The Walking Dead: Road To Survival Guide[Tips and Strategy]

The Walking Dead: Road To Survival Guide[Tips and Strategy]

This is a beginners guide for The Walking Dead: Road to Survival. We will be providing tips and tricks to help you be better at this game.

This is quite a fun RPG game that resembles some of the popular turn based mobile games such as Summoners War and Brave Frontier. I like it and the combat is quite bloody.

Character List Here | Food/Char Upgrade Guide | Walker/Human Battle Guide

Game Basics

Let’s go over about the basics of the game.

TWD Basic Stuff

Exp Bar(Top Left): Tells you your level and how much experience you need to the next level if you click it.Your region and account code is also shown,

Food: Used for leveling and upgrading your characters. They are also used to craft items and upgrade the material storage.

Material: Used mainly for upgrading and building your town buildings.

Survivors: You get survivors joining you after scenario battles. They are then used in the training grounds to train new characters.

Coins: The real money currency. These can be used to hire better characters, speed up building process and refilling your energy.

World Energy(Red Tank): The world energy is consumed when you battle in scenarios. Each time you level up, the max capacity goes up by 1. The energy refills by 1 every 10 minutes.

Raids(Green Tank): This is the energy for PvP. Each time you raid an opponent’s base, it takes 1 raid energy. They refill by 45 minutes.

Character Types

There are primarily 4 character types. They are:

  1. Strong(Green)
  2. Alert(Red)
  3. Fast(Yellow)
  4. Tough(Blue)

They also follow the weakness circle(you deal bonus damage against favorable types):

  • Tough(Blue) is strong against Alert(Red)
  • Alert(Red) is strong against Strong(Green)
  • Strong(Green)  is strong against Fast(Yellow)
  • Fast(Yellow) is strong against Tough(Blue)

Characters have a grade of 1★ to 5★. Higher grade characters will have better stats and better leader skills. You can try your hand at getting rare 3★ to 5★ characters by recruiting them with coins. The recruit rate of 4★/5★ characters are very low though.

Weapon Types

TWD Weapons

There are melee and ranged weapons. Depending on the character type, it defines which weapon they can carry.

  1. Fast(Yellow) characters can carry blunt melee weapons such as hammers, wrenches and crowbars.
  2. Strong(Green) characters can carry sharp melee weapons like knives, katanas and shovels.
  3. Alert(Red) characters carry ranged pistols.
  4. Tough(Blue) characters carry ranged rifles.

Pistols and rifles are great against walkers during battle that are far away or are protected by walls or barricades. Melee weapons can get blocked when walkers are behind barricades and walls. Each weapon also gives bonus stats to the character. Weapons ranged from 1★ to 5★.

Battle Basics

TWD Battle

You will be fighting either against other humans or walkers.

Against Humans

Humans will be able to attack you after your first turn is over. Use the type advantage here to deal bonus damage.

Against Walkers

You will always be surrounded against walkers. Since walkers have to be in melee range to attack your characters, you will want to kill them off before they get to you. There will be barricades that will make your melee character’s attack get blocked. It is always wise to bring at least 2 ranged characters. Normally, you will have 2 turns to take down the walkers closest to you.

Adrenaline Rush

TWD Character Stat

This is your characters special attack. You can use them once your yellow attack bar fills up in battle.

There are different types of adrenaline rushes:

  1. Healing Type – Could be team heals or single target heal
  2. Damage Type – Either strong single target damage or area of effect damage
  3. Status Effect Type – Does damage and inflicts status effects

For getting through tough scenarios, you will want at least 1 healer. For auto play and farming, you can just field all damage characters since you would run easier scenarios where you won’t die. You can also use faction members in regular battles after you have joined a faction at level 6.


TWD Raid

Raids are PvP battles against other players. You fight in a 5v5 battle which you can choose who to raid. At the start, just choose to fight people that have the most material and food. Since searching for opponents costs food(increases as you level up) each refresh, make sure to also target people with a at least 2000 food. You can also get tokens and rare prizes by ranking in the top 200.

If you don’t want to waste food, you can always get a new opponent in 5 minutes.

Home Base and Buildings

TWD Home Base

Another interesting aspect of the game is the resource and building management. You have your own town hall and buildings that needs to be upgraded in order to progress in the game. Here are the basic buildings you need:

Town Hall – Located at the left side, it allows you to build more new buildings and upgrade at the same time. It also unlocks new areas.

Farm – Generates food for you. Upgrade it to increase food generation rate.

Material Post – Generates material for you. Upgrade it to increase material generation rate.

Farm Storage – Increase your food capacity.

Material Storage – Increase your material capacity.

Workshop – Allows you to craft items for use during battle. You can research new items when you upgrade the workshop.

House – This stores all survivors you get from scenario battles. Upgrade it to increase the max capacity.

Training Ground – This will train uncommon characters for you. Upgrading it will allow you to research different types of characters you can train. Creating a character costs 5 survivors.

General Tips and Tricks

  1. Keep your 3★ or higher rare monsters. Level them to max level and upgrade them if you have the items for it.
  2. Using the same persona(Soldier, Rebel, Peacekeeper Hunter and Citizen) character to level up your main character will give them a small chance to level up their adrenaline rush skill as well. Those same persona characters will have their name highlighted to notify you that they are the same type.
  3. Always raid for extra food and materials whenever it is up. It takes only a few minutes to use up your raid energy.
  4. Scenario maps drops the required items and gears to upgrade your characters. Make sure to keep a few of each because you will need them.
  5. You can equip better weapons by tapping the default weapon they have and switching them to something better than a 1★ weapon.
  6. Upgrade your food and material production buildings to increase resource generation rate.
  7. Your house will fill up fast when doing scenario battles, so try to train new characters to ensure you have enough space for new ones to come in. Training a character costs 1600 food, 1 work glove plus 5 survivors each.
  8. Eventually, you will need to craft items to help you in battle. Scenario maps will get harder and items will help sustain your team or make the walkers/enemies weaker. The drops will be mentioned in the tooltip in the game, so always train in those areas for the best chance to get the items you need.
  9. Always check the “Enemies” and “Challenges” in the battle menu before heading to a scenario battle. It will tell you what kind of enemies you are facing and you can edit your team accordingly.
  10. A good team for the scenario is a mix of healers, strong attackers and at least 1 ranged character.
  11. Raiding is the fastest way to gain resources.
  12. Selling unwanted items is a good way to get emergency food or material.
  13. You can choose to defend instead of attacking by clicking on the character and swiping to the right during battle.


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