Mu Origin Guide [Tips and Tricks]

Mu Origin Guide [Tips and Tricks]

Welcome to the Mu Origin guide! We will share with you the basics of the game!

Character Selection

Character choice is mostly personal preference, you can go pretty far soloing but if you want to get team synergy with friends or a guild, you will have to put thought into your character before hand, and then the stats later on when it comes to wearing specific pieces of gear. I personally favor the Elf for its ranged abilities and buffs but its up to you, below is a small layout of the character descriptions.

MU Origin Characters

  • The Dark Knights are the embodiment of strength and power. In close combat, they can deliver deadly attacks while taking more damage that would kill any other class. Due to their excellent combat abilities and high number of hit points.
  • The Dark Wizard has an array of offensive spells that can defeat any man or beast in no time. Although powerful, many of these spells require time to find as well as huge amounts of energy to master and large amounts of mana to cast.
  • Elves are an asset to any party as energy elves or as agility elves. Energy elves have “buffing” spells that can increase defense, offense or heal party members. Her summons can turn the tides of battle. Agility elves are amazing ranged fighters and their quick attacks and high flee rates make them excellent tankers.

Maximizing daily EXP

When it comes to grinding out exp in MU Origin you have a few different ways to do it. Either you can let your character run around in a highly populated, and remotely close in level mobs and allow the game to Auto play and farm mobs for you while you do something else or you visit one of the several areas in the game designed to help you gain heaps of exp.

Exp Dungeon

Then there is my personal favorite area to go to every time its available, the Experience Dungeon. You will find this under the dungeon menu, in the Daily Dungeon tab marked EXP. What these are, are mini instances where you can play through and gain a couple million in experience for running a dungeon that might only take as much as 3 minutes.

MU Origin xp

It’s faster if you’re a strongly geared character. You can run the exp dungeon 3 times a day, so it is something you want to hit every time you start up the game as it gives you a major overall experience boost and it’s not very time consuming.


MU Origin arena

You can go to the Arena, which you can find in the systems menu at the top of the screen. In this area you will battle other player’s characters win or lose, you get exp for at least trying out the Arena. so it’s an area to keep in mind if you need just a tad bit of exp to reach the end level to achieve a Rebirth.  

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