Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Guide: Tips and Tricks [KHUX]

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Guide: Tips and Tricks [KHUX]

Finally, we get a Kingdom HeartsĀ game on mobile! KH Unchained X is a great version for the mobile for those that don’t like to play on consoles. Below is a brief guide to help you progress in the game based on my own experience.

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Know the Basics

The mechanics of the game is pretty simple. Tap to hit a single target enemy. Swipe the screen to attack multiple enemies. Know the strength and weaknesses of each card. It goes like this:

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Element Strength and Weakness

Power > Speed > Magic > Power

Some missions will have more of each type, so adjust your medals accordingly to do the most damage possible.

Pick Up Sparkly Glitter!

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Items Sparkly

The glittery sparkles are items that are used to upgrade keyblades. If you want to hold more medals and make your attacks stronger, you need as many materials as you can find. If you want to find the materials for a specific keyblade, you should check out this wonderful spreadsheet.

Complete Objectives

Each mission will have 3 objectives. Completing them unlocks prizes and items. Here are the types of objectives you will get:

  • Defeat all enemies in 1 turn
  • Inflict X damage with X hit
  • Collect X lux
  • Use special attacks
  • Defeat X enemies

I have compiled the mission list so you can check what items each mission drops here.

Most are pretty easy to do, but defeating all enemies in 1 turn can be tough, especially in 100+ missions and you don’t have the right medals to do that. To defeat enemies in 1 turn, you want to do the following to increase your chances:

  • Charge up your special attack bar prior to doing a mission. You can do that by doing an easy mission. Charge the special bar to 9 and start doing the mission you want.
  • Use a powerful friend’s medal. This will make your life so much easier.
  • Upgrade your keyblade to hold more medals.

Login Daily for Jewels

For hardcore Kingdom Hearts players, this should be a no brainer. Each consecutive login will give you more jewels. For casual players though, this is a good reminder to play it once a day.

Daily Special Quests

In order to upgrade your medals and keyblades, you are going to need to grind the special daily quests. Here are the things you need to know (for Global):


  • Olympia upgrade materials


  • Power dailies
  • Treasure Trove upgrade materials


  • Magic dailies
  • Three Wishes upgrade materials


  • Speed dailies
  • Lady Luck upgrade materials


  • 1-3 star evolution medals
  • Starlight upgrade materials


  • 4-5 star evolution medals
  • Mythril dailies


  • Munny quest (random spawn for 1/2 hour)

Have questions? Ask on the forums!

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