Spending Your Crystals Effectively in Summoners War

Spending Your Crystals Effectively in Summoners War

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One of the biggest things in Summoners War is having crystals so you can speed up some of the daily tasks. Now initially when you are starting out, any crystal you get is always a bonus. However, knowing where to spend it on is the key to progressing towards the “end game” much faster.

As a beginner, you should be saving up any crystals you can get from daily tasks and the arena. Special events are also a great way to earn more crystals if you can complete them. Before we get into what you should be spending on, let’s list all the available methods on earning crystals in the game:

  • Daily quests provides 10 crystals
  • NPC Arena provides an average of ~20 crystals per day
  • The PvP Arena provides anywhere from 25-150 crystals weekly(most will usually get 75-100)
  • Tower of Ascension provides 100+ crystals and up to 1000 crystals every month(the higher you climb, the more you get)
  • Special Events provides varying amounts of crystals(usually 100)
  • Completing Cairos dungeons for the first time yields 5 crystals
  • Completing hell mode of each dungeon area gives 30 crystals

LevelingSpending CrystalsWho to 5/6 Star
Top 10 Nat 4 AttackersTop 10 Nat 2/3 HealersNat 4 Supports
Nat 4 Crowd ControlRevivers

Efficient Crystal Spending as a Newbie

Now most players are free to play players, so learning how to use them wisely will go a long way. If you just started the game and you are level 1-30, then I suggest you focus only on the following:

1) Premium Pack(750 Crystals)

Premium Pack Summoners War

Now this is probably the hardest to save up for, but it will always be well worth it. This provides 11 mystical scrolls, 100k mana, 1 of each Fire/Water/Wind Angelmon. This will give you a small chance to summon your first 4 star. Even if you don’t get one, you will probably get some useful 3 star monsters such as the Wind Lizardman or Water Mammoth. You might also get some fusion material monsters.

I put this as the top priority because you need good monsters. Most natural 4 stars will allow you to breeze through certain parts of the game. While it is not necessary, it helps a tonne.

2) Expand and Unlock Space for Your Monster Box

This should also be something you want to do after spending your first 750 crystals on the premium pack. Having more space to have more monsters also helps. If you feel like you have to keep fusing monsters just to have enough space, then this should override the premium pack.

For beginners though, 70 spaces is usually more than enough initially.

3) Magic Shop Slots

Magic Shop Summoners War

Now this doesn’t take too many crystals, so you can actually get this done pretty easily if you want to. However, as a newbie, you won’t get too many good runes at low levels until level 30 anyways, so I see no point in unlocking it until you are 32+.

Plus, you need a lot of mana in the beginning for upgrading monsters, so the magic shop should take a back seat until you can get mana easily. Mana becomes easier to get once you are able to do Faimon 1 Hard/Hell, Giants B10 and Dragons B1o. And these are late game stuff.

What NOT to Spend Your Crystals On as a Newbie

The following are the worst investments for newbies. These are more for veteran players and those that are max level and have plenty of good monsters.

1) Energy Refills(30 Crystals)

Now as a beginner, you are going to be leveling quick. Every time you level up, your energy refills. Plus, your max energy is going to be at 50-60ish. It is not efficient to spend 30 crystals on energy refills. This holds true from level 1-30. Once you get past 30, then leveling becomes slower and you can justify using crystal refills.

2) Bundle of Mana(30-1000 Crystals)

Bundle of Mana Summoners War

This is for rich folks and people that need mana URGENTLY. Do not ever spend crystals on these. They are not cost effective. For 30 crystals, you get a refill. All you need to do is farm Faimon Hard/Hell, Dragons or Giants B10 and you will make way more.

I can definitely see this useful early game when you cannot farm mana as efficiently. But I think your priority should be put into getting better monsters by buying the premium pack. That will help you in the long run and allows you to progress to late game much faster.

3) EXP Booster(100-200 Crystals)

EXP Booster Summoners War

These are great choices for max level players that want to get a monster to 6 stars quickly. For a newbie though, it is not cost efficient. It is a waste if you cannot farm the great farming spots like Hydeni 5 Hell, Aiden 1 Hell, Faimon 1 Hard/Hell or Tamor Desert Hell. You are not getting the most out of it.

Plus, Com2us now gives out 12 hour EXP boosters frequently from the daily login and also from special events. So buying these with crystals is a bad investment choice.

4) Crystal Lake(400 Crystals)

Please don’t buy this. What a waste man. While it is nice to gain 150xp/hour each monster(up to 5), you need to actually click on them to level up before they can gain more experience. This means they don’t gain experience if you don’t click on them when they can advance a level.

This is only ever useful for non active players that login and play once a week.

Neutral Investments

1) Crystal Titan(300 Crystals)

Crystal Titan Summoners War

For this to be worthwhile, you need to collect everyday for 3 months and 10 days. You will then break even on your investment and anything you collect after will be a bonus. I didn’t get it but if you think you will be playing this game for the long run, the you can consider getting it.

2) Arena Invitation Refill(30 Crystals)

This is also a preference. Only use this if you are active in the arena. This is very useful during Sunday arena reset. This is more for Conqueror and Guardian arena players.

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