Ultimate L2R Beginners Guide – Simple and Easy Tutorial for F2P Players

Ultimate L2R Beginners Guide – Simple and Easy Tutorial for F2P Players


Welcome to the Lineage 2 Revolution(L2R) guide for new players! In this guide, we will go over all the things you need to know about the game. I currently have a level 120 Silver Ranger in Cruma03 US server.

Choosing Your Class

This is where you get to choose your style of play. There are currently four different races to play. Each race is broken into 3 sub classes. And then they get to advance to specialize in a sub niche.

4 Main Races – Human, Elf, Dark Elf, Dwarf

Each race brings a unique passive. Below are the passive bonuses:

  • Human – Has increased P. Attack and provide additional bonus to critical resistance.
  • Elf – Permanently increase bonus to Evasion, Movement Speed and M. Attack.
  • Dark Elf – Has a increased critical chance when attack.
  • Dwarf – Has increased P. Attack and provide additional bonus to critical resistance.

Humans and Dwarves are tanky and give physical attack bonus and critical resistance.

Elves and Dark Elves are more fragile but focus more on damage and speed. Elves have bonus to magic attack while Dark Elves have critical rate bonus.

Base Class -> Warrior, Rogue or Mystic (Mage)

You are given the option to be:

  • Warrior – They are melee physical fighters and generally has more survivability.
  • Rogue – DPS physical class and more fragile in exchange for more damage
  • Mystic – Can be fragile as offensive mages, but can have great survivability if you opt to choose the healer classes. Specializes in magical skills.

A couple of things. Since this game is 90% auto, melee characters farm just a bit slower as they need to go up to the monster to deal damage. Ranged characters have an easier time farming due to range and can farm monster cores (which I will go over below) in crowded areas. But its not a big disadvantage though. Just keep that in mind. With that being said, its time to go over all the best starter classes for free to play players.  I will break it down according to your playstyle.

PvM (Player vs Monster)

If you are focused on leveling, becoming strong and love farming to improve your character to destroy monsters, then you will want to consider the following:


Silver Ranger (Elf Ranged DPS) – One of the more popular classes due to it being ranged and does decent damage. Has a speed + attack speed buff, evasion which really helps with regular mobs. I would say she is the most well rounded class. Has range, does decent damage and has move speed. She won’t do as much damage as a Phantom Ranger, but she gets incredible kiting potential. Enemies have a hard time chasing you down.

Hawkeye (Human Ranged DPS) – Has the longest range and a large AoE skill that is useful in dealing damage to multiple enemies from a very far distance. Hawkeye is also a viable option in PvP siege due to the excellent range. For PvM, he does just as well as Silver Rangers. He doesn’t have the move speed of Silver Ranger though. It all comes down to preference.


Shillien Knight (Dark Elf Melee Fighter) – The most friendly melee fighter class to start the game with. He has life leech, allowing you restore a portion of your health every 22 seconds. It has a passive that triggers more life steal (15% proc rate). Has a defense aura buff and a damage decrease passive that further reduces damage taken. He might not be the fastest killer, but he can solo field mini bosses, regular field mobs without ever having to use potions(with decent gear). You will save Adena over the long run by not having to buy the 200 HP potions for 21k Adena. If your gear is good +HP Drain sub stat, you can also solo monsters 5-10 levels above you with ease.

Bladedancer (Dark Elf Melee Fighter) – A well rounded class that can do everything. Dual swords look cool and has decent damage and survivability. Skill wise, the bladedancer has good AoE skills and 2 active team buffs that increases attack speed and physical attack. If you want an offensive fighter, you can’t go wrong with him.

Elder (Elf Ranged Healer) – As a healer, you will be welcomed by many parties. She offers a heal that acts like regen over time. One of the key skills that really helps in big sieges and also versus tough bosses is the debuff removal skill. She can cleanse nasty debuffs such as Vakaron’s bleed. She also has defense buff and hp boost to nearby allies.

