Monster Super League Dungeon Guide [Acquire Starstones and Gems]

Monster Super League Dungeon Guide [Acquire Starstones and Gems]


Experience TableProgressionEvolution/AscensionAstrogem Farming
Tier ListCatch AstromonGold FarmingLeader Skill

In MSL, you have to take on tougher dungeons for various reasons. You various upgrade material to strengthen your astromons and also get better gems to make them even more powerful. As you access the dungeon in the world map, you will have various options as to what to do. Currently, you can do the following:

  • Starstone Dungeon – Getting regular starstones for ascending your astromon.
  • Elemental Starstone Dungeons (Dark/Fire/Water/Wood/Light) – Get your elemental starstones in this map. Changes daily.
  • Gold Dungeon – Accessible daily with 10 levels for you to complete. Each level can only be completed once.
  • Guardian Dungeon – Random astromon dungeons when completing adventure mode. Can also be triggered by friend’s adventure.
  • Golem Dungeon – Get powerful gems
  • Dragon Dungeon – Unreleased

In all the dungeons, there will be 10 floors of various difficulties. As you progress from B1 to B10, you will encounter stronger foes. Each floor as has a different element than the previous floor. You will have to plan accordingly depending on the element you are facing.

Starstone/Elemental Stone

Below is the general data for all floors.

Level Energy Possible Rewards
B1 3 <Low> Starstone/Elemental Stone
B2 3 <Low> Starstone/Elemental Stone
B3 4 <Low><Mid> Starstone/Elemental Stone
B4 4 <Low><Mid> Starstone/Elemental Stone
B5 5 <Low><Mid> Starstone/Elemental Stone

<High> Secret Egg (Rare drop)

B6 5 <Low><Mid> Starstone/Elemental Stone

<High> Secret Egg (Rare drop)

B7 6 <Low><Mid><High> Starstone/Elemental Stone
B8 6 <Low><Mid><High> Starstone/Elemental Stone
B9 7 <Low><Mid><High> Starstone/Elemental Stone

<High> Secret Egg (Rare drop)

B10 7 <Low><Mid><High> Starstone/Elemental Stone

<High> Secret Egg (Rare drop)

Elemental Dungeon Daily Rotation

You are going to need regular starstones and elemental starstones to ascend your astromon above 2★. For the elemental starstones, you have to get them on specific days. They rotate on a daily basis. Below is the data that reflects that.

  • MondayDark Dungeon (Darkstones)
  • TuesdayFire Dungeon (Firestones)
  • WednesdayWater Dungeon (Waterstones)
  • ThursdayWood Dungeon (Woodstones)
  • FridayLight Dungeon (Lightstones)
  • Saturday/Sunday – Special Dungeon (Fire/Water/Wood stones)

As you can see, you get more access to Fire/Water/Wood stones that Light and Dark ones. It makes sense since most people are getting astromons of these 3 elements.

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