Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Medal Evolution Guide [KHUX]

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Medal Evolution Guide [KHUX]

KH Unchained X Medal Guide

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This post will give you a brief tutorial on medals. You will get various types of medals throughout the game. Medals range from 1★ to 6★. In order for you to upgrade them, you need to get specific medals.

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Medal Types

  • Exp Medals – Feed them to your main medals for a good amount of experience.
  • Stat Strengthening Medal – Increases your attack or defense.
  • Skill Medal – Medals that contain a skill that can be passed on to your main medals.
  • Cost Reduction Medal – Reduces cost required to equip your main medals.
  • Moogle Medal – Sell these for lots of munny.
  • Rank Up Medals – These are various medals used to upgrade your medals.


Let’s go over how you can upgrade your medals.

Here is the basic rundown:

  • 1★ to 2★ at 20/20, evolved with 1 Cheshire Cat
  • 2★ to 3★ at 30/30, evolved with 2 Merlins
  • 3★ to 4★ at 40/40, evolved with 3 Fairy Godmothers
  • 4★ to 5★ at 60/60, evolved with 2 Yen Sids and 2 Type-Specific Good Fairies (Flora, Fauna, or Merryweather)
  • 5★ to 6★ at 80/80, evolved with 3 Mickeys and 2 Type-Specific Good Fairies  (Flora, Fauna, or Merryweather)

For those that want a visual representation, check out this awesome picture from imgur and khinsder.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Medals

Ability Dots: Leveling Medals

Image Source: Here

These are yellow dots that appear on some player’s medals. If you are new, then yours is most likely all grey dots. To improve the power of your medal, you need to fuse the exact same medal into a medal that has those black empty dots. For example, Sora KH2 version 3★ needs another Sora KH2 version 3★ in order for it to work. Upgrading these is good as it improves your ability multiplier, making you hit harder.

  • 3★ medals – 1 ability slot
  • 4★ medals – 2 ability slot
  • 5★ medals – 3 ability slot
  • 6★ medals – 5 ability slot

Guilt Bonus

For those that want a visual process of upgrading medals, check out this awesome picture by khinsider.

Guilt Guide

The Guilt Range is dependant on RNG. Looking at the symbol below will give you a rough idea of the bonus:

Guilt Range

Rank upgrade materials can be gotten from daily event quest from Friday to Sundays. Have questions? Ask on the forums!

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