Bishop (Human Ranged Healer) – The cool thing about Bishop is that his heal restores both HP and MP. That means you will save Adena by not having to buy pots at all! His heal is also an instant heal, unlike the Elder’s one. He also has a “mana shield” skill where damage taken goes to mana. Also a very popular member in parties. You can’t go wrong with either the Elder or Bishop in terms of PvM.

Also I suggest you check out this thread from an experienced player that played in Korea Server and is now playing in the NA servers.

PvP (Player vs Player)

I don’t have much experience with PvP, except for a few sieges, so I will quote some experienced players at the top to give you a good decision on what to choose.

Here is the opinion of a high level player(xtian900) from the SEA server:

Paladin > Abyss Walker > Ranged Rouge Class > Mage Class

Any class can do well in PVP if used well and you have decent gear. I’m at lvl 190 with around 1M CP Shillien Knight at the SEA servers for reference and I can take down pretty much anyone within 100-200k CP difference given the right situation (i.e if I get the initiation and burn all my spells)

PVP consist of the following:

  1. Arena
  2. Mass PVP (this includes Fortress Siege and Clan War etc.)
  3. 3 on 3 PVP (not yet implemented in SEA server)
  4. 1 on 1 field PK

The Arena is joke TBH. I can take down anyone (except for Paladins) 100k-200k CP above me because you can just easily dodge all the big spells. But the Arena is a good source of red gems if you can consistently get top 1 everyday.

Mass PVP is dominated by ranged classes because you can stay at a safe distance and lay down all your spells. Tanks have a critical role of initiating and pulling targets for the ranged classes to kill.

I have no experience in 3v3 yet but I’ve watched videos in the Korea servers. And it looks like it mostly depend on the composition of the team. Having a controller and DPS class is a must.

1v1 field PVP (i.e PK or Clan War) is just like the Arena but youre not fighting a Bot (unless he’s AFK). It comes down to who can get the initiation and burst down the target from 100 to 0. Because if you can’t burst them down then they can just use pots and run away or worst turn and take you down.

AW has the highest burst damage in the game but very low on defense. They can burst down anyone from 100 to 0 in a few seconds.

Paladin doesn’t have the best DPS but has the most OP control/disable spell in the game which silences and forces the target to attack you for 4 seconds (longest in the game). During this time, they can pour down all their spells and kill (1v1) or pull the targets close to the rest of the party (for mass PVP).

Warlords have very similar spells to Paladins. They have an AOE stun instead of silence. They have a higher damage output but lower defense compared to Paladin which

Ranged Rouge classes play a similar role IMO, mostly staying at range and kite. PR has high burst damage so they can do well in 1v1 scenario. SR has superior mobility so they can kite well. Hawkeye has the highest range and decent damage if their buff Snipe is up so they can literally Snipe down targets.

Some explanation for short terms:

  • PR = Phantom Ranger
  • SR = Silver Ranger
  • PK = Player Killing
  • OP = Overpowered
  • CP = Combat Power
  • IMO = In my opinion
  • AW = Abyss Walker
  • TBH = To be honest

Here is an example of a strong PvP at very high end game Abyss walker (Korean Server).

Combat Power and Levels

This game is governed by combat power, also known as CP. Levels aren’t as important compared to the traditional MMO’s that you may have played. Here is a table of how combat power is gained.

Stat CP Gain
P.atk / M.atk 5
P.Atk 2.5
M.Atk 2.5
Crit. Rate 1.5
Crit. Resist 1.5
P.def / M.def 4
P.Def 2
M.Def 2
Evasion 1
Accuracy 1
Ignore P.Def damage
Fixed Damage Decrease
Max HP 2
Max MP 1
Penetration 2
Resilience 2

As you can see, any increase in Physical or Magical attack or defense gives the most combat power per stat. So when you are looking to increase your power, you can’t go wrong improving them.

Gaining Combat Power

Gaining CP is top priority in this game if you want to do well. You will need to balance combat power and leveling. If you level too fast, you will fall behind in combat power and have a hard time fighting monsters similar to your level. So let’s go over all the different ways you can gain CP.

