Soul Hunter Guide for Beginners [Tips and Tricks]

Soul Hunter Guide for Beginners [Tips and Tricks]

Soul Hunters has arrived and we’ve got a great Beginners guide with the tips and trick’s you will need to start your journey into the game world.

Heroes Selection.

In Soul Hunters your party will consist of 5 different Hero units in 3 different combat positions. The front line (Tanks), middle line (Mages) and the back line (healers/archers etc). Heroes will be auto assigned to each position upon selection but your ideal team comp will always consist of one healer, a tank, and any number of high damage DPS.

To find individual Heroes go to your Heroes menu and scroll to the bottom. Soul Hunters HeroesTap on the Hero of choice and then tap on the respective stage to start it. Heroes range anywhere from 1 star to as high as 7 star when promoted. Below you will find a list of Heroes you should look into collecting based on the communities opinions on their strengths in their selected roles.

Front Line

Drago – Primary Role: Tank Secondary Role: Physical AOE
Ezio – Primary Role: Physical AOE  Secondary Role: Physical Single Target
Riley – Primary Role: Tank Secondary Role: Physical AOE

Middle Line

Ethera – Primary Role: Physical Single Target Secondary Role: Control
Jasmine – Primary Role: Support Secondary Role: Magic AOE
Leah – Primary Role: Physical AOE  Secondary Role: None

Back Line

Gizmo – Primary Role: Magic Single Target Secondary Role: Control
Gale – Primary Role: Physical AOE Secondary Role: Physical Single Target

This list is based on Heroes near level 85-90 with 5 star ratings and maxed abilities. These are just some of the few hero options available and by no means are the end all of Hero choices.

Last hitting and Ultimate use and Damage details!

While playing Soul Hunters you might have noticed the “Last hit +300 Energy” text pop up upon killing a mob. This bonus energy goes to either the last hero to use an auto attack or a special ability. You can use this to your advantage occasionally by whittling down enemies to next to no health and using a heroes special to clean up all of the mobs! In some cases you may completely refresh your ultimate ability by doing this.

Each of your heroes have unique ultimate abilities and an ultimate bar that fills up over the course of the games stages. In most cases you will not need to use these until you’re on the 3rd wave of a stage. Ultimate bars always reset at the end of a stage and can be used as fast as you can tap the portraits of your Heroes to drop a devastating amount of damage.

View the post stage damage details. This gives you a great overview of which Hero is dealing most of your damage, it will allow you to focus on them and adjust your line up accordingly. It’ll also keep you from wasting gear on lesser heroes. Your heroes damage rating will give you a good idea of their power but going through a stage where you only let your heroes auto attack and then viewing the damage details gives you a real world picture of your damage out put before ability use.

Soul Hunters damage dealt

3 Star Clears and Sweeping.

You only need to perfectly clear the stages with building icons. The stages in between these don’t matter. To 3 star a stage none of your heroes can die. Once you finish a stage and earn a 3 star rating you will open up the option to “Sweep” the stage.

sweepSweeping stages is done through Sweep Tickets. These auto clear the stage for you with the option to clear a stage once, or to clear the stage 10 times in a row. Using this takes up your energy but this is a great way to farm xp and items quickly for a Hero.

Alternatively you can go into the stage and turn on Auto battle if you run out of Sweep Tickets. Auto battle will allow the AI to take control of your Hero units and use their abilities.

General Tips and Tricks

  • Check the Calendar for Event rewards. You can get a refill of energy for just logging in.
  • Join a Guild when you can so you can do Raids.
  • Play the Arena to earn rewards.
  • Only buy the Gold chest in sets of 10. Otherwise it’s loot drop will be too random to guarantee you anything useful.
  • Use the Summoner Circle Diamond chest for the best Heroes. It has a long cool down for free to play users.
  • Reminder: Heroics cost twice as much Energy as normal stages.
  • Sweep Heroics for more Hero soul stones and Sweep Tickets.
  • Remember to equip and fuse gear to raise your damage ratings.
  • Apply ability points when you have the money and during game play or at the end of the game as they have a refresh timer.
  • Need Quick Gold? Sell a hero soul stone that you won’t need.
  • Make sure to do and collect the Dailies and Quest.

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