Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Avatar Board [Guide] – KHUX

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Avatar Board [Guide] – KHUX
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Be the best dressed in Kingdom Hearts Unchained X(KHUX) by using the Avatar Board Guide. Learn what the Avatar board does, how to use it and how to use it to your advantage in the game with this guide that covers everything about it.

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Where is the Avatar Boards?

You will find the Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Avatar Boards located on the right side of the screen in the drop down Menu.

Kingdom hearts Unlimted X Avatar Board location

What does the Avatar Board do?

The Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Avatar board is a one part accessories and clothing shop for your avatar and one part stat enhancement for your character and keyblade. Most of the items in the Avatar boards you can unlock through Avatar Coins. Avatar Coins are typically earned by completing quest objectives, and then they are used at the Avatar boards either for a clothing item or accessory or just to unlock stat enhancement.

Kingdom hearts Unlimted X Avatar Board cost 2

As you can see from the image above, you work your way from start and go as far into the items skill tree as you want. The avatar coins required for each item is different so be careful with how you spend them and focus on your keyblade capacity and AP first, then the item you’re trying to unlock.

Below is an example of how you might spend your Avatar Coins. I unlocked every important stat, Keyblade Cost x3, Increase Max HP by 20, and 2 of the 3 pieces of this outfit. However completely unlocking a board could grant you a title.

Kingdom hearts Unlimted X Avatar Board cost 3

Why should I use the Avatar Board?

Besides getting cool or cute clothing for your male or female character, the stats provided by the Avatar board is needed for a few reasons. One being that you need AP to clear stages, and this is one of the ways to boost that stat. The other  primary reason being that your Keyblade has a capacity limit. The capacity limit of a keyblade is a number that raises due to the cost of the Medals put inside of the keyblade.

Kingdom hearts Unchained X Keyblade Capacity

If you go over the Keyblade capacity limit, you will not be allowed to equip the Medals. Thankfully you won’t run into this issue usually until you reach the 3rd or 4th Keyblade Medal slot. Later on in the game you will start collecting Medals to lower the cost of a Medal but this is the best way to deal with Keyblade capacity starting out.

How do I get more Avatar Coins?

You gain Avatar Coins when you complete specific objectives on each stage. Objectives are the Mickey Mouse icons. A complete objective will be gold. If you failed to complete a stage early on, go back and do it later to get the additional Avatar Coins.

Kingdom hearts Unlimted X Avatar coins

Should I buy premium Avatar Boards?

Certain items in the avatar boards do cost Jewels to unlock and you will still have to spend avatar coins on them but they tend to have different nodes that could contain boost, cost, xp or munny Medals. You also cannot view the board path of a premium jewel item until you’ve paid for it.

Kingdom hearts Unlimted X Avatar Board cost34

What type of stats can I get from the Avatar Board?

Below is a list of stats you can get from the Avatar Board unlocks. You can unlock male and female character costumes and their respective stats and benefit from it, even if you can’t wear the outfit.

  • Cost: “Increase Keyblade cost capacity by 1”, increases your Keyblade cost, allowing you to use more medals & higher ranking medals.
  • AP: “Increase max AP by 1”, increases your Ability Points, allowing you to take on more missions.
  • HP: “Increase max HP by 20”, increases your Health Points, allowing you to withstand more damage during missions. *Note: A few nodes only give 5 HP.
  • Clothes: Grants you a gender-specific article of clothing for your Avatar. The description will tell you the exact item you are redeeming for.
  • Accessory: Grants you a gender-specific Avatar accessory. The description will tell you the exact item you are redeeming for.
  • Accessory: Grants you a gender-specific hairstyle your Avatar can don. The description will tell you the exact item you are redeeming for.
  • Medal: Grants a rare medal.

Medal Node Types:

  • Cost: Grants a high ranking Cid medal, used to reduce the Keyblade cost usage of medals.
  • Boost: Grants a high ranking Chip or Dale medal, used to increase the attack and seasoneddefense of medals beyond leveling up.
  • EXP: Grants a high ranking Huey, Louie, or Dewey medal, used to level up other medals a massive amount.
  • Munny: Grants a high ranking Moogle medal, which can be sold for a lot of Munny.
  • Skill: Grants an Uncle Scrooge medal. It comes with a skill that has a 100% transfer success rate.

Recommendations for new and advance players:

Items available on the Avatar Boards is based on your character level, and the higher your level the more pricey your costumes become to unlock. It’s in your best interest to unlock any of the beginning avatar board items, a lot of them come in at only 10 avatar coin cost.

This will allow you to collect a lot of Keyblade capacity, AP and HP boost before you have to worry about how to spend your points later on where it can start easily costing 50 or 100+ Avatar coins.

Interested in what items await you at later levels? Check out our Avatar List

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