Leveling – Just leveling will increase your CP. You can also check your CP levels compared to the player base to see where you are at. Ideally, you want to be at least equal or 10k above CP to comfortably farm monsters around your level. This will also depend on your class. Having HP Drain substat will also help with leveling and you will not have to rely on health potions. However, it is not a guaranteed substat, especially for F2p players.

Skills – Class passive skills that increases weapon damage will provide CP. Level them as much as you can.

Achievements  Achievements will give you bonus HP, MP, Attack and Defense. This gives additional CP. If you are a DPS class, try to the “Deal over X Damage to one Enemy” achievement. It gives a lot of experience and therefore higher level achievement level = more CP. Go to the first level of Trials of Experience. Collect the attack buff, spam missile bolt and hope for a critical hit. That usually does the trick.

Arena Honor  As you rise in the ranks of PvP arena, you will gain extra stats to hp, mp, attack and defense. It is a good idea to use your daily 30 red gems to reset twice in the arena for extra honor points if you know you can beat your opponents easily.

Titles – Upon completing the objectives of a title requirement, you will gain bonus stats. Each title will grant various stats. They are also categorized to Normal, High-grade, Rare, Heroic and Legendary. You are more likely to get up to rare titles. Heroic and Legendary are much harder to achieve, especially as a F2p player.

Upgrading and Enhancing – Leveling up your gear improves CP. Here is my recommendation for upgrading -> Weapons first, armor second and accessories last. Armor pieces are the easiest to come by, with weapon being second and accessories being the hardest to get. So when you do Temple Guardian, save your varnish boxes for accessory varnishes. You can also pick weapon varnish if you need to level up your weapon quickly.

Soul Crystals – Inserting soul crystals to your equipment will also increase your CP. I only suggest using C or B soul crystals on your regular equipment. Only use the best soul crystals once you have gotten your rare equipment (those items with a blue or red background).

Rune Imprinting – This is one of the easier ways, but also require adena and rune fragments, which can be gotten from the Tower of Insolence. Improve your rune pages when you can, eventually when you hit max level, you will have more rune fragments while consistently needing more adena. Max out each rune page before moving to the next. You can also complete the level 1 runes of the next page since they have higher % chance to succeed.

Monster Core – The easiest way to gain some CP. You can farm monster cores by either fighting the mini boss monster or the minions around it. I suggest doing them while you are questing and farm monsters +/- 5 levels of you. This will give you good drops and also good cores. As for what to focus on first, I suggest the following:

  • Damage Dealers: P/M Attack, P/M Defense, Crit Rate, Penetration
  • Healers and Tanks: P/M Defense, Crit Resist, Max HP, Resilience, P/M Attack

Elixir: Getting herbs in the extraction dungeon and creating elixir gives bonus to Max HP, Max MP, Attack or Defense. Improves your CP overall. I suggest buying the elixir selection box from the clan shop daily and also from the mastery shop if you want to improve your CP consistently.

Pets – Only available after level 50. Pets itself give you more CP as you level them. The good thing is, you can also equip pet items to further increase your CP. As for which pet to pick, I suggest black bear for offensive characters and silver saint for defensive characters. If you want fast movement speed, Kukurin is the best so far. There will be more pets coming out though, so just stick with black bear if you don’t want to spend any money.

Alternate Characters: Each alternate character you have gives you a 0.01% increase in CP per level. I would do this if you want to try out other characters.

Tips For CP

If I were to start all over again, I would focus on these areas in this order for good CP gains.

  • Focus on Passive Skills, Achievements, Upgrading and Enhancing, Elixir, Arena Honor, Rune Imprinting, Soul Crystals, Pets and Monster Core last.

When I was leveling, I was really obsessed with Monster Cores. I would slow down leveling just to farm monster cores in lower level areas. While it is a good way to get more CP, I would not recommend focusing too much on it until you are 50+. The reason is because the drops and adena gains at higher levels are much better and will improve your CP quicker. B and A items start dropping more frequently and you don’t want to sacrifice it just for the sake of farming monster cores.

