Monster Super League Guide [Tips and Tricks]

Monster Super League Guide [Tips and Tricks]

Welcome to the Monster Super League Guide. We’ll cover some sweet tips and tricks that will cover combat, Element advantages, Treasures, Astrogems and releasing Astromon.

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Combat in Monster Super League is a fairly straight forward 4 person team composition vs multiple wave of enemies. You can either manually control your units for attacking and using special abilities or you can set the game to auto play. While in auto play the game will use your abilities and attacks for you, and just to make sure you don’t miss anything important it stops when a rare monster is detected so it won’t get killed.

I recommend you play this game in auto play until a Boss fight if your team isn’t strong. The only reasons to turn off auto play is if you need to capture one of the monsters on the current stage for your collection.

Also make sure any Variant Astromon is set as the leader of your team. The leader slot is the first slot of the team and this will apply their variant bonus to the team.

Element types


  • Fire: Strong against wood.
  • Water: Strong against fire.
  • Wood: Strong against water.
  • Light: Strong against dark
  • Dark: Strong against light.


The best use of your Astrogem currency when it comes to summoning will be a 10 unit multi pull. This gives you a guaranteed variant character. Variant characters provide a bonus to your team, typically to units of the same elemental type.


However if you don’t have enough for that, don’t worry, doing single summons also works out really well for getting high rated units. In my personal experience I have found single pulls to be more effective for 4 star rated pulls. But the choice is ultimately up to you as there currently isn’t a guarantee of higher rated characters being pulled from the 10 unit pull.

Hidden Treasure

You may or may not have noticed the tree’s are glowing on the ship. Tapping on these repeatedly will give you gold and once you finish clearing the tree, you will be given a random reward. Try to hit these every time you see them, they’re a great way to farm free gold and items.


You may also see a random character on your ship named Nezz, they have a ! above their head and tapping on them will give you a random reward for finding them.

Gem Sets

Gems sets will provide a unit with a unique set bonus, so you always want to try to do gem sets on your best or favorite units. Don’t worry about hanging onto gems to make a gem set, you can remove your gems at any time for a small gold cost if you want the individual stats until you can make it into a set.


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