Dawn of Titans Guide [Tips and Tricks]

Dawn of Titans Guide [Tips and Tricks]


Welcome everyone to the Dawn of Titans tips and tricks guide. This guide is going to help explain the mechanics and basics for Dawn of Titans and give a few tips on how to be more efficient through out the game. So hopefully by the end of this you’ll have a better understanding and be more suited to bring down your enemies.


Dawn of Titans

Dawn of Titans is a strategy based game where you control your own army to fight against your enemies forces. Your army consists of different kinds of units and each one is different in their own right.

As from normal units you can summon Titans, massive giants that bring extreme power to your side. Between your troops and Titans you give orders in battle to guide them towards victory.

The main area you’ll be playing through in the game is a small story mode separated into sections. Each section will have a series of battles you go through that further progress the story.

As your progress through the game you’ll unlock more methods of furthering your troops through battle. From getting better units to unlocking spells and Titans.

The battle mechanics are simple and easy to get the hang of. The tutorial does a good job of walking you through how the process.

In battle you control a certain number of units and each unit is their own group. You select their target and they go on an auto path to attack.

While your troops are in battle its your job to turn the course of the fight into your favor. By sending in your Titan or throwing out a few spells to level the field.

You’re basically a strategist leading an army so your biggest tool in Dawn of Titans is your brain. Think out each battle before you go into it and be ready for anything.

Oh, and if you’re not willing to spend the gems you obtain for free by playing the game make sure you spread out your time between fights. Units do not regain health immediately after a battle and sometimes they don’t survive at all.

So you always want to keep an eye on how many troops you have available before jumping into a fight. To get more troops you’re going to be doing some work in the over world.


Your Castle

Outside of waging wars you have the over world screen which essentially is your very own castle. By upgrading your castle you unlock the ability to purchase buildings for your land.

Buildings are your way of getting through the game in the most basic way. You need an Armory to produce troops, Barracks to hold your troops, and so on from there.

To have buildings you need a builders yard which can be purchased and placed on your land. You’ll also have gold mines to produce gold and farms for food.

Managing your castle is all about obtaining resources you’ll need to further expand your army. By strengthening their numbers, their power, and even getting closer to obtaining more Titans to help fight with you.

So as you progress through the story you’ll obtain gold for your efforts. Your gold is used for upgrading your castle and other buildings.

It’s important to upgrade and have everything that you can available to you. It can seem overwhelming at the start but gets easy real quick.

But for any action in this game there is a wait limit. To make units, to construct buildings, to upgrade buildings there is a wait time.

The time differs depending on the situation and can be anywhere from 10 seconds to a full hour. You can always skip the time period by spending a few gems by that’s entirely up to your preference.

Once you’ve got a well managed castle and your buildings upgraded you’ll start focusing on building up your army. Units are where you want to put all your time and focus but obtaining some Titans is something everyone will want to do.


Titans and Magic

As I stated before Titans and Magic are your heavy hitters in this game. At the start you’re given some for free to have a basic understanding of how they work.

Once you’re passed that point you’ll have to get them on your own. Magic is the easiest one to start with.

By playing through the story mode you can unlock spells by leveling up your account. When you hit the specified level you’re able to obtain the spell.

Spells come with little cost so getting them is what makes them the easier of the two. Titans however are where the expenses are.

To obtain Titans you have to buy them from the shop. 4,000 gems for one random Titan.

Now if you’re a free playing the price can seem steep and that’s understandable. Gems aren’t given to you very sparingly but you are given some as you progress through the game.

If you plan to put a little money into it then getting some Titans won’t be much of an issue. It’s all about preference when it comes to drawing Titans so getting new ones or playing with the ones given to you is all about what you’re okay with.


So there you have it the easiest way to understand and play through Dawn of Titans. The game itself isn’t difficult and can actually be pretty engaging once you get deeper into it.

I hope this guide was helpful to some of you and were able to benefit from it. Until next time.


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