Bleach Brave Souls Co-Op Battle Guide

Bleach Brave Souls Co-Op Battle Guide

Bleach Brave Souls Co-op Guide

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Welcome to the BBS Co-op battle guide! We will share with you the things you can do to make co-op fun and exciting to play with other players from around the world. There are quite a few things you can do to ensure you complete the quest without everyone dying. Dying means you get no accessories! The other bonus from doing co-op battles is that you get 3 spirit orbs for each new player you are teaming up with.

Play in Strong Wi-fi Connection Area.

If you know you can’t always have stable connection, don’t play it. You will end up disconnecting and screwing the party. It is best to play this at home, where the connection is always strong.

Picking Who To Use

Depending on where you are at the game, I suggest using a healer or fighter or Mayuri based on what the team needs. Otherwise, just go with whoever you are comfortable with. If you are doing level 100 co-op, use your best characters, there is not time for “testing” and screw the entire team.

Taking/Giving Health and Special Orbs

Please save health orbs for members that are low. If you are full health, don’t take it. I know this is common sense, but some people don’t care about it. To sum it up, just leave it alone if you are not in danger of dying.

As for special orbs, save them for status infecting characters or healers. People like Mayuri and Released Szayel. They are boss killers at higher co-ops and are the best units to give special orbs to. Poison is the best at killing high health bosses. It takes about 3 bankai’s of Mayuri’s poison to take out level 100 bosses.

If there isn’t any status dealers, then you might want to give them to healers to ensure they keep your party alive. You can also give them to Genryusai if he is in the party. The burn is actually quite useful, although not as strong as poison.

The last choice would be AoE damage dealers. These are quite common, so just select wisely.

Protect Your Healer

It there is a healer on your team, do your best to tank all the damage. Unless your healer is trying to be rambo and face tank the boss, you should have no problems with this.

When to Heal!

If you are the healer, you need to pay attention to when you use it. You have to manage your cooldown’s effectively. The general rule is to start healing when your teammates are at 60% health or less. Also, don’t heal players that aren’t contributing to the fights. Also, healing reckless players are also not a good way to use your heal. You will need to use your judgement for this one.

Spam Non-Special Skills on Mobs

Use this as you deal more damage over time. Don’t hold on to it like it is gold. It speeds up the run!

Use Communication

Most people won’t use it, but it is always good to use it. Here are the common ones I use:

  • Good Job! – I know most won’t care but having someone use it makes it a more friendly environment. Also, it keeps the mood of everyone up.
  • Please Heal Me – People sometime don’t watch your health bars, so use this if you really need healing. Don’t assume people will know.
  • Danger! – This is to remind people the boss can be tough. Maybe they can let us use more advance commands like Danger! It’s Poison or something.
  • I’m going to use a Special Move – I rarely use this, but if you are fighting tough bosses, its nice to let people know when you want to use it. However, you can use it to chain special the boss.

Bleach Brave Souls Co-op Communcation

Also, you can request people to bring healers in the chat room before the battle.

Soul Links for Co-op

The best soul links for co-op is 3★/5★ Orihime with that hp recovery after each round. If your team doesn’t have any healers, this is the best option to have. You can also let other users have the healing orb.

Solo Co-op

This works if you have 2 or more devices and accounts on the same server. You need a strong character to solo the co-op and then you can bring however many new characters you want. This is more for hardcore players of the game though. Having one account is more than enough for most.

Don’t Let Low Level Players to Tough Rooms

If you are doing a tough map, don’t let low levels in. It will screw you over. It is quite simple. Just don’t!

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