Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Port City Lodin Quest [Treasure Box/Chests Location]

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Port City Lodin Quest [Treasure Box/Chests Location]

Port City Lodin Town

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Port City Lodin is the third town you have access to. This city is vital to you acquiring Ifrit and unlocking Ordol Port. There are plenty of chests to open and also quests to do. You will probably miss some if you try to do it yourself.


Serving a vital role as the gateway to the mainland, this lively port town is a major center of trade. Countless vessels arrive from the ports of Lydira and Ordol, unloading rare and exotic goods from distant lands.

Treasure Location | Quest Guide | Shops

Treasure Chest and Key Box Locations

Port City Lodin Treasure Map Locations

Location Item
1  Smelling Salts
2 Bacchus's Wine
3 Hi-Potion
4 Recipe of Leather Whip
5 Shuriken
6 Spark Ring
7 Phoenix Down
8 Gold Needle
9 Body Boost
10 Star Quartz
11 Zeus's Wrath
12 Earth Key 18 (Gold Anklet)
13 Recipe for Small Shield 

Silver Chest [Blue Number]

Location Silver Chest


 Recipe for Silence

FFBE T1 Port City Lodin

Location 1 and 2 – Head into the first room you see and head down the stairs. Check the treasure chest for a Smelling Salts and also check the barrel on the left for a Bacchu’s Wine. The Bacchu’s Wine inflicts berserk status (ATK +50%) on the user. Drink ability required.

FFBE T3 Port City Lodin

Location 3 – Head to the inn, go upstairs and head all the way west for a Hi-Potion.

FFBE T4 Port City Lodin FFBE T4- Port City Lodin FFBE T5 Port City Lodin

Location 4 – Go to the left of the screen to find the secret path. Follow the arrows to find the book shelf for a recipe for Leather Whip, which can be crafted and gives +17 attack and a 5% chance to paralyze.

Location 5 – From the book shelf, go left and up, then right to exit the secret door and head to the weapon seller to see the chest for a a Shuriken(Deals 500 damage to an enemy).

FFBE T6 Port City Lodin

Location 6 – Head to the right of the weapon shop and check behind the barrels of the circled area for a Spark Ring, which gives Def +2 and 5% lightning resistance.

FFBE T7 Port City Lodin

Location 7 – Head into the item shop and check the little secret path on the left for a Phoenix Down. A free revive for your characters in battle!

FFBE T8 Port City Lodin

Location 8 – Head to the room north of the armor shop. Head to the left and pick up a gold needle. It cures petrification, which comes in handy against Lanzelt enemies. Also speak to the NPC in the room to activate “A Knight’s Duty” quest(the reward is a recipe for Copper Cuirass).

FFBE T9 Port City Lodin

Location 9 – Head to room north of the Ability shop. Head to the right of the room for a Body Boost, which temporarily boosts the user’s ATK by 20%. Drink ability required.

FFBE T10 Port City Lodin FFBE T10- Port City Lodin

Location 10 – Check out the path at the center of the map. Follow the red arrow for a sweet Star Quartz.

FFBE T11 Port City Lodin

Location 11 – From the center of the map, look for the treasure chest that is partially visible on the left where you see 2 clothes hanging for a Zeus’s Wrath. It deals 200 lightning damage to one enemy in battle.

FFBE T12 Port City Lodin FFBE T12- Port City Lodin

Location 12 – Look for that tiny spot near the shore on the left. Follow the right arrow in, move up a bit and then down to reach the center for an Earth Key 18, which you can exchange it for a Gold Ankh, which makes your character immune from Petrify, which is very handy for Lanzelt monsters. The safety deposit shop is located in Royal Capital Grandshelt.

FFBE T13 Port City Lodin

Location 13 – Head to the to left corner of the city and go down the stairs to get to the harbor. Check behind the crates at the edge of the area for a recipe for Small Shield, which gives Def+12.

FFBE S1 Port City Lodin

Silver Chest [1] – From location 13, head right and up north to the room. Head to the top right of the room for a locked silver chest, which contains a recipe for silence. You do need a magic key for this.

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