How to Earn Ninja Pearls [Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Blazing]

How to Earn Ninja Pearls [Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Blazing]

Ready to learn how to earn Ninja Pearls in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Blazing? Well we have you covered in this guide that will teach you some of the best methods to acquire those sweet ninja pearls and get you summoning up some really awesome Ninja’s for your team.

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There are several ways to earn Ninja Pearls in Naruto Shippuden. We’ll start off with the best method first so you can jump back into the game and quickly start farming!


  • Multiplayer
  • Story Mode
  • Daily Login
  • Paying

The best Ninja Pearl farming method!

The hands down best method to obtaining Ninja pearls is to play multiplayer. I know you might be like me, and not want to deal with other players but in this case it is totally worth it.

naruto Shippuden multiplayer

The way the multiplayer is currently set up, you can earn up to 100 ┬áNinja Pearls for playing with other players. It doesn’t matter what level difficulty the mission is on, the only thing that matter is that you’re grouping with new players each time.

  • You earn 2 pearls per player in multiplayer. For a total of 4 pearls per mission for the first 10 new players you play with.
  • For the next 90 players you play with, you will earn 1 pearl per player for a total of 90 pearls.

Just remember your multiplayer etiquette. Preset your characters, you can only take in the first set of characters. Your primary and your 1st buddy. Use your strongest characters to make the clear time quick.

Be present when you join a multiplayer game, it takes turns from player 1 to player 3, no one wants to wait on someones turn. use your jutsu technique to one shot the boss.

Story Mode

The next method of earning Ninja Pearls comes through just playing through the story. You will gain pearls for each of the chapters you complete in the story line for a total of 40 pearls for completing the story line on normal, and another 40 pearls for recompleting the story line on hard mode at the moment.

Daily Logins

Last but not least the no brainer method of earning Pearls is by logging in daily, and eventually you will be rewarded with some ninja pearls. So keep up with your logins to make sure you unlock these rewards over time.

Paying for Ninja Pearls

Once you’ve exhausted the other methods, until they add in some new way or refresh the current ways of gaining pearls you will have to consider purchasing them from the store. All of the options for pearls are just not worth it.

ninja pearls

If you really want to purchase pearls I recommend you go with the 30 pearl or the 90 pearl purchase. Both are costly but they sit as the best options between all the others.

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