Digimon Links Tips and Tricks [Guide]

Digimon Links Tips and Tricks [Guide]


Hello, friends and welcome to the Digimon Links Guide. This guide is designed to help you further yourself in Digimon Links with the mechanics and gameplay and give you some helpful tips.

Digimon Links

Digimon Links is an RPG based on the popular Digimon franchise. In the game, you get your own farm that you build and expand for your Digimon to live on.

The farm is an area of the game you’ll spend a lot of time on with it being your hub world. In the farm, you can place buildings that allow you to do certain functions for your Digimon like being able to research, increasing your Digimon capacity, or unlocking further ways to train your Digimon.

As you go through the mission mode you’ll unlock more buildings you can put on your farm giving you more access to things you can do with your Digimon. One of the most important things on your farm you can have is the Meat farm you get during the tutorial.

Meat is important because it’s the food your Digimon eat and it helps them level up by feeding it to them. Upgrading your meat farm is a really smart idea whenever you get the chances to because the more you upgrade the more you can hold and harvest.

Outside of the farm, there is the mission mode where you take a team of 3 Digimon you have and fight with them in a turn-based battle system. The battle system is really great and similar to other mainline Digimon games like Digimon World 3 and Cyber Sleuth.

Each Digimon has their own set of attacks, typically one basic than two special attacks they can use. The special attacks take AP so you have to make sure the green bar under your Digimons help has some points in it.

When you’re out of AP just wait for a few turns and it’ll start recovering. The battles can sometimes be a game of patience but a lot of the time they go quickly especially if you’re working with higher level Digimon.

Digimon Digital Monsters

So the big selling point of Digimon Links is the massive amount of Digimon you have access to in the game. You can get so many different kinds to have on your farm and use in battles it can sometimes be hard to pick just three.

To get Digimon there are a few different ways but the most common way is to buy them from the shop. You can do character summons by using Digi Stones which is the in-game currency you obtain through buying with real money or just collecting throughout the game.

Another way you can do Digimon pulls is by using the Link Capture. Link Capture is a form of Digimon summon where you use Link Points instead of Digi Stones.

The difference is Digi Stones can get you any level Digimon completely at random. Link Capture only gets you In-Training Digimon.

When you get an In-Training Digimon you have to put it in the garden and wait for it to be ready to Digivolve which can take time. Or you can use Digi Stones to skip the wait and do it immediately.

The In-Training Digimon will become a Rookie Digimon and from there you can Digivolve it like any other Digimon to whatever Champion you want for them.

With there being so many Digimon in the game it’ll take some time to get some of the better ones. Champions are great as are Ultimates but everyone wants the Mega level Digimon because they are the strongest.

To get Mega’s you need an Ultimate level Digimon and Mega fragments plus other required Digivolving material. You can get the materials through daily quests while Mega Fragments can be got through Advent Missions.

Obtaining a Mega Digimon is a lot of work if you’re doing it through Digivolving. But the work is definitely worth the result because Mega’s are great.

Gameplay Tips

A big tip for Digimon Links is learning the Digimon types for battling. Each Digimon has their own type that goes through a rock, paper, scissors style of play.

All types are weak to and strong against each other so you just gotta figure out which way the wheel goes. Learning this can be really helpful when going into certain fights where you know what the type of Digimon you’ll be facing is.

When it comes to battling a great tactic is holding off on your special attacks until a good opening arises. There are typically three waves in a mission and in each wave three Digimon are going to spawn.

At the last wave, there is usually a sort of boss Digimon with two others and they’re the real heavy hitter. And showing up to them with nothing but a basic attack could be an issue in some of the harder levels.

So having one Digimon that’s very strong on your team and letting them save up their AP is a great idea. When that third wave comes around you can unload your strongest special attack into the boss and take them down in no time.

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