Mobile Strike Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategy for Beginners

Mobile Strike Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategy for Beginners

Mobile Strike Guide

Mobile Strike is the latest game to come out in November 2015 and has created quite a buzz. The game is quite similar to Game of War but has a military theme. They even got Arnold Schwarzenegger to be in their commercial. There is a lot of base management in this game and for those that like this genre combined with military and war, then Mobile Strike is something you want to play. Below is a general guide to help you progress in the game.

Mobile Strike Menu

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Buildings and Resources

Below are the main buildings that you can build in the game. I suggest you have at least 3 of each resource building at the beginning of the game and expand as you get more spots.

Bank – Banks generate Coins for your base and increase its coin capacity. Higher level Banks produce more Coin.

Hospital – This buildings heal your wounded troops that defend your base.. Upgrading the Hospital increases the number of troops you may treat. Multiple Hospitals can be built.

Farm – Build Farms to provide Food for your base. It also increases its food capacity and generates more food at higher levels.

Oil Well – Build Oil Wells to provide Oil for your base. It also increases its oil capacity and generates more oil at higher levels.

Quarry – Build Quarries to provide Stone for your base. It also increases its stone capacity and generates more stone at higher levels.

Iron Mine – Build Iron Mines to provide Iron for your Troops, infrastructure and R & D. It also increases its iron capacity and generates more iron at higher levels.

Radar Station – This building warns you of all incoming Operations targeting your base and its outposts. This includes trades, attacks, reinforcements and scouts.

Armory – The Armory enables you to Manufacture Equipment for your Commander. It also allows you to combine Mods and Materials to improve their quality. Additionally, when you finish Manufacturing a piece of Equipment, your Commander is Awarded XP. Keep upgrading your Armory.

Traps – Traps defend your Base against attackers. Build Traps around the Wall to improve your bases’s defenses. You may upgrade your Wall to increase its Trap capacity.

Training Grounds – Troops consume Food. Training Grounds allow you to keep and also train your troops. Upgrade it to increase troop capacity.

Research Facility – Upgrading your research facility speeds up research and enables access to new improvements for your base. It is an essential building to have in the game. Complete research is applied to your entire base and also a substantial increase in power. There are 4 research trees you can explore – Economics, Combat, Traps and Commander. I suggest researching Economic tree first to speed up your building construction time.

General Tips and Tricks

Gold and VIP

Joining and alliance gives you 500 gold.


Always complete any missions by heading over to the mission screen. It will have a selection of missions that you can do, so pick the one with the best reward that you can complete. At the beginning of the game, most of the missions will be building related, so they will be fairly easy to complete.

Always Complete Your Dailies!

This also includes the VIP and Alliance missions. Resources and commander experience will be awarded with some simple tasks.

Have Your Alliance Team Meets Help You Speed Up Building Time

You can request your alliance members to help you speed up your building time. Always do that to get your buildings quicker.

Supply Crates

Always collect supply crates whenever its available by clicking on the bottom left corner of the screen.

Shooting Gallery

Every day, you get a free ammo to shoot a “target” and get free items. Do it daily!

Bonus: 50k Power in Minutes!

Check out this video by Wolfguys7 who shows you how to attain 50k power quickly. This tip works in Game of War- Fire Age and it will work in this game as well.

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