Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Count Dooku Review

Count Dooku

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Count Dooku is an anti-Jedi character designed to disable Jedi teams. His quick counter style devastates Jedis. Let’s take a look what else he offers to your team.

Type: Sith, Support

Side: Dark

Synergy: Anti-Jedi, Counter, Stun, Evasion, Ability Block

How to Get[Shards]: Data Cards, Dark Side 1-C, Light Side 1-C, Cantina 6G

Pros Cons
Fastest character in the game at this time at 155 speed No AoE damage skill
Always deals damage before going down Limited shard farming daily(average 2 shards a day)
He can move twice in 1 turn Low armor and resistance
Good disabler with stun
Good evasion leadership skill and high potency
Deals physical and special damage

Skills and Abilities

Note: All skill descriptions are based at max level. The bracket denotes the level required to upgrade that skill.

Basic Ability: Hindering Press – Deal Physical damage to target enemy with a 50% chance to attack again. If the target is a Jedi, these attacks have a 35% chance to Stun for 1 turn and a 35% chance to inflict Ability Block for 1 turn.

  • LvL 2: +15% Ability Block Chance(16)
  • LvL 3: +10% Multi-Attack Chance(26)
  • LvL 4: +5% Damage(36)
  • LvL 5: +10% Multi-Attack Chance(46)
  • LvL 6: +15% Stun Chance(56)
  • LvL 7: +10% Multi-Attack Chance(66)

Special Ability: Force Lightning – Deal Special damage to target enemy with a 40% chance to Stun for 1 turn, and a 40% chance to stun a random target. The chance of Stun on the primary target is increased to 90% if the primary target is a Jedi. (3 Turn CD)

  • LvL 2: +5% Damage(18)
  • LvL 3: +15% Stun Chance(28)
  • LvL 4: +5% Damage(38)
  • LvL 5: +15% Chance to Stun random target(48)
  • LvL 6: +5% Damage(58)
  • LvL 7: +5% Damage(68)

Unique Ability: Flawless Riposte – Count Dooku has a 100% Counter Chance. In addition, he deals 15% more damage and has a 25% chance to gain 45% Turn Meter whenever he attacks outside of his turn.

  • LvL 2: +25% chance to gain Turn Meter whenever he attacks outside his turn.(22)
  • LvL 3: +5% Turn Meter Gain(32)
  • LvL 4: +10% Turn Meter Gain(42)
  • LvL 5: +15% Damage whenever he attacks outside his turn.(52)
  • LvL 6: +5% Turn Meter Gain(62)
  • LvL 7: +5% Turn Meter Gain(72)

Leadership Skill: Master Tactician – All allies gain 15% Evasion and gain Offense Up for 1 turn whenever they evade.

  • LvL 2: +1.5% Evasion(20)
  • LvL 3: Add Offense Up for 1 Turn on Evade(30)
  • LvL 4: +1.5% Evasion(40)
  • LvL 5: +1.5% Evasion(50)
  • LvL 6: +4% Evasion(60)
  • LvL 7: +1.5% Evasion(70)

Stat Growth/Increase Per Level Table

Star Grade 1★ 2★ 3★ 4★ 5★ 6★ 7★
Strength N/A N/A 2.7 3.4 4.1 4.8  5.5
Agility  N/A N/A 3.6 4.6 5.5 6.4  7.3
Intelligence  N/A N/A 2.7 3.4 4.1 4.8 5.5

Base and Max Stats

Stat Base Max
STR 16  497
AGI 24  837
INT 19  570
Health 441  10899
Speed 100 161
Physical Damage 53  1384
Physical Critical 9  381
Armor 3 134
Armor Penetration 0 55
Dodge 0 0
Special Damage 45  1746
Special Critical Rate 0  10
Resist 1 74
Resist Penetration 0  10
Deflect Rating 0 0
Critical Damage 150% 150%
Potency 0 220%
Tenacity 15% 47%
Hp Steal 0 0


Count Dooku is a pretty OP character in my opinion. He is able to deal damage whenever he is attacked(unless disabled). This means he will never be useless in a team fight. He is able to stun/disable character with ease, especially Jedis. Running a Jedi team is risky against a very high level Count Dooku. He will be a tough nut to crack especially with good evasion and a strong healer on the opposing team.

When he goes on a rampage and moves twice in a turn, he deals a lot of damage over time since he is very speedy as well. He would be a good addition to any squad that needs and offensive character.

The only downside is that you are only able to farm an average of 2 shards a day, making it very hard to 7 star him.

Note: He is now available in Squad Cantina 6G!


[usrlist “Campaign Map:4.5” “Arena: 4.5” “Galactic War:4.5”]

Verdict: Upgrade all the way, even if it takes forever.

References: SWGOH


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