Yu-Gi-Oh Character [Duelist] Farming Guide: Duel Rewards!

Yu-Gi-Oh Character [Duelist] Farming Guide: Duel Rewards!

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Hello Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Link Duelists! Today, we are going to go over duel rewards and what you should focus on when it comes to dueling. Most of the time, you will be dueling the common duelists from the map. However, you should also start paying attention to the legendary duelists available to you as you advance in stages.

Let’s go over the useful cards you should be targeting and who you should be dueling.

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Monster Cards

Aside from card pacts, you should look for very high attack power monster cards. Ideally, you want the attack range to be 1600 to 1700. Below are some of the cards you can farm from various characters. I excluded card pack monsters as it requires luck to obtain. These are cards that you can play right away and it gives you a nice advantage.

4 Star Attack Cards

Card  Name Duelist Deck Level
Battle Ox Seto Kaiba 30+
Crawling Dragon #2 Rex Raptor All levels
Two-Headed King Rex Rex Raptor All levels
Great White Mako Tsunami All levels

Now, these cards drop as a rare reward, so expect to farm them for quite a while. Save all your white keys and duel level 30 or 40 Seto Kaiba. His Battle Ox will give you trouble, but a simple banner command card with a 1500+ attack monster card will negate that power. Seto Kaiba will be available at stage 15 after completing required missions to unlock him.

Monster Destroyer Cards

Spell Cards

Card  Name Duelist Deck Level
Mystic Box Yami Yugi 30+
Thousand Knives Yami Yugi  All levels
Enemy Controller Seto Kaiba 30+

The best spell cards available to farm are from Seto Kaiba and also Yami Yugi. Mystic box can come in handy if you are facing people like Seto, who has high attack monster cards. It allows you to switch your monsters. Thousand Knives is useful if you use the Dark Magician deck. Enemy Controller allows you to turn the tides of the battle by delaying the attacks by 1 turn.

Trap Cards

Card  Name Duelist Deck Level
Champion's Vigilance Seto Kaiba 30+
Metalmorph Joey Wheeler 30+

If you like to summon level 7 or higher monster cards, Champion’s Vigilance allows you to negate spells and traps that can potentially destroy your monster. It’s a great card to have in a deck with more higher level monsters.

Metalmorph gives your monsters a huge advantage, allowing them to gain 300 attack at the get go and gain 1/2 of the attack power of the monster you are attacking.

I will be adding more cards as I play more of the game!

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