Adena is extremely important early game. Use it on upgrading equipment and skills is a much better option.

I also suggest combining rares once you get to 90+ levels, where adena gain daily is better and you won’t always run out of adena for basic gear upgrades.

Leveling (Gain Experience)

Gaining levels is the name of the game here. There are many ways you can do to gain levels quickly. I will list all the ways you can do that and recommend certain things to do depending on how much time you have daily.

Tasks to Do

  • Main Quest – You will always have main quests that give experience all the way to max level. Do them as you see fit.
  • Daily – Daily quests are good as they give you auto clear selection boxes after completing 6. Once you complete 12, you will get an A-rank subquest scroll closest to your level.
  • Weekly – These are great experience and you are allowed to do 10 per day. The goal is to at least do 60 a week to get the relic for a chance at some good adena gains and some summoning stones.
  • Clan Daily Quest – The clan daily quests can award potion materials, adena, relics and soulshots.

  • Clan Quests – Try to do the ones that offer fire logs. Those can be used weekly at the Clan Hall to gain bonus experience just standing at the fireplace. This is basically a free experience spot for 30 minutes doing nothing but standing. However, only the clan leader can activate this though.
  • Quest Scrolls – Quest scrolls give bonus experience and adena. This starts to become lucrative past 90+ as your adena gains are great. You can do 5 initially. You can reset the counter by clicking on the scroll and choose reset count. It costs 50, 100 and 150 red gems respectively each time you reset, up to 3 times. If you have spare red gems, this is one of the best ways to gain extra experience and adena.
  • Trials of Experience – A decent way to get experience. I normally do the regular one just for dailies. Do the highest level you can twice a day for more xp.
  • Extraction Pit – You can extract herbs and earn some xp at the same time. If you want more xp, consume an Einhasad’s blessing you get daily for login in for more than 1 hour and get double xp and then go to the field to farm monsters to use up that 1 hour time period.
  • Field Monsters – Field monsters gives mediocre xp, but you can get monster cores, upgrade scrolls, upgrade stones, herbs and equipment. All these are good for progression.
  • Elite Dungeon – Elite dungeon gives 10x experience due to hot time(30 mins). It also gives Proof of Blood, Red Starstones, soul crystals and equipment. Utilize your hot time by killing monsters with “Evil of Blood” tag on top of their name for Proof of Blood as you will need them to contribute to your clan for clan coins.

  • Clan Shop – Contribute as much as you can to your clan. You will want to get the Greater Exp box for 70 coins as it gives you the most experience per coin. You can also get the small exp box, but its more costly. Only get those if you have spare clan coins.
  • Tower of Insolence – You can get decent experience by auto-clearing stages you done before. Climbing the tower also gives great experience if you can beat it.

Partying or Not?

As for leveling, partying will depend on whether you are strong enough to solo. Generally, when it comes to leveling, you want to fight monsters +/- 4 levels above or below you for the best drops and experience gain. However, if you kill slow, then you may have to fight 6-8 levels below you. That is when you start looking for a party to level with. You get better experience and drops (up to 20%).

Leveling for Casual or Hardcore Players

Casual players are defined as those that only have 30 mins to 1 hour a day to play the game. Hardcore players are defined as those that can play more than 4 hours a day and can afk farm. Special thanks to cecaniah for breaking it down. Below are some important quotes from his post:

If you are a casual player, then you will want to follow this.

1. Use an Einhasad’s Blessing and extract any 20 herbs closest to you.
2. Activate 3 Daily Quests (preferably at least B-grade), if any of them are Arena or Equipment based, complete those first if you’re able to, then activate more Daily Quests if you can.
3. Perform your Weekly Quests while your Einhasad’s Blessing is still active (it lasts for 60min). Hopefully you don’t get any field boss ones. Continue till the blessing ends.
4. Head to the hardest Elite dungeon your current CP can handle and begin clearing Elite Quests starting from the hardest one that requires you to defeat 150 of a certain monster. Get into a party sharing the same quest if you can.
5. Activate and fulfill 5 Scroll Quests of the highest grade you have.
6. Clear EXP dungeon twice.
7. Repeat step 2 whenever the timer runs out and collect EXP from Recess rewards when you are free.
8. You are done with Leveling for the day!

