Things Video Gamers Can Do To Earn Income Online

Things Video Gamers Can Do To Earn Income Online

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If you are a avid video gamer and you are interested in learning different ways you can earn money online, this post is for you! I will be highlighting a few potential business ventures that you can try and see which one suits you the best. Please keep in mind that this is done in no particular order.

1) YouTube

This is probably the most lucrative option if you are into recording the favorite video games you play. You get paid based on the number of views you are getting. Here is a screenshot of my YouTube channel with just a few random videos.

YouTube Earnings

Obviously it is peanuts and not much, but if you look at the biggest video game channels such as this, you will see what I mean. You will also have to be interested in making video and commentaries for it to work. I do recommend using the following recording tools which I personally use:

AVS and Screen-o-matic comes at a price but its well worth it.

2) Video Game Niche Sites

This is the bread and butter of this site and where most of my money comes from. Once you have it all setup, it is an awesome way to get residual income. If you want more detail, you can check out this post on how I did it. They do take a while to setup and a few hours a month to maintain, but once it gets going, you don’t have to do too much.

3) Streaming on Twitch

Twitch has become a great place for video gamers to make it big time. If there is a game that you enjoy and there is an audience. This guy here makes a lot from streaming, but it is also hard work and dedication. Make no doubt that the money he earned is well worth it. Most of his income is from donations and subscribers. There are also obviously other very popular streamers that make much more.

The bottom line is that it supports him and his current lifestyle and also enjoys what he does.

4) Selling Video Game Guides

If you have a knack for writing killer guides for games, this could be something you want to look into. With self-publishing becoming more common, it is easy to publish your own book via Amazon online. Here is a screenshot of a kindle book I wrote:

Amazon Kindle Royalties Earned

Again, it is not a lot, but that is just from 1 book. Think about the possibilities if you wrote 20 of them.

5) Create a Game of your Own

This will take time and the knowledge to do it. The time investment is huge but it is also very rewarding. True Valhalla does just that. He publishes mobile games and also sells them as well. He does pretty well and is really good at doing it too!

6) Create Your Own App

This can be outsource and you can create a useful app that is going to benefit video gamers. I have developed one and so far it has been decent. I spent $1500 on 1 app and it so far generates roughly $120 per month, which isn’t the best of returns, but then again, I haven’t monetized it super hard. Here is a screenshot:






7) Run Your Own Gaming Blog/Forum

You can run your own gaming blog or forum. This is perhaps the longer term projects that you work on from a month to month basis. Big sites like Appinvasion or GameFaqs all started with the same idea. Providing value for gamers.


There it is! Give these ideas a try and stick to the one you like the most! I personally like running gaming blogs and making YouTube videos. You could venture into them too!

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Adsense-Earnings-April-2014 500x200

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