Sasuke Uchiha [Lone Survivor] Review – Ultimate Ninja Blazing

Sasuke Uchiha [Lone Survivor] Review – Ultimate Ninja Blazing
 sasuke-uchiha-lone-survivor-5-star  sasuke-uchiha-lone-survivor-6-star
5 Star 6 Star Awakened

Rating: 8.5/10

Pros Cons
Can counter enemies when being attacked Short range means less support attacks
High attack power Secret jutsu isn't as useful in short missions
Low chakra cost for a strong 2.2x multiplier AoE attack Hard to level up ability
High health
One of the limit-breakable characters up to level 150



Uchiha Sasuke “Lone Survivor” is a great skill character you can acquire for your party. His ninjutsu is one of the best AoE attacks (1.8x Multiplier). It comes at a cheap chakra cost of 4 when he is 6★. That means you can opt to spam the AoE over his secret jutsu, which is a 50% attack boost for 10 turns. However, it isn’t too useful as most battles end before you get to utilize the 50% attack bonus.

He can also counter a lot, meaning he actually deals good damage in exchange for having a short range. You can isolate him away from your teammates and he can deal damage on his own without needing a partner. A fitting skill set for an individualistic character in the anime.

As a buddy, he can provide 20% to 25% less damage from status effects. Right now, slip damage isn’t worthy of using, so this buddy skill isn’t as useful as something like reduce Bravery damage. His abilities are good, with bonus to critical, attack and slip damage. He can also learn the substitution jutsu.

Verdict: If you are a big fan of short range attackers, he will be the character you want on your team.


Max Rarity Attribute Range
6★  Skill Short
Rarity 5★ 6★
Cost  29  48
Level Lv 1 Lv 70 Lv 100 Lv 150 (Limit Break) 
HP  728  N/A  1456 2620
ATK  742  N/A  1484 2314
Luck 0 N/A N/A  N/A


Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu – 1.8x ATK in SKL damage to enemy(ies). 35% Chance of poisoning the enemy(ies) for 5 turns.

Rarity 5★ 6★
Chakra Cost   5  4

Secret Ninjutsu (Only Available to 6★)

Sharingan – Boosts own ATK by 50% for 10 turns.

Rarity 6★
Chakra Cost   8


Field skills provide bonuses when you are near the range of the character in combat. Buddy skill is applied when he/she is paired with the main attacker.

Rarity Field Skill
5★  23% – 46% Chance to counter-attack enemies.
6★  25% – 50% Chance to counter-attack enemies.
Rarity Buddy Skill
5★  Reduces damage from status effects by 20% (Excluding ninjutsu attacks).
6★  Reduces damage from status effects by 25% (Excluding ninjutsu attacks).


1. Combination Critical Rate Boost  Boosts Critical rate during combinations.
2. Slip Damage Rate Boost Boosts rate of Slip damage.
3. Critical Rate Boost Boosts Critical rate.
4. Substitution Jutsu Has a chance of dodging an attack.
5. Combination Attack Boost Boosts attack during combinations.

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