Ultimate Ninja Blazing Re-roll Guide [Naruto Shippuden]

Ultimate Ninja Blazing Re-roll Guide [Naruto Shippuden]

For those that just started the game and got some pulls but are not happy with it, we will give you a rough guide on re-rolling.

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What is a Re-roll?

Re-rolling allows you to get characters that belong to the top tier list. Sometimes, you might not be able to pull the desired characters you are looking for, so re-rolling will give you a second chance at that. A general re-roll will take roughly 15 minutes as you need to accumulate 30 pearls to get your 1st batch of multi summons.

Steps to Re-roll

The whole process is really simple. Follow these steps to re-roll.

Step 1: Complete the Tutorial 1 (Captain Exams)

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Blazing Tutorial

Step 2: Complete Tutorial 2 to Get Gifts

Once you have completed both tutorial 1 and 2(enhance and awaken tutorial), you should have 25 pearls.

Now, your goal is to get the remaining 5 pearls, which is easily achievable with multiplayer. To do that, head to story mission and start the graduation exam.

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Blazing Pre Battle Options

Make sure to select “Gather Friends” and start the mission. The biggest reason for this is because you get “First Time Bonus” pearls for teaming up with other new players. For each new player you team up with, you gain bonus Ninja Pearls. Keep in mind that you can only do that 100 times before you it stops giving you pearls.

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