For more efficiency, do the following.

1. Everything in Casual while following the below.
2. Instead of doing Elite Quests first, look for a party that wants to level up in a zone where the monster is higher level than your character. Make use of your 30min Hot Time bonus with that party. Clear every Elite Quest you can.
3. Farm field monsters to get at least 5 B-grade Scrolls. Bind lower grade ones as required.
4. Field monsters you target in step 3 should preferably be those with Codex cores you want as well. Get into a party, find a nice spot, and leave your party to farm for some time. Use another Einhasad’s Blessing at your own discretion if you find the EXP gain acceptable.
5. You are done with Leveling for the day!

If you are a hard core player, then:

1. Everything in Efficient while following the below.
2. Ensure your Hot Time leveling party has a healer and/or tank and tackle monsters at least 4 levels higher than you.
3. Farm field monsters to get at least 5 A-grade Scrolls. Bind lower grade ones as required.
4. After completing Scroll Quests, opt to return to Elite Dungeons and repeat step 2 with/without Hot Time.
5. You are done with Leveling for the day!

Farming Adena, Equipment and Items

In any MMO, farming is one of the most important parts of the game. Efficient farming will improve your odds of getting good gear, especially if you are a f2p player in this game.

Let’s first take a look at farming adena. Making adena is one of the key thing you really need to know. Adena is the only resource that determines what you can or cannot do. Since you have a limited amount of adena, you have to prioritize what you use it for. An example is combing for rares. At what point does one start doing it? If you do it early, you will run out of adena to level up your character without struggling. You will need to pump some adena to improve your normal weapon.

Farming Adena List

Here is a list of things you can do in game to earn adena:

  • Login for 40 mins to earn 15k.
  • 12 daily quests for about 5-15k(depends on the quest rarity)
  • Enter elite dungeon, temple guardian and summoning circle for 9k
  • Get 100 activity points doing daily activities for 10k
  • Complete 10 weekly quests for 15-40k (depends on your level)
  • Do 20 weekly quests will grant you 30k in 2 days (15k/day)
  • Clear Adena Vault –  80k or 130k or 190k (depends on difficulty)
  • Tower of Insolence auto clear – 5-15k (depends on your tower level completed)
  • Completing 60 weekly quests will give you a relic that can give additional 100k gold if you are lucky (They nerfed it. Was 500k – 1million back then)
  • Completing sub quests – 5 level 105 A sub quests will net roughly 100k. Resetting it 3 times daily will yield ~400k. Take a look at the table below:
Quest Scroll Region C-Grade RewardsEXP / Adena B-Grade RewardsEXP / Adena A-Grade RewardsEXP / Adena S-Grade RewardsEXP / Adena
Lv. 20 Gludio Highway 4,000 / 900 7,000 / 2,600 9,000 / 5,200 17,000 / 8,600
Lv. 30 Gludio Plains 15,000 / 1,300 25,000 / 3,900 35,000 / 7,700 55,000 / 12,800
Lv. 40 Windawood Manor 18,000 / 1,500 30,000 / 4,500 40,000 / 9,000 70,000 / 15,100
Lv. 50 Wasteland 20,000 / 2,100 35,000 / 6,200 45,000 / 12,500 80,000 / 20,800
Lv. 60 Plain of Dion 22,000 / 2,300 38,000 / 7,000 50,000 / 14,000 83,000 / 23,300
Lv. 75 Cruma Swamp 25,000 / 3,000 40,000 / 8,900 55,000 / 17,800 85,000 / 29,700
Lv. 90 Summit of Dissonance 28,000 / 3,200 45,000 / 9,700 60,000 / 19,200 90,000 / 32,300
Lv. 105 Shrieking Hallows 32,000 / 3,700 55,000 / 11,000 80,000 / 21,900 125,000 / 36,500
Lv. 120 Giran Dominion 100,000 / 23,000 180,000/ ???
Lv. 135 Deathly Fog Shores 80,000 / 13,000 115,000 / 24,000
Lv. 150 Devil’s Isle 55,000 / 4,300 90,000 / 14,000 130,000 / 25,000
Lv. 165 Haunted Necropolis 60,000 / 4,500 100,000 / 15,000 140,000 / 26,000 240,000 / 44,000
Lv. 180 Northwind Plateau 65,000 / 4,700 150,000 / 27,000 260,000 / 46,000
Lv. 200 Eternal Lands

