Digimon Links Beginners Leveling Guide

Digimon Links Beginners Leveling Guide


Hello everyone, welcome to the Digimon Links Beginners Leveling Guide. This guide is to help explain the mechanics of leveling in Digimon Links and help understand the best ways to achieve leveling in the best ways.

Digimon Levels

In Digimon Links, every Digimon has levels that determine their growth in the game. Levels are important because they affect a Digimon’s stats which affect their damage, defense, etc.

The first thing to know is the level cap on Digimon is different depending on their current Digivolution level. From Rookie up to Mega the level cap increases the higher you go

And if you awaken a Digimon anywhere from +1 to +4 the level cap also changes with those. The higher the level cap the higher level you can reach and the better stats you can achieve for your Digimon.

Another important thing for leveling is their purpose for Digivolution. In order for any Digimon to Digivolve, they have to be at their max level.

So in order to reach the higher Digivolutions, you have to grind the levels of that Digimon to get them to max┬álevel. Then you’ll be able to Digivolve them to the next stage.

In order to raise levels, you need to gain experience for your Digimon. This can be done in a variety of different ways from feeding them to completing missions.

The amount of experience you get for different tasks all determines on the quantity or difficulty of what you’re doing. Depending on the method, of course, let’s start with the easiest method of leveling first.

Feeding Digimon

In Digimon Links, you have a Meat Farm where you grow meat for you to feed your Digimon. The only purpose that meat has is to raise your Digimon level by feeding them.

This is the easiest and probably most common way to level a Digimon and it takes little to no work. The method is extremely easy all you have to do is first have your Meat Farm built in the tutorial.

Then after that upgrade it a few times so it produces more meat per minute so you’re getting more for your money’s worth. Once you have your Meat Farm producing a nice amount you can go to whatever Digimon you want to level and start feeding them.

Meat has a set amount of experience it gives so at early levels you’ll be able to get levels very easy with very little meat. But once you start getting higher it’s going to take a lot more meat to gain levels so having an upgraded meat farm to produce more is your best way of having a good quantity.

There is also Gourmet Meat you can obtain through Missions and other methods. Gourmet Meat maxes out your Digimon’s level no matter what their stage is, awakening level, or any other factor.

Gourmet Meat is an instant level max and highly valuable. Best these are used on Mega Digimon since they are the most difficult to level up.

Mission Leveling

In Missions, you also gain EXP by completing them which is a common way to level up your Digimon. Every Mission gives its own set EXP amount for completing it so you want to aim for the highest amounts for higher level Digimon.

In Normal Missions, the missions in Area’s 17-19 will give the most EXP out of all the missions being a good place to grind. But you’ll want to have some strong Digimon in order to succeed in the mission.

The best Missions to go on for EXP are the Hard level Advent Missions. These give upwards of 150-200 EXP per run but they are extremely difficult and highly pricy with stamina typically costing around 30.

So grinding through Missions has its perks. You don’t have to use any of your meat to gain levels so you can stock up on that and you can grind the same mission over and over until you reach the level you want.

The downside to mission grinding is the use of stronger Digimon and Stamina. If you don’t have an Ultimate or Mega Digimon then grinding the higher level missions is going to be very difficult.

As for your Stamina that’s the biggest cost and time waster. Every mission costs Stamina and you need a certain amount to play each mission.

Once your Stamina is depleted you’ll have to wait until it’s recharged again and that can take a long time. So there are the perks to Mission grinding but not without its drawbacks.

Digimon Enhancing

Another way you can level your Digimon is through Enhancing. But this can also be a very pricey way of leveling depending on your values in the game.

Enhancing a Digimon is where you pick a Base Digimon, the one you want to level, then add other Digimon to your base one to increase their leveling.

You can add up to 5 Digimon at one time and this gives a pretty good level boost to the base Digimon. However, the Digimon you add to your Base Digimon will be deleted and you will lose them permanently.

So Enhancing is a good way to get levels if you have duplicates of the same Digimon you don’t feel like using. But because of it deleting the Digimon it can be a very risky form of leveling.


Out of all the ways to level the easiest is feeding Meat to your Digimon. In early levels, it can go by fast until you need more amounts once they’re at higher levels.

The little wait time to gain meat isn’t too long and a lot shorter than waiting for a full Stamina bar to refill. So while all methods are viable, Digimon feeding is a bit faster than the others.

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