Soul King Guide [Tips and Tricks]

Soul King Guide [Tips and Tricks]

Soul King is here. Prepare yourself with this Soul King Tips and Tricks guide that covers Heroes,  gear enhancement, dungeons and some general game info to maximize your game.

Hero Team Composition and Skills

You start off with the main character Edward, who is a really strong tank character, make sure you hold onto him. Also keep Gloria as it will be awhile before you come across another good healer, and she is a great all around healer. Filling out the rest of your team comp is based on what you have and what you intend to do with it.

Soul King xp

Each Hero has a Elemental type which provides a 30% more damage to enemies of weaker elements and decreased received damage by 10% from weaker elements. You can see the enemy elemental type in the top left, this gives you an idea of which characters attacks you want to use for maximum damage. Light and Dark elements seem to be the stronger vs all elements however. A hero like Esmeralda is amazing early on as a Dark element type with a massive AOE ability.

Hero Skills and Skill Inheritance.

There are a lot of heroes available and you might not max them out but that doesn’t mean they aren’t useful. Pay attention to hero’s passive skills, if there is a skill you like, keep the hero. You can sacrifice Heroes once another Hero of the same class type reaches a promotion level and has a passive skill slot available. Use that to transfer their passive skill to your favorite hero.

If you get duplicates of a Hero you like, use them to raise the level of your Heroes skills. You can raise a Heroes skill level up to level 6.

If you want to look for a certain hero or see their abilities and evolution visit the Hero Codex. This is a really awesome feature in Soul King, it allows you to preview everything about the Hero before you put effort into getting it. You can actually demo the abilities of a hero, find out how to acquire them. Tap on User Rating if you want to find out the communities opinion on the Hero.


During combat you have a Energy and a Mana bar. These max out at 5. You can allow auto play to take over the battle for you but you can still tap abilities when you want. Using a skill raises its cost for the next time you want to use it. A skill that cost 2 mana will raise up to 3 mana for its next cast.

soul king combatIf you want to front load a lot of damage holding onto your energy or mana until the final level of a stage is a great way to use an ability back to back.Keep in mind that each hero shares your energy and mana pool. This is to keep you from using all of their abilities at the same time, so be mindful of this if you need to heal or you might fail the stage.

Gear Enhancement and Gear Sets

You have two ways to enhance your Heroes equipment. You can either enhance its stats through gold which will increase its base stats, as well ass add additional bonuses to the gear. You can further increase the strength of an item by sacrificing items to increase its star level. Don’t waste materials on anything that isn’t a blue or above gear piece or you will spend too much material to make it comparable.

Soul King set bonus

Pay attention to gear set bonuses. You can see the different type of gear and where you can find it on the right side menu in the equipment screen. You only need a few pieces of gear to get the complete set bonus and you can stack bonuses on one hero. Set bonuses range from 2 pieces to 4 pieces equipped.

Do the Special Dungeons

There are 3 different dungeons you can do that allows you to collect evolution material, soul pieces, and a lot of experience points from running the stages. The daily dungeon is where you will pick up a lot of Ku evolution materials and a lot of XP.

Soul King daily dungeonOne of the better ways to acquire new Soul Kings is by going through the Exploration dungeon so you can build up your Soul Pieces. The material dungeon is used for promotion materials, you’ll have to watch the elemental types when going through this dungeon and the Daily Dungeon. The daily dungeon switches elemental types for each day.

Gold Mine and Spirit Well

You gain resources daily from the Spirit Well and Gold mine. These are great because the upgrades are permanent, increasing the daily production and storage.

Soul King spirit wellThe Spirit Well is great as a free player because this allows you to have an income of Diamonds without dropping money on the game.You can collect from these whenever there is a gold coin or diamond icon above the respective location. This doesn’t mean it’s full, just that there is currency available.

General Tips and Tricks

  • Check the Mail and Mission tab to collect gold coins, Heroes and diamonds from completed objectives and missions.
  • Visit the Hall of Heroes to get your daily free Normal, Unique, Rare or Legendary Hero.
  • Look through the Daily, Weekly and Monthly missions for VIP exp quest.
  • Upgrade the Gold Mine, then Spirit well. Don’t forget to collect from these daily!
  • Go after Boss fights whenever they spawn on the map, they have great loot for your heroes.
  • Save Diamonds for the 300 Unique Legendary Hero selection from the Hall of Heroes.
  • Change your Soul King in the Palace and view the different types of leadership bonuses available.
  • Always have some food ordered from the Restaurant so you can maximize the queue time.
  • Try completing the Guide Quest path.
  • Make sure you 3 star clear each over-world map to get extra bonuses.
  • Swap in a free Mercenary unit if you aren’t meeting the required attack power for a stage.
  • Try the Colosseum- Each win gives you Topaz and this is a great way to buy Legendary Heroes.

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