifier of the individual boost is as follows:

Boost = (Total Boost +100) divided by 100

So basically, a 100% boost will take 1/2 of the normal time. 200% will take 1/3 of the normal time and so on.

Another aspect of boosts is those that can be researched through the Research Facility. Through this upgrade, you can research training speed boosts, troop health boosts, armored defense boosts, as well as several others for combat. Alongside your commander, the Research Facility is hugely important, as it works on a separate time counter than buildings or other construction.

This means that it is always important to be researching a boost for your army as it doesn’t affect any of your other work, allowing you to do this simultaneously. If you keep up with both the Research Facility and your commander skills, you’ll be sure to stay on top with boosts.

Boosts that Matters in the Beginning

One of the most important boosts towards the beginning of the game is the troop training speed boost. You will need to be training troops almost constantly, and since it runs in a different time than construction, it is important to invest in boosts for decreasing that time as well. This is especially important towards the beginning because you need to be able to build up your army so that you can better allocate your troops and be the most effective on the battlefield.

One of the key strategies early on in the game is making sure that you can both engage enemies that are attacking you as well as conducting your own attacks in enemy territory. This will require you to split your troops in half, making it all the more important that you can resupply and retrain your army in case of emergency. It also gives you more room to work with when taking on dangerous missions.

General combat boosts are also important to consider, as they allow you to create more specialties in your army. Always consider the most necessary research to move forward in building your base as well. Most of the level requirements for upgrades require certain types of research so it’s important to think ahead to what you’ll need in the future. By completing necessary research and boosts early on in the game, you can advance with few obstacles.

Material Quality

Another important aspect to consider in the game is material quality. As you play the game, you will find resource tiles scattered across the map. When you occupy these tiles, they not only give you resources but also the opportunity to discover materials, which can be used at the Armory to create new weapons, body armor, helmets, and accessories for your commander. Always make sure to send your best units to capture these resources, as materials are a key aspect to the game.

When doing this missions, it is always important to consider material quality. The higher level the resource tile, the better chance there is to find advanced material. Higher quality material is necessary to craft better equipment for your hero, so it is always important to prioritize this when going on resource missions.

Even if you can’t access some of the higher quality material, you can also use your Armory to combine lower level materials to receive more advanced ones. Always keep this in mind, as it gives you another way to get higher quality materials, and therefore better equipment and weapons.

The current material quality grade is as follows:

Grey > White > Green > Blue > Purple > Orange

To change a material to a higher quality, use 4 materials of the same grade to upgrade to the next grade. For example:

  • 4 grey materials converts to 1 white material
  • 4 white materials converts to 1 green material
  • 4 green materials converts to 1 blue material and on…

Equipment Boosts

Jumping off of material, you’ll want to think about the equipment that they can produce. There are several equipment boosts in the game that are important to consider, such as increasing the chances of success. Once you’ve found the materials that you need to create the best equipment possible for your commander, you’ll want to consider investing in boosts to guarantee that you get the best results.

While not as important towards the beginning, investing in boosts for equipment is very important, as it boosts the experience of your commander and also gives you access to boosts for other things such as research and construction through your equipment. Equipment is a longer term investment, but one that definitely pays off for the wise player.

Thanks to mobilestrikedata, they recommend the following equipment for speed boosts:

For research and construction, there are only two decent armor pieces in Mobile Strike and they are as follows:-

  • Field Scientist Uniform (level 33) +23.9% research (orange)
  • Mechanics Vest (level 30) +15% construction (orange)

For your feet there is a decent construction item and a pretty poor research item (you may want to skip this):-

  • Cross Hikers (level 1) +3.3%  research  (orange)
  • Construction Boots (level 30) +15% construction (orange)

Two fairly decent weapons include:-

  • Silenced Sniper Rifle (level 40) +15% research (orange)
  • Tactical Sledgehammer (level 30) +18 % construction (orange)

There is no research item for your head unfortunately, but an okay-ish construction item:-

  • Engineer’s Headset (level 35) +16% construction (orange)


  • Engineer’s Hammer (level 43)  49.5% construction (orange)
  • Welding Gloves (level 35)   18% research 13.5% construction (orange)
  • Field Ops Kit (level 21)  18.6% research (orange)
  • Holographic Sight (level 47) 21% research (orange)

Research and Construction Boosts

Finally, there are research and construction boosts. Both of these have parts in the Research Facility and the commander skills. While they may seem less directly important, the best players know their importance. By cutting down times for research and building, you can expedite any goal that you have. Not only that, but by speeding up the process, you will gain access to higher level research even faster, making you an even stronger player.

Some of the boosts can also reduce the cost of each element, allowing you to save your resources and use them for larger projects, such as upgrading your walls, base, or even training an entire new army based off of the research you’ve developed. While these boosts may seem more basic than some of the other categories, always make sure to invest in them. Without the infrastructure to support yourself, you will never be able to truly dominate the field. If you give yourself that base to work on, though, it will be even harder to stop you.

Here are the tables for research and construction equipments that gives speed boosts.

Grey White Green Blue Purple Orange
Field scientist Uniform 4.0% 8.0% 11.9% 15.9% 19.9% 23.9%
Cross hikers 0.6% 1.1% 1.7% 2.2% 2.8% 3.3%
Silenced Sniper rifle 2.5% 5.0% 7.5% 10.0% 12.5% 15.0%
Holographic sight 3.5% 7.0% 10.5% 14.0% 17.5% 21.0%
Holographic sight 3.5% 7.0% 10.5% 14.0% 17.5% 21.0%
Holographic sight 3.5% 7.0% 10.5% 14.0% 17.5% 21.0%
21 Research Facility 25.0% 25.0% 25.0% 25.0% 25.0% 25.0%
Research I & II 105.0% 105.0% 105.0% 105.0% 105.0% 105.0%
Total 147.6% 165.1% 182.6% 200.1% 218.0% 235.2%
Grey White Green Blue Purple Orange
Mechanics vest 1.7% 3.7% 5.8% 8.8% 12.2% 15.0%
Construction boots 1.4% 3.7% 5.7% 8.6% 12.0% 15.0%
Tactical sledgehammer 1.9% 4.5% 6.9% 10.4% 14.5% 18.0%
Engineers headset 1.6% 3.9% 6.1% 9.2% 12.9% 16.0%
Engineers hammer 8.3% 16.5% 24.8% 33.0% 41.3% 49.5%
Engineers hammer 8.3% 16.5% 24.8% 33.0% 41.3% 49.5%
Engineers hammer 8.3% 16.5% 24.8% 33.0% 41.3% 49.5%
Construction Research 10 66.0% 66.0% 66.0% 66.0% 66.0% 66.0%
Construction I & II 105.0% 105.0% 105.0% 105.0% 105.0% 105.0%
Total 202.5% 236.3% 269.9% 307.0% 346.5% 383.5%

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