TWD: Road to Survival Walkers and Humans Battle Guide

TWD: Road to Survival Walkers and Humans Battle Guide

So in this brief guide, I will give you the best strategies to defeat either humans or walkers. Both require different strategies and team setup.

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How to Beat Walkers Easily

TWD Road to Survival Headshot

Against walkers, the key is to stack critical rate. Anytime you “crit” a walker, that is an automatic headshot and death of a walker. So it doesn’t matter how much health the walker has, he/she will die in 1 shot. There are many ways you can do this. I will list all the things you can do to improve that.

1 – Equip weapons that give bonus critical rate. Most 3 star weapons give +15% to +20% critical rate.

2 – Bring characters that does critical damage to 1 enemy.

That means head shot to walkers. Here is a list of 2★, 3★ and 4★ characters that does just that:

  • Georges(Alert) – 2★
  • Timothy(Alert) – 3★
  • Amy(Alert) – 4★
  • Mac(Tough) – 2★

You can also bring characters that deal 200-300% damage to one enemy, but they are not as effective as crit if your characters are low level. At tough maps where the walker has plenty of health, your low level characters won’t do that much damage.

3 – Use a critical rate leader.

Glenn 3★(Strong) gives +8% crit. Holly 3★(Strong) gives +12% crit. Michonne 3★(Fast) gives +16% crit to melee characters. Rick 5★(Alert) gives 24% crit to alert teammates. Andrea 3★(Tough) gives +12 crit to all teammates. With these leaders, you should be able to get about 30-40% crit easily without using the items like “Sharpshooter” or “Nitric Oxide”.

4 – Decide between using an all melee team or all ranged team.

This way you can also customize the items you bring against walkers. I personally like to use ranged(Tough and Alert). The big reason is because you suffer no wall/barricade penalties that limits melee character’s damage output. However, ranged characters can’t take hits from walkers, but you will be fine if you have enough crit. You can also start using bloody t-shirt if things go bad.

5 – Join a faction that has either Rick 5★, Michonne 3★, Glenn 3★, Andrea 3★ to stack critical bonuses. Use them in special missions where you really need high crit rate to get a 3★ or 4★ character. You can also leave and join factions easily, so find one really good faction and stay with them.

6 – Items to bring VS Walkers

Here are the items that will be useful against them:

  • Bloody T-shirts – This is the last ditch attempt to save your characters from getting 1 shotted by strong walkers. You get 3 turns where you don’t get hit. Use it wisely on members that will get hit on the next turn. You can make these in the workshop after level 4? I think. Always bring these against walkers.
  • Grenades – Deals 6o0 damage to 1 side of the screen. Use it in very tough situations where you know you need it to pass the stage. You can get these from the daily missions. It only appears 1 or 2 times a week as a daily mission reward. Use it sparingly on tough walker maps.
  • Sharpshooter – Gives 20% crit to ranged members for 2 turns. This is what you need for very tough walker stages. However, you need level 11 workshop to research this and it costs 21,500 material to make one. A very costly item indeed.
  • Nitric Oxide – Similar to sharpshooter but for melee characters.
  • Sedative Bottle – Reduces a line of enemies attack damage by 50%. Useful against walkers to prevent one character from getting one shotted. I think bloody t-shirts is a better option.
  • Berserk Bottle – Decrease defense by 50% to a line of enemies. Use this if your team has good offensive characters.
  • Dumdum Bullets – Increases ranged attackers damage by 50%. Use this if you have a decent damaging ranged team.
  • Grindstone – Increases melee attackers damage by 50%. Use this if you run an all melee team.

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