Egg Inc Guide [Tips and Tricks]

Egg Inc Guide [Tips and Tricks]

Egg Inc is here and its an eggcellent time to check out our Egg Inc guide for some tips and tricks to help you get your egg farming game up and running. Its egg farming time mother cluckers, don’t yolk it up!

Egg Inc is an interesting game that is partial tapper, and resource management over time. Starting out the game might be a bit confusing but the first thing you want to go is hold down the chicken button until you run out of hatchlings.

egg inc order

Suggested starting Skill trees

The trees can be a bit confusing, so we’ll attempt to clear up the first two tiers to give you an idea of which trees you want to start with each time you begin a farm with a fresh skill tree.

Tier 1

Comfortable Nests Increase Egg laying rate by 10%
Nutritional Supplements Increase Egg Value By 25%
Better Incubators Hatcher will refill 10% faster
Excitable Chickens 0.1% Egg value bonus for each chicken

egg inc skills

Starting off you want to Focus on ¬†Comfortable Nest or Nutritional Supplements. Both of these skills increase the overall money output from your farm. There is no point to put money in to Better Incubators until you need points to advance to the next skill tree. Excitable Chickens is “ok” if you have the Epic Clucking or Epic Multiplier perks later on.

Tier 2

Hen House Remodel Increase capacity of all habs by 5%
Internal Hatcheries Each hen house adds 2 additional chickens
Padded Packaging Increases earnings per egg by 25%
Hatchery Expansion Increases hatchery capacity by 10
Bigger Eggs Doubles egg value

In tier 2 you will want to focus on Padded Packaging and Bigger Eggs to increase your income. If you didn’t max out Tier 1, the next best option from tier 2 is Hen house or Hatchery Expansion as these will allow you to put more chickens into your buildings. Internal Hatcheries is good if you plan to be away from the game for awhile as it will slowly add chickens while you’re away.

One thing to keep in mind as you go through the other tiers, it requires you to spend points before the trees unlock. This doesn’t mean you have to go through each individual skill tree, it is a collective pool of points spent.

So I typically recommend skipping most of the tier 3 skill tree initially and focusing on maxing out the 1st, 2nd and 4th skill tree, unless you need the points to reach the 5th skill tree. The only thing worth grabbing right away is increase in fleet size to add a truck, and internal hatchery upgrade.

egg inc epic skills

That should give you a good idea of how to use the normal skill trees. In the¬†epic skill tree it’s more of what fits your play style. I am personally a fan of Hold to Hatch which increases how many chickens come out each second you hold the button and the lab upgrade for reduced research rates.

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