Summoners War – Which Monster to 5/6 Star First?

Summoners War – Which Monster to 5/6 Star First?

LevelingSpending CrystalsWho to 5/6 Star
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Nat 4 Crowd ControlRevivers

This is the most asked question I see on Reddit and Summoners War forums. Now I will address this based on certain situations.

A) A New Player Looking To Get His/Her First 5/6 Star Monster

Now if you have been playing for a month or two, then the odds are you are looking to 5 star your very first monster. Who should you 5 star first?

Now that will depend on who you got. 99% of the time you want to raise your “farmer” monster, where they can solo a stage such as Hydeni 5/Tamor Desert 3/Faimon 1/Aiden Forest 1 and take 3 weak monsters with them.

Why choose a farmer monster?

Ramagos Wind

The reason is because you need someone that can level your weaker monsters. It is very efficient to use just 1 strong monster to train your other monsters who are significantly weaker. You will need to raise many monsters in your SW journey. Speeding up that process is vital to your end game progress.

Who can be a farmer?

This would be anyone that can clear any of the mentioned maps above rather quickly. A few examples are:

  • Ramagos(Wind Warbear) – Slow but he is capable of farming Hydeni 5 Hell with Energy x3(Hp%/Hp%/Hp%)
  • Julien(Wind Phantom Thief) – Fast clearing AoE skills. Any decent Fatal or Rage/Blade(Atk%/Crit D%/Atk%) will do the job. He needs to be 6 star though, otherwise he would be too squishy.
  • Lapis(Water Magic Knight) – Given to you after clearing Mt Siz, she will be vital as your first faimon 1 normal farmer. A Fatal or Despair/Blade(Spd/Atk%/Atk%) is good enough for normal/hard. For hell however, you will need very good runes. Check out this video. The user uses Vampire/Revenge(Atk%/Atk%/Atk%).

Obviously there are more but you get the drift. So please 5 star your farmer. All these “who should i 6 star first” questions has a very simple solution. Don’t overthink it.

B) Who to 6 Star First?

Now this will depend on whether you are satisfied with your 5 star farmer. If you have a 5 star monster such as Lapis that can already solo Faimon 1 hard with very good runes, then you can opt to go after your Giants or Dragons B10 team members.

Situation 1: You have Veromos or can fuse him

Veromos Dark

Then he would be your first choice to 6 star. Why? Because he is the solution to all your Giants/Dragons B10/Tower of Ascension problems. His cleanse is immense and will be key to all PvE dungeons except for Necropolis.

Situation 2: You don’t have Veromos

In that case, then you will want to 6 star your 5 star farmer. This will usually allow your farmer to do Hell maps with ease. That also means faster leveling for all your monster training.

Situation 3: You don’t have good 5 or 6 star runes yet

This will probably be a majority of the players at this point. Unless you have had tremendous luck from buying 6 star % runes from the magic shop, the chances are you don’t have any good 5 or 6 star runes. In this case, you will want to 6 star any of the Giants or Dragons B10 team members. That includes the following:

Giants B10: Belladeon, Shannon, Bernard, Veromos, Darion, Acasis etc.

Dragons B10: Ahman, Belladeon, Veromos, Mikene, Sigmarius, Verdehile etc.

As you can already tell, Belladeon will be a good choice since she is often used in both setups.

Situation 4: You insist on 6 starring your favorite monster

You probably have a favorite monster that you like regardless of what people say. You can go ahead and 6 star anyone you like. Who cares right? It is for your own enjoyment. So you don’t have to follow my advice at all. Do what you like.


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