Top 10 PC Games Like League of Legends – Best Moba Games

Top 10 PC Games Like League of Legends – Best Moba Games

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If you are looking for other top games that are quite similar to League of Legends, you are in the right place! I have compiled some of the highly rated Moba games for you to choose from!

1) Heroes of the Storm

If you have played any of the Blizzard games, you know that they put a lot of thought and effort to their games. Heroes of the Storm is no exception. The gameplay is slightly different. There is no creep score like League of Legends. Farming is not really important here. However, getting objectives and objective control is a huge factor in the game.

You also get to choose all the different heroes from all the alternate universe of Blizzard’s games. Heroes like Diablo himself, Illidan from Warcraft 3, Nova from Starcraft and Archangel Tyreal from Diablo 2 are some examples. It is a very team oriented game and requires good coordination to win the game.

2) Dota 2

Valve has turned the original Dota into a better version. Dota 2 carries on all the features of the original Dota with improved graphics and gameplay. The heroes are all very complex and there is a lot of counter play to any given hero. I would say Dota 2 can grow just as big as League of Legends, but it will take a few more years to get to that level.

3) AirMech

AirMech combines team game play with a variety of tanks, mechs and air planes. Unlike the 5v5 team battles, you get the short 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 fights. The games are also shorter in general than League of Legends, averaging about 15-30 minutes.

If you are a big fan of Starcraft and Battle Tanks, this is game will really appeal to you. Your Airmech can also transform between flying support or ground battle unit.

4) Cronix Online

Cronix Online focuses purely on the PvP side and objective control. No farming is involved and you can also customize your own character. There is no choosing of a hero or champion. That makes it quite unique. It also uses a third camera view so you get to see a great view of the battlefield.

You can play some shirt 3v3 matches or the longer and more strategic 5v5 or 7v7 games. The only thing I feel is lacking would be the english translations as this is made by a Korean developer.

5) Smite

Smite is a very 3D based Moba. The most unique thing about Smite is that the you get a third person view of the battlefield, so meaning you can sneak up behind your enemies without them noticing. All abilities are skill shots and it requires you have good reflexes and skills to hit anything.

There is farming in this game, which is similar to LoL and Dota. You also do get a variety of champions to choose from.

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