The goal is to earn 300-400k daily at the end game for some consistent flow of adena. At the early stages, you would be doing roughly 100k-200k, which is generally not enough if you are trying to level equipment and also combine for rares. So you will need to give up combining until 90+ (in my opinion). That is when your adena gains are well over 300k daily and combining becomes less expensive.

Getting Gear and Items

Aside from adena, getting relevant gear and items are vital to your success in the game. Here are some things you can do to find the things you need.


This includes weapons, armor and accessories. Armor items are the easiest to come by, followed by weapons and then accessories. Here are some ways you can get equipment to level up your main gear.

  • Elite Dungeon: During hot time, equipment drops often, so you will get a nice influx of items(mostly armor and weapon).
  • Field Mobs: Farming for a few hours on monsters +/- 4 levels of your level will yield you some decent amount of equipment.
  • Temple Guardian: Doing it twice a day will get you some equipment and grade B-S varnishes depending on the difficulty you can do.
  • Main Quest: Gives equipment often.

Getting Upgrade Stones

You use upgrade stones to get your weapon, armor or accessory to the next rarity without losing the stats and bonuses of the current weapon.

  • A to S = 10 upgrade stones
  • S to R = 20 upgrade stones
  • R to SR = 30 upgrade stones

Upgrade stones are valuable and you should only use it on items that you want to SR. I only suggest you use upgrade stones on rare equipment and your main weapon. For leveling, just combine regular equipment to R and keep it there.

To get upgrade stones, you get them from:

  • Daily Dungeon: Up to 4 stones per entry at very hard difficulty. You can reset the dungeon up to 3 times for 12 stones. I suggest resetting 3 times for armor and accessory stones on Thursday and Saturday respectively. Sunday is also a must since you get upgrade stone selection boxes, so you can use it as you see fit.
  • Field Mobs: They can drop upgrade stones, but it is quite rare.
  • Monthly Login: Every login on the 4th day of the week, you will get upgrade stones. So each month, you will get 5 weapon, armor and accessories stones + 5 selection ones.

Maphr’s Protection 

This is an item that is hard to come by. There are a few ways you can get them. I will list them below.

  • Regular Quest: You get some from doing the main quest (5-7, 9-6)
  • Field Monsters: Very rare to get one, but you can get it once in a blue moon. Works well if you can afk farm
  • Enhancing: Failing enhancements will net you some maphr shards. You get 4-6 each failure.
  • Shop: You can get maphr shards (5 for 20 mastery points or 5 for 60 clan coins). 100 maphr shards turns into 1 maphr protection;

Since they are rare, I only suggest you use it on your rare weapon or a weapon that you will use for a long time (such as elite/normal bonus damage weapons) after +13.

Enhancement Scrolls

They are the weapon, armor and accessory scrolls that you need to get your items to +10 or above and therefore more combat power. Armor and Accessory scrolls are quicker to deplete since you need to upgrade 4 armor pieces and 5 accessory pieces.

To farm for the scrolls, you can:

  • Do Daily Dungeon: Weapon -> Monday, Armor -> Wednesday, Accessory -> Friday
  • Field Monsters: Drops it randomly of any level (as long as you are +/- 4 levels of the monsters you are fighting

  • Field Mini Bosses: These are the mini bosses denoted in blue on the monster map. They can drop the all 3 types of scrolls randomly.

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