MARVEL Contest of Champions Guide: Tips and Strategy Wiki

MARVEL Contest of Champions Guide: Tips and Strategy Wiki

Marvel Contest of Champions 2

This game is quite a hit among gamers and we will covering useful guides and tips to help you advance in the game.

Class Bonus

A lot of times I get caught up in the awesome battles that I forget to choose heroes with bonus advantage against a certain class. The class chain is listed below:

Skill > Tech > Mutant > Science > Mystic > Cosmic > Skill

Champion Class
Strong Against
Weak Against

Mix Up Light, Medium and Heavy Attacks + Dodging

Marvel Contest of Champions 3

When I was a beginner, I always enjoyed using light attacks since I was able to get more hit combos off like other games such as Marvel vs Capcom. But I soon realized that you need to mix in stronger attacks to be able to kill off tough heroes.

The basic controls are simple:

  • Light Attack – Tap once or more for multiple attacks
  • Medium Attack – Swipe left or right depending on the direction you are facing.
  • Heavy Attack – Requires you to tap and hold for a second before unleashing a powerful blow which is unblockable. On the flip side, you are vulnerable to attacks during the “holding phase”
  • Block – Swipe and hold left or right depending on the direction

Try to sneak in a heavy attack while standing far away from the opponent. Once they close in you unleash your heavy attack.

Dodging/dashes is also a great way to stall out certain battles when things are not going your way. This requires fast reflexes and some practice. You can opt to visit scenario maps you have beaten to hone your skills there.

Special Attacks

Special attacks can turn the tides of the battle. I save them when fighting stronger opponents and use them at the best moment where I know I will have a 100% chance to hit them with it. You can use them after they have taken a few light hits or when they are trying to attack.

You can also use a heroes second/third special attack by letting the special bar fill up completely. You can also use the previous special move if the bar isn’t filled up completely. The remaining bar that wasn’t use will still be there, so you don’t have to worry about “wasting” any energy.

Special Abilities

Each hero has a few special abilities that you should pay attention to. You can access this by checking out the champion’s “info” section on the champion screen. Here are the special abilites:

  1. Bleed – Ignores armor and resistances
  2. Armor Breaks – Remove armor for a few seconds, making it easy to deal max damage
  3. Regeneration – Regenerates health after champion is hit
  4. Nullify – Easily remove opponent’s special ability and armor up

Acquire More MARVEL Heroes

Marvel Contest of Champions 1

Source: YouTube

You can get more new heroes using the following methods:

Daily Crystal – You get to summon 1-3 star heroes. They might not be the greatest but you work with what you can get. Plus, you get new heroes for completing campaign stages.

Premium Hero Crystal – You will most likely get 2 stars, but you have a higher chance to summon 3-4 star heroes. Spend 100 units for a chance to get a premium 4 star hero. There are no guarantees though.

Arena Crystal – Being good in the arena nets you arena chips which can be used to have a chance to get the 4 star punisher. Arena event rankings also gives you special heroes for being a top player in the arena. However, these spots are usually dominated by pay to win players, so your odds as a f2p player is very slim.

Upgrading Your Heroes

Always be sure to check out your heroes on the champion screen. Here are some useful tips:

  • You upgrade your heroes via ISO-8 and gold acquired from quests and battles
  • Leveling up 1/2 star heroes will unlock new special abilites
  • You can sell your heroes for gold and ISO-8. This is not advisable though.
  • Finish the path that leads to opponents having higher index value to increase your odds of earning 3-star chests and catalysts.

Upgrade Higher Star Ranked Heroes

Gamelytic suggests this:

It can be tempting to start upgrading your heroes when you first start the game. Do not do it! Wait until you have a roster of 3 star heroes and upgrade those. If you are stuck and really have to upgrade lower star heroes, start with 2 stars. Never ever spend your precious ISO-8 on the 1 star heroes, unless you have maxed out all the others first.

Focus to upgrade your higher star heroes as they have higher potentials. The higher rarity heroes typically have stronger skills, better stats, more synergy options. All in all, save your ISO-8’s.

Champions List and Their Star Rating

Here is a tier list compiled by Anurag2008 from Hubpages:

Tier-1 to Tier-4
Tier-2 to Tier-4
Tier-2 to Tier-3
Tier-1 to Tier-2
Only Tier-2 Heroes
Only Tier-1 Heroes
Black Panther, Gamora
Juggernaut, Punisher
Wolverine, Deadpool, Rhino
Spiderman, Vision
Cyclops, Drax, Iron Man
Scarlet Witch
Star Lord
Black Bolt, Thor, Hawkeye
Storm, Iron Fist, Ronan
Winter Soldier, Abomination

There you have it! Go out there and kick some butt!

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