Terra Review [Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius]


Max Rarity Skills Future Proof Stats Equipment Trust Master Overall
6 S S S S A S+
Rarity Job Origin Gender Family
3★ – 6★ Magic Warrior FF6 Female Human

Trust Master Rewards – Ultima: Magic damage (2.8x) with ignore SPR (25%) to all enemies

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3★ 4★ 5★ 6★

General Thoughts

Terra is the best when it comes to dealing magic damage and reviving dead allies. She is also a versatile mage. Let’s go over some of the magic skills that she possess.

She is able to learn high level white and black magic. Cura, Firaga means she has AoE heal and AoE fire damage. Raise means she can revive dead allies, which is very common when fighting tough bosses. She also knows Graviga, which is unlocked at 5 stars(level 75), which comes in handy against high health monsters. Dispel is great against self buffing bosses and monsters.

Her limit burst is AoE physical damage, so she adds another damage type and makes her even more versatile. The best magic Ultima is also her trust reward, so its a win win situation for using her until you get her trust to 100%.

Her health isn’t the highest, but is good enough for a mage. But her defense is weaker than knights or any front line tank, which is to be expected. The only thing that I feel she lacks is other elemental damage such as Blizzaga/Thundaga, which you can equip via Trust Rewards or an Esper.

Her armor selection is bad, as she can only wear clothes and hat. The saving grace is that she can equip a shield. Aside from these minor disadvantages, Terra is a magical powerhouse that you should use if you want to replace Fina.

Verdict: Max her and pair her with Fina for a nice mage team.


LB Drops are crystal drops that fills up your limit burst.

Rarity HP MP ATK DEF MAG SPR Attack Hits Drop Check Exp. Growth Pattern
3★ 1319 74 58 50 68 59 1 6 4
4★ 1702 96 75 65 87 76 1 8 4
5★ 2127 120 94 81 109 95 1 10 4
6★ 2765 156 122 118 141 123 1 12 6

Maximum Stat Increase

3★ 150 25 10 10 14 10
4★ 210 35 14 14 18 14
5★ 240 40 16 16 24 16
6★ 390 65 26 26 34 26


Terra is neutral to all elements and status effects.

Learned Abilities

Min rarity Level Icon Name Effect Hits MP
6★ 47 Ray of Hope Cure all status ailments to all allies 25
6★ 100 Unlock Magic Increase MAG (50%) to caster
Enables the following abilities for 3 turns: Dualcast, Meteor, Chaos Wave
Min rarity Level Icon Name Effect
4★ 45 MAG +10% Increase MAG (10%)
4★ 57 Guardian Mog Remove all status ailments after battle
6★ 1 Livesaver Increase LB gauge fill rate (100%)
Increase MAG (20%)
6★ 19 MP +20% Increase MP (20%)
6★ 62 MAG +20% Increase MAG (20%)
Condition Name Effect Hits MP
Enabled by
Unlock Magic
Chaos Wave Magic damage (1.8x) with ignore SPR (50%) to all enemies 5 35

Magic Abilities

Min rarity Level Icon Name Effect Hits MP
3★ 3 Cure Heal (150 HP, 3x) to one ally 3
3★ 3 Fire Fire magic damage (1.2x) to one enemy 1 3
3★ 6 Poisona Cure poison to one ally 3
3★ 12 Drain Magic damage (0.8x) with HP drain (30%) to one enemy 1 5
3★ 22 Fira Fire magic damage (1.4x) to all enemies 1 9
4★ 22 Dispel Remove all status effects from one enemy 7
4★ 33 Cura Heal (400 HP, 3x) to all allies 7
5★ 43 Firaga Fire magic damage (1.8x) to all enemies 1 20
5★ 49 Raise Revive one KO’d ally (30% HP) 12
5★ 75 Graviga HP damage (75%) to all enemies 20
6★ 27 Dispelga Remove all status effects from all enemies 18
6★ 82 Flare Fire magic damage (2.3x) to one enemy
Decrease water resistance (30%) for 3 turns to one enemy
1 35
6★ 93 Full-Life Revive one KO’d ally (100% HP) 20

Limit Burst

AoE physical damage LB means Terra has both magic and physical AoE damage.

Rarity Name Effect Hits Cost
3★ Riot Blade Base Physical damage (2.1x) to all enemies 3 10
Max Physical damage (2.55x) to all enemies
4★ Magic Flash Base Physical damage (2.3x) to all enemies 6 12
Max Physical damage (3x) to all enemies
5★ Apocalyptic Blade Base Physical damage (2.5x) to all enemies 9 14
Max Physical damage (3.45x) to all enemies
6★ Apocalyptic Blade Base Physical damage (2.7x) to all enemies 11 16
Max Physical damage (3.9x) to all enemies


Terra’s weapon selection is okay, but lacks defensive options with only light shield, hat and robe.

Weapons Armors
Short SwordSwordStaff1Rod1Gun  AccessoryLight ShieldHatClothes 
Rarity Ability Slots Affinity
3★ 3 White Magic Lvl 5, Black Magic Lvl 6,
4★ 4 White Magic Lvl 6, Black Magic Lvl 7,
5★ 4 White Magic Lvl 7, Black Magic Lvl 8,
6★ 4 White Magic Lvl 8, Black Magic Lvl 8,

Awakening Materials

Do Awakening Materials – ADV for Esper’s Tear. Wolfsgang Peak Exploration will also drop the rarer materials if you have a good team to farm there.

Rarity Material 1 Material 2 Material 3 Material 4 Material 5
4★ Pearl of Wisdom (25) Esper Cryst (15) Luminous Horn (10) Farplane Dew (5) Sacred Crystal (5)
5★ Luminous Horn (20) Farplane Dew (10) Sacred Crystal (10) Esper’s Tear (5) Holy Crystal (5)
6★ Rainbow Bloom (20) Fairies’ Writ (10) Calamity Writ (10) Prismatic Horn (5) Divine Crystal (5)


A woman who appears in tales from another world, where she played a role in the great conflict between humankind and espers. She was born possessing magic; the child of a union between an esper and a human woman. After being controlled by the Gestahlian Empire for most of her life, she finds herself nearly robbed of emotion. She tries to serve as a bridge between espers and human, but cannot quell the anxiety she feels at being unable to understand the “love” that other people experience. Only after the world is destroyed and it falls to her to care for the orphans left behind destruction does she begin to understand what love is.